Clash of Kings gets 2.5k downloads in less than a week


Leadbolt has helped ‘Clash of Kings’ on Android achieve 2.5k downloads in less than a week. The developers needed to showcase to gamers the unique gameplay the app offers, allowing them to get the right audiences behind it and drive downloads. Leadbolt’s solution to this was to reconstruct the game environment using Video Ads and full-screen interstitials. In addition to this, Leadbolt’s ad-serving platform targeted the most appropriate players, while monitoring engagement, and optimising the campaigns based on live data. Campaign performance was improved in real-time as a result. With their ad formats and ad-serving capabilities, Leadbolt managed to boost the game’s user base and achieved the following: 2.5K downloads in less than a week CTR: 7.5% Conversion Rate: 2% Sign up now and start getting results for your apps

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Affle launches ‘Mobile Audience as a Service’ (MaaS) platform in China

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Mobile apps and Ads as a Service platform Affle has rolled out its ‘Mobile Audience as a Service’ (MaaS) platform in Greater China. Earlier this year, the company launched MaaS for customers in South East Asia and India and now turns towards the second largest mobile ad market worldwide. Affle expands MaaS for Greater China Source: Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Affle, explains: “Over the last nine years, Affle has built a solid business and market leadership for itself in India, Indonesiaand other South East Asian markets. After successfully deploying our MAAS platform for several top global customers, we are very happy to make it available for Chinese commerce companies, marketers, app & game developers, who are increasingly looking to deploy an integrated platform like ours. With

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Madhouse launches programmatic app ad platform social media integration

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Chinese mobile advertising agency Madhouse recently announced the integration of Facebook, Google and Twitter with its app marketing platform PerforMad at China Joy 2015. PerforMad is an app marketing and programmatic-buying platform designed for app developers. It integrates multiple channels and gives real-time data feedback to allow advertisers to schedule budgets based on best performance and drive ROI. Madhouse launches PerforMad Source: Madhouse uses API to integrate Facebook, Google and Twitter to help optimise campaigns across all channels through one single platform. It features additional and advanced functions to help improve efficiency of campaigns and attract high quality app users. PerforMad features audience targeting functions such as age, gender, interest and geography. Other optimisation tools include programmatic management, various ad formats and distribution channel options, as well as real-time data

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StartApp launches 360-degree ad unit for mobile devices

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StartApp, the mobile ad network focussed on Android app monetisation, recently launched the addition of a 360-degree advertising unit. The tool utilises a phone’s gyroscope to immerse consumers in a more interactive and panoramic ad experience. StartApp offers an advertising and monetisation platform Source: Ultimately, ads that are more engaging this way create higher conversion rates for marketers. Dror Yosef, Chief data officer, StartApp, confirms: “Advertisers need to have new and engaging ways to display their products in the ever evolving landscape of mobile gaming and apps in order to continue capturing users in an increasingly saturated market.” StartApp publishers will be able to integrate the 360-degree offering through the company’s SDK 3 platform. Jelly Button Games will be the first client to test the new suite. However, StartApp isn’t

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Mobile video advertising company Jun Group raises $28m


Jun Group, the mobile video ad tech firm, announced that it raised $28m in funding from investors Halyard Capital and Bridge Bank. The funds will allow the group to expands its efforts within video as well as branded content marketing. Jun Group offers marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers Source: The company said it had a 90% annualised growth over the last two years due to its expansion into mobile video ads in apps. Jun Group offers mobile gamers incentivised ad views as part of its in-app ad offerings. Mitchell Reichgut, CEO, Jun Group, says: “Branded content is the future of online advertising. It is also the present. Our platform drives interactions with specific consumer segments, at scale. We do it honestly, in premium destinations across devices. Now is the perfect

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Twitter


Because 80% of Twitter’s users  (Twitter internal data, 2014) accesses its platform from a mobile device, mobile application developers have a huge opportunity to reach a relevant audience. Here is our guide to help boost your app installs and engagements on the micro-blogging platform, by getting people to download and open your mobile app from directly within a Tweet. Setting Up Your Twitter Account Ok, presuming you already have your app on the App Store and/or Google Play, what you need to do next is setup a Twitter business account. Remember the basics: every element of your profile: your photo, header bio and pinned Tweet,  should reflect your business identity and personality. Use them to showcase your best content.  Here is a useful video on how to

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Mobile campaigns still lack effective measurement

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According to eMarketer, US mobile ad spend is on track to increase 50% compared to levels in 2014. However, measuring performance of mobile campaigns remains one of the industry’s core challenges. Research among US advertisers from Millward Brown Digital confirms that almost 80% of respondents would increase spending for mobile if they could measure ROI more easily. Cross channel marketing technology company Signal found that considerably more marketers were able to integrate data on web (88%) than mobile (66%). Email data could be collected and integrated by 76% of respondents, but only 37% agreed that this applied to mobile app data. The metrics used to measure mobile app ROI are varied, though according to a survey by Econsultancy are dominated by number of downloads (76%), followed by recurring usage of an app

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Dot Com Infoway rolls out Apple Watch app marketing services


Dot Com Infoway, the app developer and marketing agency, has launched its Apple Watch App Marketing suite, to help app developers launch their campaigns for the popular wearable. Dot Com Infoway launches Apple Watch App Marketing  Source: Designed specifically for the Apple Watch, App Marketing supports end-to-end services for better app visibility and discovery to drive app downloads on the Watch. With 15 years of experience across 2,000 projects, the latest DCI solution features a pre-launch strategy consultation, that includes help on how to set up a campaign for best visibility as well as app store optimisation to ensure best usage of metadata. The tool further fully evaluates the feasibility of an ad to fit an Apple Watch screen elegantly. Additional marketing strategies include promotional contests, social media

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$28m in funding for Jun Group to expand its mobile video ad technology


Mobile video and advertising platform Jun Group has announced a $28m investment, with which it intends to continue building its mobile ad technology. Jun Group has moved on from providing incentivised ads in social games on the desktop, to developing the tech needed to insert mobile video ads into apps. Mitchell Riechgut, CEO of the Jun Group, told the Wall Street Journal: “We’ve seen this huge transition from the desktop search-based Web to the mobile app-based Web, and it’s time for us to capture that marketplace. It’s easy to forget that people spend time outside of Facebook and Google on their mobile devices.” The company has many high profile clients including Microsoft, McDonalds, and Conde Nast, which it says will benefit developers, due to existing

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Dos and Don’ts of an Interstitial Ad Campaign


Mobile native advertising is helping advertisers to better reach audiences on mobile devices. The ad formats available are shining a light on the path to mobile internet business growth, and recent developments in mobile native interstitial ads have helped app and game developers get more installs and better post-install engagement. So in terms of marketing products in the mobile-focused industry, what are the best ways to optimize interstitial ad displays? And how can mobile native interstitials help better engage users? Here are the key DOs and DON’Ts for implementing mobile interstitials. Whilst tips and guidance on native advertising are getting covered more and more in tech media, mobile native ads need a bit more exposure. Where native advertising (as a form of branded content) revolves

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