Brus Media Co-Founder, Nic Blair on Incentivised Burst Campaigns and More

  Brus Media is a mobile affiliate network focused on performance-based advertising for publishers and advertisers of apps. Nic Blair co-founded Brus Media in 2012 with business partner and friend Shon Siemonek. Having founded a number of successful ventures, his passion for the digital space naturally progressed to mobile and in particular, the promotion of apps. Brus is still one of only two mobile affiliate networks operating out of Australia, working with advertisers and publishers around the world. We caught up with Nic to find out what exactly Brus Media does and discussed the big trends for mobile advertising in 2015. What is Brus Media and how are you positioned in the market? We are a mobile affiliate network, specialising only in CPI and CPE

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Forbes names mobile ad platform ClicksMob as one of 2015’s most promising companies

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Mobile performance advertising platform ClicksMob has been named one of 2015’s “most promising companies,” by Forbes Magazine. Coming 28th on the list of 100, ClicksMob joins a select few other privately owned companies experiencing high degrees of growth, which the publication singles out for “compelling business models, strong management, and notable customers and investors.” ClicksMob’s CEO, Chen Levanon, said: “It is a rare company that makes the Forbes Most Promising Companies list, and we are delighted, honoured, and humbled that ClicksMob is part of such a prestigious group of winners. This recognition is a testament to the hard work of our entire team each and every day, and the commitment to our clients to continually innovate and deliver the best possible ROI for their mobile

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Smaato introduces SPX, a free publisher ad server designed for mobile


Real-time bidding ad exchange Smaato has announced a new product named the Smaato Publisher Platform, also known as SPX. This free, publisher ad server built specifically for mobile has been designed to assist developers in attracting advertisers, by offering real-time consumer data for their apps, and connecting them through Smaato’s RTB ad exchange. The SPX platform has a user-friendly dashboard and interface, and provides publishers with complete control over pricing and targeting. Smaato calls SPX a “complete solution for global mobile monetization,” and states it connects publishers with nearly 400 demand sources around the world. Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato, said: “Advertisers are thirsty for more relevant ways to engage wit their consumers who are spending more than 50% of their Internet usage time on

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Avira says mobile ad networks are becoming ‘increasingly aggressive,’ launches own network


Security software company Avira has rolled out its own security-focused mobile ad network and has criticised other mobile ad networks of failing to protect user privacy. Although it doesn’t name names, Avira says “certain mobile ad networks” are becoming “increasingly aggressive when it comes to harvesting user data.” The company adds that it’s now taking “leadership to protect users from compromised ad networks.” Avira’s new offering is created in partnership with AOL Adtech, which is interesting, given that AOL was recently named as one of 30 data and marketing companies thought to be in violation of EU standards on handling personal information of European citizens. According to the press release, Avira’s network displays ads in a way that “respects user privacy” and “ensures the highest

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Mobile advertising influences 70% of consumers to buy new products

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Research carried out by mobile audience intelligence company NinthDecimal shows that in 2014, 70% of consumers were persuaded to try a new product or brand after seeing a mobile advertisement. This is a 49% increase over the results for 2013. The statistic is part of a report covering how shoppers are being influenced by mobile, using them for research carried out before visiting shops, to in-store promotions and coupons. The data highlights some other high figures. For example, 86% of consumers use their phones before going grocery shopping, while 59% continue to use it at the store. Of those surveyed who use a smartphone while shopping, 42% looked at shopping lists, 37% searched for discounts and promotions, and 35% studied online recipes. David Staas, president

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Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics [VIDEO]


Daniel Kahtan, Director of Sales and Business Development, AppsFlyer was interviewed at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014 by Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove. Their discussion covered a range of topics relating to Appsflyer and the app advertising and analytics space. We are now able to share video and audio recordings as well as a transcript – thanks to Daniel and Peggy for the interesting insights. Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics Video Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics Audio Daniel Kahtan, AppsFlyer on App Advertising Analytics Transcript Daniel Kahtan, Director of Sales and Business Development, AppsFlyer interviewed by Peggy at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014. Hello, I’m Peggy Anne Salz at App Promotion Summit in Berlin, speaking with Daniel Kahtan from AppsFlyer. Welcome, Daniel. Thank

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Mobusi COO, Alvaro Pastor on the Secrets of Mobile Advertising Success

Mobusi is a mobile performance advertising agency. Alvaro Pastor, the COO of Mobusi, has been working in the internet sector since the year 2000. At first he worked for companies in the banking sector, including some of the leading financial institutions in Spain. Later he became an independent consultant for SMB’s, until he joined Impressions Web, where he worked in internet advertising – a sector that has always fascinated him. Alvaro gives us the secrets of success for Mobusi and their goals for 2015. Saying 2014 was a good year for Mobusi would be a great understatement. The year started with 20 employees and now we are edging 80 (we will be over that number these first days of January). This huge growth in employees almost matches our revenue that has

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Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on CPA Mobile Advertising [VIDEO]


Timo Matthias, Vice President Business Development at KissMyAds was interviewed at App Promotion Summit Berlin by George Osborn of Mobile Mavericks. They took the opportunity whilst at the event to discuss a few of the issues relating to mobile CPA advertising and the trends in the wider mobile performance advertising space. We are now able to share video and audio recordings as well as a transcript – thanks to Timo for the interesting insights. Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on Mobile Advertising and App Marketing Video Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on Mobile Advertising and App Marketing Audio Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on Mobile Advertising and App Marketing Transcript Timo Matthias, Vice President – Business Development, Kiss My Ads, Interviewed by George Osborn at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014. I’m George Osborn and I’m

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Vserv introduces its own native mobile ad platform, Aqua Native

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Mobile advertising network Vserv has been watching the industry around it adopt native mobile ads, and is announced its own offering named Vserv Aqua Native. Powered by the Vserv Smart Data platform, it’s designed to show ads which suit the environment in which they’re displayed, whether it’s inside an app or on a mobile website. According to its research, 25% more consumers notice native ads, and can result in four times the click-through rate. According to Vserv, Aqua Native can deliver 5760 different permutations of an ad to be displayed on an app or site. Matched with its Smart Data platform, Vserv’s Aqua Native platform aims to make the overall consumer experience more relevant, and therefore more effective. Vserv’s take on native mobile ads Vserv

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New mobile ad platform Adatha launches, highlights global reach and strong partnerships

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Adatha is a new mobile advertising network created by IT firm Dot Com Infoway, designed to connect marketers with a global audience in the millions, through a dedicated platform linked to publishers and app developers. What sets Adatha apart is the closeness with which it works with publishing partners, taking time to match them with marketers that are most appropriate. A key benefit to marketers is how Adatha monitors and reacts to changes. The company says it will pay special attention to those sources which deliver the best results, while moving traffic away from the ones which aren’t performing as expected. Dot Com Infoway’s CEO, C.R. Venkatesh, said: “We are constantly updating and extending our database, with an eye towards giving our marketers a high

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