Facebook introduces video-enabled mobile app ads to the desktop

facebook ads

At the end of 2014, Facebook added video-enabled mobile app ads to its Power Editor, and introduced an autoplay feature for those which appeared in the News Feed. Now, similar functionality has been added for desktop mobile app install ads. Available inside the Power Editor and the Ads Create Tool, the desktop ads work in a similar way to their mobile counterparts. Autoplay is enabled, and a persistent call-to-action will show over any video ads which are set to play on the right-hand side of Facebook’s news page. Marketers can create a card that appears when a video ends, with the option to replay the footage, or install the game. Facebook introduces mobile app video ads to the desktop Facebook says there are more than

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Football App Kickerinho Generates High eCPMs using Leadbolt Direct Deals


The games division of Tabasco Interactive wanted to ensure they achieved their revenue goals with their new mobile football game ‘Kickerinho’. Leadbolt helped Tabasco Interactive on their mission with their Direct Deals Marketplace that offered the company high-quality inventory from a host of advertisers and specific campaigns that were able to be run instantly. Leadbolt announced Leadbolt Connect for mobile advertising last year to ‘buck’ the trend toward Real Time Bidding with a more transparent platform. As a result of Leadbolt’s help the game generated eCPMs up to $15 USD globally – these were across Tier 1, 2 and 3 nations. In the iTunes store, Kickerinho has become the number one game across 58 countries. Speaking of the success they had with Leadbolt Karol Drzymała, head of development in

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Localytics launches App Listing Rater, a free tool to check app store optimization


App analytics company Localytics has released the App Listing Rater, a free tool which gives developers an insight into how well their app store listings are optimised. Localytics says app store optimisation, or ASO, is a vital part of making sure an app can be found and sold effectively inside crowded app stores. To help developers understand if they’re doing a good job promoting their apps, the App Listing Rater gives each app submitted a grade, established by looking at key criteria. These include the app name, reviews, reach, and the keywords used in the description. It goes deeper too, looking at the effectiveness of the icon, frequency of updates, and how much the app costs. Localytics App Listing Rater gives each app a grade

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Russian Internet company Mail.ru launches MyTarget, its first mobile ad platform


Russian Internet company Mail.ru has launched its first mobile advertising platform, called MyTarget, which is aimed at connecting advertisers with Russian-speaking mobile users. The platform will operate with Mail.ru’s services, including its social networks and gaming sites, while also connecting up with international mobile apps. Dmitry Grishin, CEO of Mail.ru, told Adexchanger in an interview: “It’s usually local advertising agencies working with portals, and it has worked for many years. But because of the nature of platforms like Google Play and Apple’s App Store, we’ve seen that more and more people from many countries want their applications globally. We control such a big audience already, it makes sense for applications of smaller size to connect with us, and it makes sense for advertisers. We want

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AerServ launches its own rewarded video ad platform


Mobile-first video mediation platform AerServ has launched its own rewarded video ad platform,  to allow advertisers to place the ad format — which is rising in popularity — across many different networks. AerServ’s CEO, Josh Speyer, said: “We’re excited to offer rewarded video to our customers; it is one more layer to add to our holistic monetization solution and a valuable tool for developers. With rewarded video, everyone wins: the user is rewarded with in-app currency, the advertisers receive the user’s undivided attention while the ad plays (resulting in high performance) and the publisher earns more revenue.” Rewarded video ads are proving popular because users benefit from watching them, usually gaining virtual currency which can be used in-game. Publishers like them because not only do

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US mobile advertising revenue grew 76% in 2014


The Internet Advertising Revenue Report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for 2014 shows that mobile advertising in the US generated $12.5 billion, a 76% increase from 2013. This makes it the second largest ad format following search, accounting for 25% of the overall $49.5 billion ad revenue. Mobile annual advertising revenue has grown rapidly over the last few years Source: iab.net Broken down further, display ads (49%) were the most successful on mobile devices, followed closely by search (48%) and other formats (4%). Overall search spending amounted to 62% when combined. Mobile advertising was the second largest format during 2014, following search   Source: iab.net Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB, comments: “Marketers clearly recognize that consumers are leading mobile-first lives and are investing their ad dollars

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Yahoo adds mobile native video and app install ad units

Yahoo is expanding its mobile and video offerings and plans to launch native video ads and app installs. Clients are able to feature their video ads on Yahoo’s homepage and apps as well as its digital magazines. Yahoo launches native video ads for mobile devices through Gemini Source: Yahoo.com Native video ads are an expansion of the group’s Stream Ads, which are image and text based ads that appear across the sites. Videos will play on mute and site visitors can scroll over them to unmute. If the ad plays for three seconds, marketers will be charged a view. Available through Yahoo Gemini, app publishers can easily schedule and run their own campaigns. In addition, marketers are able to use Flurry analytics to track the success of

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AppsFlyer now tracks effectiveness of television advertisements for mobile app install


Mobile apps marketing platform AppsFlyer has announced the launch of its TV attribution tool “AppsFlyer for TV Ads”, which tracks app installs after a TV ad to measure whether the ad has been successful for marketers. The company says it’s the first tool of its kind, after advertisers have gone largely blind as to the actual numbers of success of their TV ads. AppsFlyer for TV Ads tracks and measures the success of a TV campaign for mobile apps Source: AppsFlyer.com The tool allows marketers to track their TV ads by time, location, channel and other parameters. User retention and lifetime value analytics help brands to service better ads. Advertisers can also compare behaviour by consumer groups of those who saw the ad on weekends versus those who watched

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Repro gets $836,000 investment to improve mobile analytics

Repro, the Japanese app analytics firm, has secured $836,000 in funding from DG Incubation, BrainPad, and Shift. With 46% of app users stopping to use an app within a month of download, according to Repro, the company has devised a service to help creators retain their users. The newly launched product analyses consumer app usage through facial expressions as well as app crashes to help clients identify problems and areas of growth to manage their retention user rates. Yusuke Hirata, CEO and Founder, Repro, explains: “Repro is a tool that explains what actions a user takes to generate revenue and why so it supplies the information that can be used for a A/B test.” Since 2014, the ten-person company has grown by 400 new clients, which include Rakuten, Mixi, and KDDI. Having

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Swirl raises $18 million to deliver innovative beacon-powered mobile ads


Indoor mobile marketing platform Swirl raised $18 million in a C series funding round from from Hearst Ventures, SoftBank Capital, Twitter Ventures and others. The group plans to use the funds to expand its sales and marketing operations and accelerate product innovation to offer improved micro-location marketing. Swirl delivers beacon-powered marketing solutions which allow marketers to target messages to consumers’ mobile phones whilst they are in-store. This means that shoppers receive highly targeted notifications and offers relating to the store they are in. Swirl makes it easier for brands to target consumers Source: swirl.com Hilmi Ozguc, CEO, Swirl, explains: “While there are many players in the beacon marketing space, including those that focus on beacon hardware, developer tools, and retail analytics, Swirl offers the most advanced and complete enterprise-class beacon

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