YouAppi updates mobile user acquisition Matching Algorithm


Mobile app platform YouAppi recently updated its Matching Algorithm that targets mobile prospects from the launch of a mobile user acquisition campaign. Source: The Matching Algorithm matches an app ad to the right user based on analysis of the advertiser’s app DNA and targeted user cohorts. YouAppi hopes to help developers acquire more mobile users this way, by targeting them based on post-install event analysis. An app’s DNA is determined through its characteristics such as category, sub-category, keywords, target regions etc. Cohorts are based on user behaviour and patterns that match the app. The updated algorithm ensures that clients of YouAppi’s OneRun platform accurately target consumers with the right apps. In comparison to similar offerings, YouAppi says its user acquisition solution is based on three-years of

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Adtile rolls out new immersive mobile video advertising technology that lets user navigate through space


Engaging consumers through video ads and fully immersing them as part of the experience is one of the core objectives of many mobile video marketers. Now, Adtile Technologies, the motion-sensing technology creator, has rolled out Adtile 360 which provides video ads that allow users to view a virtual space using their mobile devices as windows into a virtual world and navigating through the space. Adtile rolls out 360 video ads Source: The company which also makes moveable ads possible as part of its Motion Ads product, says that Adtile 360 works in a similar way: users can move their smartphones to navigate a virtual space just like they would on Motion Ads. Rotating a device, pitching or tilting it all results in a smooth and seamless

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Marin Software and Boost Media partner to help advertisers migrate their ads to Expanded Text Ads format


Marin Software, the cross-channel, cross-device enterprise marketing software provider, has partnered with Boost Media, the digital ad marketplace, to roll out a solution which lets marketers migrate their ads to Google’s new Expanded Text Ads format. Marin Software and Boost Media partner Source: Advertisers who are wishing to make the transition from legacy text ad to Expanded Text Ad can use the service now, whilst those who are moving in early are expected to reap the biggest rewards. Marin Software noted that the new ad format increased click-through rates by over 50% during early testing. Google launched Expanded Text Ads at the annual Performance Summit in favour of a more mobile-optimised approach and away from desktop-optimised ad formats. The new format lets clients add longer headlines

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Tapjoy and ironSource partner to provide better app monetisation integration


     Tapjoy, the mobile monetisation platform, has partnered with app discovery platform ironSource to combine Tapjoy user level segmentation and predictive analytics with ironSource’s video mediation solution. That combination aims to help mobile app developers create a smooth user experience whilst monetising their ads. Tapjoy and ironSource combine capabilities for smoother end user ad experience Source: The partnership also means that ironSource video ad mediation developers get to tap Tapjoy’s premium brand advertisers. Social casino games provider, GSN Games, is one of the first to test ride the new offering and commented on the opportunity to access video ad experiences that include a reward for consumers. Steve Wadsworth, CEO, Tapjoy, says: “Today’s freemium app developers require a sophisticated, data-centric approach to monetization. The combination of

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Amobee rolls out new mobile ad product for better consumer engagement


Marketing technology firm, Amobee, recently added some new solutions to its mobile products to drive consumer engagement with ads and help advertisers increase their brand lift. Amobee Impact is the result of that expansion and now features full sensory ad formats that are driven by features. Amobee launches Impact Source: In addition to its mobile-first tech stack ad solution, Amobee also offers in-house creative development services. Clients who have already tested the new solutions include Lexus, PayPal and Red Bull. Lexus says it increased its click-through rate by 76% when compared to Celtra automotive benchmarks with Amobee Brand Intelligence activated 3D creative. The campaign helped drive audience engagement and ultimately traffic to MaryJane Kroll, Media Manager, Lexus, says: “Lexus’ partnership with Amobee allowed us to engage

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Three UK tests mobile ad blocking this June


Remember earlier this year, when UK mobile carrier Three said it would introduce ad blocking technology from Shine across its network? Now, the company has announced the next steps and will be trialling ad blocking in the UK from June. The network, which reaches 30m customers, will run a 24-hour test for opted-in customers. Three to trial ad blocker for 24 hours Source: In a statement, the company said: “We believe the current mobile advertising model is broken and our customers are becoming increasingly frustrated by irrelevant and intrusive adverts which use up their data allowance and can invade their privacy by tracking their behaviour without their knowledge or consent.” 47% of high earning UK adults and 43% of those on lower incomes have

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Mobile advertising in Australia jumps 81%


Mobile advertising in Australia has been growing steadily and is now fast approaching the 50% mark of the general display ad segment, while mobile video accounted for over 25% of general display ads. That’s according to a new report from PwC and IAB Australia which finds that mobile ads generated $507.8m in ad spend during Q1 2016. Mobile advertising grows more strongly in Australia Source: Usually, the first quarter of a new year can be a bit quieter due to a well-known drop following a strong Christmas season in Q4. However, the study found that digital ads were still going strong for March, growing 46.7% due to mobile and video growth. Megan Brownlow, Executive Director, PwC, says: “After a busy Christmas retail season, the first quarter

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Facebook shuts down Facebook Exchange to focus on mobile advertising instead

facebook logo

Facebook has decided to shut down its Facebook Exchange in favour of moving advertisers over to newer products. The move is part of a larger strategy to focus in on its mobile-first advertising services. The Exchange will be made redundant by November 2016 in order to focus on ad products including Dynamic Ads for Carousel and video campaigns. Facebook Exchange to be shut down Source: Matt Idema, VP of monetization product marketing, Facebook, confirmed that the company is moving its clients and advertising technology partners over to newer products. Given that mobile accounts for 82% of Facebook’s overall ad revenue, and the success of its mobile products, many marketers have already made the move. He adds: “Mobile is now a necessary component of effective marketing campaigns,

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Shopkick expands mobile shopping rewards through Video, announces new hires and strategic takeover


Mobile rewards have been hailed as one of the best ways to interact with users in apps for quite some time. Now, Shopkick, the location-enabled shopping app, has rolled out some new features that let consumers earn more loyalty points by scanning purchase receipts and viewing branded videos. Shopkick adds Video Source: Shopkick Video caters to the growing demand to reach audiences through mobile video. Users on the Shopkick app are in a purchase mood and hence the addition of Video has already seen some impressive completion rates of 90% average. By comparison, the industry standard is 68.3%. In addition, Video rewards consumers by offering “Kicks” or reward points for viewing videos. The new Receipt Scanning feature means that consumers and marketers can receive/give rewards

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Mobile adverts served through Facebook’s Audience Network drive better results, says Nanigans study

Nanigans FB

Nanigans recently compared the click-through rates (CTR) for ads served on Facebook natively versus those that were served through the social media site’s own Audience Network. It found 65% higher CTR for ads served through the Audience Network and a 72% decrease in cost per mile (CPM). Cost per install (CPI) was also up 28% and total app installs saw a rise of 26%. Strong returns at scale Source: By comparison, Native ad delivery saw a 0.8% rate for CTR and a significantly higher CPM. Cost per install was an average $1 more than through the Facebook Audience Network (FAN). Mobile App Install Ad Performance, Facebook Native vs. Facebook Audience Network Source: The FAN lets marketers extend their ads’ reach to people outside of Facebook by auto-adapting ads

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