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How the European app market compares to China’s app economy


Chinese digital company Cheetah Lab has recently taken a closer look at the European app market to find out how Chinese app developers may break into the market. In Europe, Samsung dominates among the Android devices, with Germany leading with a 70.8% market share, followed by the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy and France. Despite Samsung’s high market share in Europe, some Chinese mobile phone makers such as Huawei, Lenovo and TCL have also achieved good growth. When it comes to top apps, WhatsApp leads the rankings across the UK and Germany, whilst other apps achieved high positions in the charts. Generally, single-function communication apps are no longer meeting user needs. Among Android systems, utility apps are leading with a high user base and could be a good opportunity for

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TripleLift partners with VoltDB to power mobile native advertising


Native programmatic advertising firm, TripleLift, has selected VoltDB, the enterprise-class database for business apps, to power real-time native ads. The partnership enables TripleLift to roll out more targeted native programmatic ads. VoltDB will act like a data stream analysing tool to deliver real-time bidding auctions and match a balance between ad placements and buyer demand. Given a rise in ad blockers across mobile and desktop devices, native ads present an opportunity to deliver ads that slot into the editorial content. BI Intelligence anticipates says that native ad revenue will make up 74% of total US display ad revenue due to the availability of programmatic technology. Michael Harroun, Head of Backend Engineering at TripleLift, explains that the company has been analyzing its data streaming for a while now

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Brands aren’t yet delivering the digital adverts consumers want, according to new research


Whilst a majority of brands believe they are doing a good job to delivery valuable adverts, only 38% of consumers agree. That’s according to the new Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) study, which found a disconnection between consumer and brand perception of digital adverts. Based on the responses from 1,000 consumers and 300 brands, the gap between perceptions can be attributed to advertisers not yet doing enough. Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst at ADI, explains: “The reason is the exceedingly instantaneous amount of time they have to demonstrate value to the consumer. Companies are still not built to be able to do that.” In addition, the study highlighted a growing interest in personalised content from brands among consumers in all age groups. However, though 50% of 18-49 year-olds

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Social to drive US native digital display advertising spending in 2017


According to a new eMarketer report, native digital display ad expenditure will be responsible for over half of all digital display ad spend in the US in 2017. Indeed, US native digital display ad spending is estimated to increase by 36.2% to $22.09 billion. That means it will make up almost 53% of all display ad expenditure in the US. Lauren Fisher, Analyst, eMarketer explains that rise in native digital display is largely due to a push by publishers trying to create premium, mobile inventory whilst advertisers are calling for ads that are more engaging and less intrusive. A large number of US native display ad spend is already attributed to social, driven by Facebook. Native social network display ad spend is estimated to reach $18.59

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How to improve the consumer online and mobile advertising experience – ad format choice matters


The Coalition for Better Ads, a group of advertisers, ad buyers and sellers from Europe and the US, has published a series of new advertising industry standards to target annoying practices and ultimately avoid the increase in ad blocker usage. Among the formats being targeted are pop-up ads, auto-play video ads and animated flashing adverts. In general, ads which completely mask underlying content are seen as intrusive and have been linked to a rise in ad blockers being installed. A study by the coalition among 25,000 Internet users on desktops and mobile phones highlighted six desktop advertising formats and 12 mobile ad formats which scored below the threshold for consumer acceptability. Nancy Hill, President and CEO, 4As, explains: “The scope and nature of this research

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Mobile advertising is more impactful if it reaches consumers during the right mood


The impact of digital advertising can be boosted by 40% if advertisers are reaching consumers during the right mood. That’s according to the new Yahoo! Receptivity of Emotions study which takes a closer look at just how receptive consumers are to ads in the UK and US. ‘Upbeat’ seems to be the most common mood across the two countries. Interestingly, being in a positive mood also means that customers are 24% more open to view content and 40% more receptive toward digital ads. Based on 18,000 data points from 600 people between the ages of 16 and 54 in the US and UK and the respondents responses to a week-long custom smartphone app, the research is one of the more comprehensive studies conducted into consumer

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Databerries receives $16 million in Series A funding round to boost offline mobile targeting

Databerries, the Paris-based mobile advertising startup has announced $16 million raised in a Series A funding round, led by Index Ventures with participation from ISAI, Mosaic Ventures and investors Pascal Gauthier (ex-COO at Criteo) and Greg Coleman (President at Buzzfeed and ex-President at Criteo). The company plans to use the cash to bolster a US market expansion. It provides an offline marketing approach that includes “real-life targeting”. That means retailers can target consumers who have been to their store or even a competitor’s retail location via mobile adverts and measure if ads drove subsequent store visits. Campaigns can be optimized in real time to maximize performance. Indeed, offline retail is a big market with more than $100bn spent on advertising each year. Most ad formats

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Cheetah Mobile officially launches Cheetah Ads in Europe to reach millions of mobile users globally


Cheetah Mobile, the mobile utility and content app developer has launched Cheetah Ads in Europe and showcased the new division at Advertising Week Europe. The company says that Ads works with Cheetah Mobile’s app portfolio in addition to partner to offer full-screen adverts across a series of mobile experiences. Scarlett Xiao, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development at Cheetah Mobile, explains: “Cheetah Ads enables European brand advertisers to intelligently reach their best audiences through the power of vertical video ads. Europe remains one of Cheetah Mobile’s strongest markets, and we’re thrilled to introduce Cheetah Ads to clients here in London.” Cheetah Ads is essentially a revamp of Cheetah Ad Platform which boasts AI tools and reaches up to 600 million mobile users worldwide

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Appodeal acquires Corona Labs to boost app development and monetisation


Appodeal, the app monetisation platform, has announced the acquisition of  Corona Labs, which provides developer tools and the Corona SDK to create cross-platform games and apps. According to Corona Labs, the SDK has been used across 10,000 games and examples from its showcase include Fun Run and Blast Monkeys. Appodeal on the other hand provides mobile app advertising services to enable app developers to monetise their finished products and manage multiple campaigns at the same time. Roj Niyogi, Corona Labs CEO says: “By and large, what we learned over the last year and going into 2017 is that game developers want a strong mediation solution that generates great results but isn’t complicated to use or integrate. Simply put, it needs to be as easy to monetize your game

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Headway has been acquired by Entravision Communications – plans to boost mobile ad platform Mobrain


Headway, the company behind mobile advertising platform Mobrain, recently announced that its activities have been acquired by media company Entravision Communications Corporation which specialises in TV, radio and digital. The deal is likely to boost Headway’s expansion across various markets and drive innovation and new opportunities for its clients. Founded in 2010 by Martin Kogan and Agustin Coll, the company has continued to grow. It has gone from five to 152 members of staff and now has 18 offices worldwide. Martin Kogan, CEO, Headway, explains: “This is a quantum leap, by integrating into Entravision, we will become part of a larger organization that will provide additional scale, resources, support and synergies that continue to allow us to more efficiently grow our business and invest in product development, expansion

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