Promoting Nutra Offers on Instagram: Best Practices

This article first appeared on AdCombo blog. At this point, practically everyone has recognized that social media can be a tremendous source of valuable traffic across nearly all verticals. While a lot of attention is being paid to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube — and these are certainly channels worth exploring — the level of user engagement on Instagram outstrips them all, according to Instagram, users like 4.2 billion posts daily. Instagram users are more likely to spend more time browsing around within the social platform and they are more likely to like and comment on posts. With an ever increasing flow of information, people lean to visual sources to grasp information quicker and be less stressed out. This is critical to understand for any affiliate

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Applause 2017 Returns to Spain for its 2nd Edition


Applause, the 1st International Congress of Mobile Growth and App Marketing in Spain, returns next Saturday May 27 to Barcelona and celebrates its 2nd edition in one of the most emblematic places of the city: W Barcelona. 2016 has been a key year that consolidated the growth of the App Marketing market and it looks like it will continue growing during 2017. The main app metrics have been increased during last year in: number of downloads (+ 15% ), app stores revenues (+ 40%) or in-app time (+ 25%) (Source: App Annie). Following last year’s success, Applause is back with a new exclusive edition for App Marketing professionals who want to increase their knowledge and network with the top national and international mobile growth experts.

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How the European app market compares to China’s app economy


Chinese digital company Cheetah Lab has recently taken a closer look at the European app market to find out how Chinese app developers may break into the market. In Europe, Samsung dominates among the Android devices, with Germany leading with a 70.8% market share, followed by the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy and France. Despite Samsung’s high market share in Europe, some Chinese mobile phone makers such as Huawei, Lenovo and TCL have also achieved good growth. When it comes to top apps, WhatsApp leads the rankings across the UK and Germany, whilst other apps achieved high positions in the charts. Generally, single-function communication apps are no longer meeting user needs. Among Android systems, utility apps are leading with a high user base and could be a good opportunity for

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TripleLift partners with VoltDB to power mobile native advertising


Native programmatic advertising firm, TripleLift, has selected VoltDB, the enterprise-class database for business apps, to power real-time native ads. The partnership enables TripleLift to roll out more targeted native programmatic ads. VoltDB will act like a data stream analysing tool to deliver real-time bidding auctions and match a balance between ad placements and buyer demand. Given a rise in ad blockers across mobile and desktop devices, native ads present an opportunity to deliver ads that slot into the editorial content. BI Intelligence anticipates says that native ad revenue will make up 74% of total US display ad revenue due to the availability of programmatic technology. Michael Harroun, Head of Backend Engineering at TripleLift, explains that the company has been analyzing its data streaming for a while now

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Brands aren’t yet delivering the digital adverts consumers want, according to new research


Whilst a majority of brands believe they are doing a good job to delivery valuable adverts, only 38% of consumers agree. That’s according to the new Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) study, which found a disconnection between consumer and brand perception of digital adverts. Based on the responses from 1,000 consumers and 300 brands, the gap between perceptions can be attributed to advertisers not yet doing enough. Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst at ADI, explains: “The reason is the exceedingly instantaneous amount of time they have to demonstrate value to the consumer. Companies are still not built to be able to do that.” In addition, the study highlighted a growing interest in personalised content from brands among consumers in all age groups. However, though 50% of 18-49 year-olds

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Mpire Network Visits The App Promotion Summit & Mobile Apps Unlocked

Are you wanting to take your app marketing to the next level? Mpire Network will be exhibiting at two of the most renowned app marketing events of the year: The App Promotion Summit (APS) and Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU). First up, Mpire is heading to New York city for APS on the 6th of April 17. Located at the Stewart Hotel, this event will equip you with the best ways to market and monetize your mobile app. Then MAU kicks off in Las Vegas on the 3rd and 4th of May 17. Being held at the infamous Hard Rock Hotel and Casino; it has everything you need to give your company a competitive edge and excel in the mobile world. These events are a great

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6 Obvious Reasons Why You Should Extend Your Online Marketing To Mobile

 In the last 15 years, all businesses have been greatly impacted by a revolution that has radically transformed the way they work. The digital economy has changed our behaviour and opened up new growth opportunities and markets that were previously unimaginable. Big data has taken centre stage, along with marketing automation or programmatic marketing. Showrooms have gone virtual, social networks have reinvented the customer relationship, and smartphones have become the consumer’s weapon. Shopping, comments, shares, searches… mobile is everywhere, all the time. The big brands are adapting and are developing marketing campaigns that can target the right people, at the right time, in the right place, and on the right device, so as to send them personalized messages that are in tune with their current

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How to Boost Up Your Mobile Monetization: Quality of Ads vs. Quantity

I’m Mustafa Can Gokcel, working as a business developer in adMOST for 8 months. Responsible for the publisher and network relations and managing new business development, optimization and integration processes.  Contact: Skype:  There are thousands of app publishers, who are focusing their efforts on mobile advertising to turn their traffic into a cash flow to keep their app business growth. It includes integrating their applications with one or more ad networks, creating different aspects of ad types and showing as many ads they can, to maximize their earnings. The question is “Does the quantity or the quality of ads be enough to succeed with your monetization strategy?” In this article we’ll discuss in depth how to maximize your mobile advertising’s revenues. The Essential Condition- Strong UX of

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Social to drive US native digital display advertising spending in 2017


According to a new eMarketer report, native digital display ad expenditure will be responsible for over half of all digital display ad spend in the US in 2017. Indeed, US native digital display ad spending is estimated to increase by 36.2% to $22.09 billion. That means it will make up almost 53% of all display ad expenditure in the US. Lauren Fisher, Analyst, eMarketer explains that rise in native digital display is largely due to a push by publishers trying to create premium, mobile inventory whilst advertisers are calling for ads that are more engaging and less intrusive. A large number of US native display ad spend is already attributed to social, driven by Facebook. Native social network display ad spend is estimated to reach $18.59

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How to improve the consumer online and mobile advertising experience – ad format choice matters

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 7.24.17 AM

The Coalition for Better Ads, a group of advertisers, ad buyers and sellers from Europe and the US, has published a series of new advertising industry standards to target annoying practices and ultimately avoid the increase in ad blocker usage. Among the formats being targeted are pop-up ads, auto-play video ads and animated flashing adverts. In general, ads which completely mask underlying content are seen as intrusive and have been linked to a rise in ad blockers being installed. A study by the coalition among 25,000 Internet users on desktops and mobile phones highlighted six desktop advertising formats and 12 mobile ad formats which scored below the threshold for consumer acceptability. Nancy Hill, President and CEO, 4As, explains: “The scope and nature of this research

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