Win a free app distribution campaign with Matomy


Performance marketing company Matomy is offering some lucky individuals the chance to win a mobile distribution campaign worth $2,500. Mobile apps are on track to create $40 billion in revenue in 2015, but with the sheer number of homogeneous apps clogging up the stores, it can be very difficult to get noticed. That’s where Matomy comes in. App publishers and developers will need to be one of the first 20 people to generate over $5,000 in revenue between July-December 2014 in order to be eligible for the grand distribution prize. To get involved, simply sign up here and get monetising those apps. For more information on Matomy, visit their site here, or the Matomy profile on our directory.

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Apple opens up audience retargeting on iAd, but is it too little too late?


Apple has decided to pay a bit more attention to its flagging iAd network with the announcement of audience re-targeting and app deeplinking features. Mobile app advertisers using iAd can now track users across iOS 8 apps and websites, in order to fire more targeted messages in the battle for re-engagement. Following years of cookie-less misery, re-targeting is fast becoming a standard feature of mobile ad networks and was a key theme during the recent App Promotion Summit in London. Apple is no doubt hoping some of that hype will rub off on iAd, which has been underperforming- to put it mildly – since it launched back in 2010. Back then, Steve Jobs predicted iAd would capture 48% of the mobile ad market. Fast forward

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Adknowledge Director of Marketing EMEA Simon Baptist talks App Promotion [VIDEO]

adknowledge logo

Simon Baptist, Director of Marketing EMEA at Adknowledge was interviewed by Chris Reynolds at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Simon for the interesting interview. Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Video: Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Audio: Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Transcript: We’re here at the App Promotion Summit 2014 and we’re talking to Simon Baptist Director of Marketing at Adknowledge. Simon, nice to see you. Nice to see you. Firstly, can you give us a little overview of Adknowledge and the services that you offer. Sure. Adknowledge is a U.S. ad tech company that I’m part

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Adjust bolsters its presence in the UK


Mobile app tracking and analytics company Adjust has made a real push to increase its presence in the UK. With a Series C funding round of $7.6 million USD just secured, the company has now recruited London’s ad industry veteran Stephanie Pilon to help bolster its UK division. Stephanie has four years experience in the UK mobile industry and was previously a Developer Relations Manager for LoopMe Media, who specialise in social ad discovery on mobile devices. According to Stephanie the mobile market in the UK represents a great area of growth for adjust: “Mobile experts in the UK have worked hard to ensure that brands are mobile first and rightly so as retail sales made via mobile are predicted to grow in the UK by 62%

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Get a 20% Mobile Advertising Bonus with Instal


Just few days ago Instal officially launched a new special promotion for new publishers that join Instal by December 31st, 2014. The network will reward these new users with a 20% performance bonus on their revenues. Thanks to its proprietary platform and a team of expert traffic managers, Instal provides an easy and safe way to monetize mobile traffic whether you are an app developer, a mobile site owner, or a media buyer. The main strength of Instal is the variety of its media, as well as the advanced set of optimization tools. All publishers can choose between several ad formats: banners, interstitial ads, offerwall, pop-up and rich media that allow them to optimize their conversions, and guarantee a non intrusive experience for their customers. The

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ClicksMob CEO Chen Levanon Talks Mobile Performance Advertising


Chen Levanon is the CEO of ClicksMob a mobile performance advertising network that’s been making waves with very rapid growth over the past two years and has developed a growing reputation for the quality and scope of its technology platform. Chen is an MBA graduate and previously worked in investment banking as well as finding time to compete as a champion hurdler. We caught up with her recently to hear more about the Clicksmob story and get her views on the wider mobile advertising market. Can you tell us a bit about ClicksMob and how you’re positioned in the mobile advertising market? ClicksMob is a performance platform dedicated to better mobile advertising. There are zero barriers to entry for performance networks today, yet we decided

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Appsfire launches Chirashi carousel ad unit and new mediation platform


Appsfire has taken another step in its transformation into a full-featured ad platform with the roll-out of another native ad format and a new ad mediation feature in its latest SDK. The Chirashi unit is a modification of Appsfire’s Sashimi in-content feed units, allowing users to swipe-through a series of ads. As Facebook has shown, the carousel app install unit is popular with users who – perhaps surprisingly – are more than willing to browse thier way through app ads. The Chirashi format is also customisable, allowing publishers to tweak the transition animations, or even build something entirely new around its open code. Appsfire’s Chirashi format in action In a blog post, Appsfire’s product manager Axel Le Pennec said: Thanks to our Sashimi ads, our modular in-stream

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London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Mobile Real-Time Bidding

adrienne Gauldie

Adrienne Gauldie, Founder of London Mobile was interviewed by George Osborne at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Adrienne for the interesting interview and you can catch her full talk on mobile real time bidding here on our sister site Business of Apps. London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Mobile Real-Time Bidding, Video: London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Real-Time Bidding, Audio: London Mobile Founder Adrienne Gauldie on Mobile Real-Time Bidding, Transcript: Welcome to the App Promotion Summit. I’m George Osborn and I’m interviewing Adrienne Gauldie from London Mobile right now. Hi, Adrienne. Thanks very much for joining us. Hi, George. Could you tell us a little bit about what London Mobile is

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Chris Hanage, Appflood GM Europe on the Appflood Android App Affiliate Network


In this interview AppFlood’s GM for Europe Chris Hanage,  talks about the new Appflood Affiliate Network, what it offers advertisers and publishers and how it sets itself apart from the competition. Chris is a London Business School MBA alumni and previously headed up business development at Synergenix, Infospace and PlayerX before moving to Appflood in 2011. Appflood is a leading programmatic ad platform that offers a real time app advertising exchange linking buyers and sellers of mobile inventory. They have also recently launched an affiliate network focusing on Android apps with offers from many of the leading Chinese internet brands. We caught up with Chris to find out more …  AppFlood is already active in the app advertising market with an RTB-enabled ad exchange. You’ve also recently

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Publicis sees bright future in mobile performance, picks-up 24% stake in Matomy


Publicis has agreed to acquire up to 24.9% of Matomy, becoming the digital performance ad company’s biggest shareholder in a deal worth potentially £51 million. Publicis’ investment represents further evidence of the growing mainstream acceptance of mobile performance advertising, with Matomy saying the agreement is “significant endorsement” of its business model. In a statement, the two companies said they aim to build a strategic alliance to become the leader in the performance space, accelerating Matomy’s continuing global expansion. This also means big opportunities for the Tel Aviv-based Matomy, which says Publicis’ big brand clients will soon increasingly turn to performance-based, and indeed mobile-based, advertising solutions, if they haven’t already. Matomy’s chairman Ilan Shiloah said: “We are seeing an impressive transformation in the digital advertising industry,

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