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The App Install Networks Landscape

App Install Networks Landscape Badge

CPI-based app install ads have become a significant contributor to the mobile advertising revenue. According to a recent Business Intelligence forecast, mobile app install advertising revenue in the US alone will reach 7 billion by 2019, compared to $4.6 billion in 2015. We’ve assembled a landscape snapshot of networks and platforms offering app installs – some of them work on a CPI model and others use a CPC or CPM based trading approach but with the focus on delivering app installs and users. There is also a recent blogpost on App Install Networks and we have also produced a PDF guide on the subject that you can download. Plus, you can also find more app install networks and platforms in our mobile advertising directory and our app marketing directory.

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The Mobile DSPs Landscape

Mobile DSPs Landscape Badge

The value of a mobile demand side platform (DSP) lies in its transparency. Mobile DSPs allow you to buy mobile ad inventory, across a range of publishers, through a single platform. You can see the market rate for every impression you buy, control which exchanges you want to buy across and how much you want to bid. Mobile DSPs are designed to tackle the many challenges of mobile advertising, including targeting and the need for a positive user experience. Recent advances in technology mean that mobile DSPs can now track models, operating systems, screen size, location and more. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to the main players in our landscape ‘snapshot’ PDF and don’t forget to refer to our Mobile DSPs services directory for more information. For

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App Marketing Agencies 2016 Landscape

App Marketing agencies badge

  From big international agencies to boutique marketing firms, we’ve gathered together the facts and created a ‘landscape’ of the top app marketing agencies for 2016. Each of the companies listed has something different to offer and you can find more app marketing agencies in our app marketing directory. Our App Marketing Agencies 2016 PDF Guide is available to download here, and we have also created a detailed blogpost that includes insights into all the agencies covered in this landscape version.

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The Mobile Ad Servers Landscape 2016

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Mobile ad servers with real-time bidding functionality open up publisher inventories to a buying market designed to maximise the value of each impression. They reduce the inefficiencies of working with multiple partners directly, by automating access to demand sources. Why pick one ad network partner when you can pick hundreds? There is much to consider when choosing a mobile ad server, but too much choice can be a negative. Here is our ‘Landscape’ snapshot of Mobile ad servers with real-time bidding functionality to help you choose the right one. For a full run down of the top mobile ad servers 2016, check out our blogpost here. We have also produced a handy PDF guide, which can be downloaded from this link. For a full list,

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The Mobile Affiliate Landscape

The Mobile Affiliate Landscape Badge

The first key factor that distinguish a successful app affiliate network is its relationships with advertisers and ability to provide affiliates with high quality traffic offers in lots of geo locations and verticals. The second one is the level of customer support, educational materials providing and training to help affiliate marketers to generate more revenue. Finally, providing additional incentives in a form of a loyal program, rewards and contests often makes affiliates decision to prefer specific app affiliate network. Here is our Mobile Affiliate Landscape, that provides a snapshot of some of the best app affiliate networks on the market to help you choose the right one for your business. To read more on mobile affiliates, check out our blogpost, or download our comprehensive PDF

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App Marketing Services Landscape

AppIndex Badge_2016_App Marketing Services Landscape

With the current state of the app economy, app developers, both indie and big app brand holders, are ought to be concerned with the right strategy for app user acquisition and associated user acquisition costs. To get these questions answered, in addition to educating themselves about these topics, app business owners need to approach the right app user acquisition platform. Check out our ‘Landscape Snapshot’ of  app marketing services, available here as a PDF download, to find the right service for your business. You can also download our App Marketing Services Guide here or check out this post Top App Marketing Services 2015. For a full list of app marketing services follow the link to our App Marketing Services Directory  

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Mobile Advertising Platforms Landscape


  Like any business vertical, any branch of economy, the app business is driven by advertising. App discoverability is one of the main problems app developers are struggling with, along with retention.  As an app developer or advertiser, you are most likely confronted with the question – what mobile advertiser partner to choose? Check out our ‘Landscape Snapshot’ of Top Mobile Advertising Platforms, available as a PDF download here, to find the right platform for your business. Some of the key trends in mobile advertising platforms include: Programmatic Approach – having real-time-bidding (RTB) feature on an ad platform has become really essential. Video Format – video ads as an ad channel has become mainstream in 2015, the enormous popularity of videos on Facebook and high performance of

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How To Buy App Install Ads on YouTube

In the last post of our series on buying app install ads on the major social media platforms, we take a look at YouTube TrueView mobile app install ads. The principle of these ads is simple: Getting viewers to watch, not skip your ad for your app. The reason TrueView install ads to developers is because users are able to click and install the app directly from the ad running on YouTube, rather than being directed to a download page. It’s that seamless. And the power of sight, sound and motion makes YouTubers twice more likely to download apps. With TrueView, advertisers can reach potential customers based on their interests, previously-watched videos and demographics. Google’s research for TrueView ads claims that 80% of its consumers preferred

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Twitter

Because 80% of Twitter’s users  (Twitter internal data, 2014) accesses its platform from a mobile device, mobile application developers have a huge opportunity to reach a relevant audience. Here is our guide to help boost your app installs and engagements on the micro-blogging platform, by getting people to download and open your mobile app from directly within a Tweet. Setting Up Your Twitter Account Ok, presuming you already have your app on the App Store and/or Google Play, what you need to do next is setup a Twitter business account. Remember the basics: every element of your profile: your photo, header bio and pinned Tweet,  should reflect your business identity and personality. Use them to showcase your best content.  Here is a useful video on how to

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Google

In the third of our series on buying app install ads on the major social media platforms, we take a look at Google in order to help you to place your ad for your app on the network that reaches an estimated 1.17 billion unique search engine users a month. Setting Up and Creating Your Ad Campaign Firstly you need your app available in the App Store and on Google Play. If you’re new to AdWords, visit AdWords and click Get Started Now to create your account. From there Google will guide you through the process and help you setup your first campaign. Tip: Before considering any type of app promotion, it’s worthwhile to ensure that your app store SEO is finely tuned. It’s also worthwhile

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