Appsfire launches refreshing native ad unit


Mobile advertising company Appsfire has revealed its latest native ad format, which displays advertising messages while users refresh an in-app content feed. The ‘Brichter-San’ ad unit uses the white space displayed whenever users pull down on a content feed to refresh the screen (“Britcher” is apparently a reference to Loren Britcher who invented the pull down gesture with Tweetie). Appsfire says the ad unit can be customised to match the look and feel of the app and comes with a range of templates. See the video below for Brichter-San in action. Appsfire’s Brichter-San native ad format According to Appsfire, disruption to the app experience is kept to a minimum, with the ad allowing the app to refresh with no interruptions or freezes. Advertisers can either

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YeahMobi hits $70m in revenues, focusing on Big Data to improve app marketing

YeahMobi logo

Global mobile ad network YeahMobi has announced that they have hit $70m in annual revenues. The news comes shortly after their recent funding round where they raised a total $15 million in capital. According to YeahMobi it will be investing its resources in developing new ‘Big Data’ solutions for the mobile ad market. Analysing data on app and game usage will produce a range of statistics on user behaviour, YeahMobi aim to use this information to deliver improved app marketing services. CEO Peter Zou had this to say on the development: “More valuable user acquisition is crucial for the global app and game development business. It would be great if we could apply big data to the mobile affiliate platform in a proficient way.” App developers

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A Guide to Facebook App Install Ads


Facebook may be the social media platform everyone loves to hate at the moment, but it’s rapidly become one of best ways to acquire valuable users for your mobile app. Facebook’s app install ad units, which debuted back in 2012, have been widely praised in the industry and, according to Facebook’s own numbers, around 40% of the top 100 grossing iOS and Android apps were running user acquisition campaigns on the network last year. The app install unit is now delivering more than 263 million clicks in a single month (March 2013). Facebook points toward success stories such as retail mobile app Poshmark, which generated three times the ROI with app install ads compared to other channels, and UK telco O2, which reached more than

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Best Practices To Deliver LTV: Insights On Generating ROI-Positive Traffic For Free-To-Play Mobile Games

Kaya Taner 3

Kaya Taner is the CEO and Co-Founder of AppLift - the mobile games marketing network.  Previously he was Head of Publisher Relations at HitFox, responsible for building relationships with online game publishers.   This year he presented at App Promotion Summit in Berlin on the subject of “Best Practices to Deliver LTV: Insights on Generating ROI-Positive Traffic for Free-to-Play Mobile Games”.  The presentation drew on the data and insights AppLift have generated through their marketing activities for a number of mobile games clients.  The talk covered the following areas: Tracking, Both Outside (Install Attribution) And Within The App (Post-Install Event Tracking) Best Practices To Deliver ROI-Positive Traffic ROI-Positive Traffic Buying Through Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Optimization We’re now able to share this presentation with you in a number of formats including video,

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What are the Best Cost-Per-Install App and Mobile Game Marketing Networks?

The app and game industry is increasingly aware of the value of a comprehensive app marketing strategy. Pulling together the best resources for the pre and post launch work, as well as utilising a range of organic and paid app marketing channels is key to succeeding in an increasingly competitive market. However, app and game developers are faced with a vast and confusing array of providers, and knowing which one is the best for you also requires a dictionary definition of price and ad channel acronyms. The level of control and visibility you have over your ads in the network also varies greatly between platforms, with some removing the middleman all together, giving you complete control. The growth in app marketing as a segment means that increasingly

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Google reveals app re-engagement and YouTube app install ads


Google has announced a few new ad products designed to help app marketers, including app install units for YouTube and re-engagement ads on mobile search. The search giant has broken down its new app-focused products into three categories: Discovery, Re-engagement and Measurement. When it comes to ‘discovery,’ app marketers can now take advantage of a enhanced targeting on AdMob based on Google Play insights, which allows advertisers to target customers based on the apps they use, the frequency of use and the types of in-app purchases they make. Advertisers can also leverage Google Play insights to get suggested keywords to help drive downloads via mobile search. For instance, Google says a hotel app advertiser will get suggestions based on popular keywords used for hotel app

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Appia’s Guide to User Acquisition for Mobile Marketers

Appia has launched a comprehensive guide to mobile user acquisition, which is an area that challenges even the most veteran of mobile marketers out there. The sections within Appia’s guide cover the key points for planning a successful user acquisition strategy – a must-read for marketers that are kicking off a new mobile campaign. To make things a little bit easier to digest we’ve summarised the sections, covering the main topics such as choosing the right network to the importance of acquiring high LTV users. Appia’s guide covers the following areas: Four things to consider before kicking off a mobile campaign Incentivised traffic vs non-incentivised traffic Targeting capabilities Ad formats Pricing models for mobile advertising Choosing a network Mobile search strategy Leveraging social media The

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How LOVOO, the No.1 social discovery app, acquired 5m users and counting

Lele Canfora

Lele Canfora is Head of User Growth at Lovoo, Germany’s largest grossing and fastest growing social discovery app.  He previously worked at the app marketing platform Trademob.  He spoke at the at App Promotion Summit in Berlin on the subject of his experiences doing app marketing at Lovoo. His talk included the following topics:  User Growth And Acquisition In A Competitive Market  Increasing Engagement And Monetization  Cross-Promotion And Incentives  Where Is Mobile App Marketing Heading? We’re now able to share this presentation with you in a number of formats including video, audio/ podcast and the full transcript. Our Experience At LOVOO, The No.1 Social Discovery App Video 5 million registered users and counting: our experience at Lovoo, the no.1 social discovery app from App Promotion Summit on Vimeo. Our Experience At

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Epom Mobile Market CEO Anton Ruin on Mobile Advertising

epom market

The Epom Mobile Market connects publishers and advertisers in one unified mobile ad exchange platform. Anton Ruin became the CEO of Epom itself in 2012, and since then he’s already seen the mobile advertising industry grow at a rate that has exceeded his expectations. We spoke with Anton to discuss how the Epom Mobile Market stands out from the rest of the mobile ad network pack, what he thinks are the big trends in the industry this year, and even found out what his favourite app is. Epom CEO Anton Ruin There are hundreds of mobile advertising networks and platforms in the market today – how does Epom Market stand out? Our goal is to satisfy every need our clients may have. That’s why Epom

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Appia’s Five Tips for Mobile User Acquisition [INFOGRAPHIC]

Appia Infographic

Appia has released a new infographic that displays five useful tips for advertisers who are struggling to acquire high quality users – one of the most common challenges in the industry. The tips on the infographic cover the following topics: optimising reach, what mobile ad formats work, defining targeting goals, and the importance of both mobile retargeting and analytics. The infographic also features some interesting app marketing data points, including: Mobile retargeting can drive a 46% increase in CTR By 2017 mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times Global ad spend on rich media ads rose 117% from Q3 to Q4 2013 The sum of $10.8 billion will be spent on location-targeting for mobile ads by 2017 5 Tips for Mobile User

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