MOBIDEA – The Ultimate Guide to Earn Big! (VIDEO)

MOBIDEA has an amazing technology that allows Affiliate Marketers to boost their mobile revenues. That’s why it’s important to get to know all the platform’s undiscovered tips and functionalities as soon as possible. Whether you define yourself as a long-term expert, part-time user or simply a newbie, this video is for you. How to use Mobidea platform guide You can either check the Tutorial video or read the written article to get to know the main sections and tools you can find while making it rain on Mobidea! To get to know more about MOBIDEA’s platform, contact the experts by sending an e-mail to

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Colin JG Miles VP, Global Sales & Marketing at minimob Talks App Marketing


Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, and General Manager, APAC for Minimob Ltd. Colin is a long-standing mobile media entrepreneur in Asia, and presently leads the APAC regional App-related business unit for Minimob Ltd a mobile advertising and performance-marketing powerhouse with offices across 24 cities. With a 15-year career spanning all things Mobile, he has presented at many international conferences, including the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona), RBC Capital Markets Technology, Internet, Media and Telecommunications (New York); the Social Media World Forum (SMWF) Singapore, the MEF Global Forum (San Francisco) – and also at GMIC (Beijing). What is minimob and how are you positioned in the market? Well, thanks for asking, this is one of my favorite questions of course! I would say minimob (with a small m)

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Mobusi names new Chief Operating Officer, Paloma Gimeno

Mobusi logo

Paloma Gimeno steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Mobusi, where she will help establish and implement the company’s global strategy, and coordinate operations between different branches of the company (Spain, Mexico, USA, Singapore, and India). She will report directly to Mobusi CEO Alberto Cenalmor. Following the recent acquisition of Sun Media, Mobusi (which will continue to operate in the Spanish market with both company names) has become the Spanish industry leader in mobile and video advertising dedicated to business in mobile traffic. Paloma Gimeno, COO at Mobusi Paloma Gimeno holds a degree in Business Administration and has a great deal of experience in the performance marketing world. She has worked for multiple international companies such as Zanox, where she helped launch the

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Indian start-up Chikoop seeks to transform offline mobile advertising solutions


Two management graduates from India, Neeraj Sharda and Sudhanshu Goyal, have just launched two solutions to change the way offline advertising is presented in the country. Chikoop is an audio mobile marketing solution for phones, which allows brands to target audiences by placing ads during free calls. Chikoop provides rewarded offline ad solution Source: The Chikoop solution works across all types of phones regardless of whether they are connected to the internet or not. That means it has a reach of almost 90% of people in India, which is better than TV, print, radio or online together, the company says. It utilises a technology that enables telecom-quality calls without internet access or top-ups. In addition, it provides product deals that brands and marketers can tap into. Neeraj Sharda,

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Google faces renewed anti-trust and monopoly claims in relation to its advertising practices


Google could be having to deal with an EU claim that states the company has abused the power of its monopoly. According to a series of news reports, Brussels may be ready to step up its measures against the search giant’s advertising practices, which its opponents continue to complain about. Google faces new anti-trust and monopoly charges Source: The antitrust case concerns Google’s Adwords business, which helps generate £57bn in global revenue for the company. Google has previously been hit with claims saying it was abusing its dominant position within mobile and search advertising services. In 2015, the European Commission accused the company of abusing its power in internet search to lure consumers towards it own shopping services. In addition, Google has been making it harder for other

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IAB launches Messenger App Working Group for advertising framework provision


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has launched a Messenger App Working Group which is made up of members of its native advertising, social media and mobile committees. Together, they are hoping to create a document that helps marketers to understand what messaging apps are exactly and the best ways to use them to reach consumers. Messaging apps on growth path Source: According to BI Intelligence, the top four messaging apps have now surpassed the top four social networking apps in monthly active users. The project is being led by Co-Chairs Michelina Mantas/LinkedIn, David Kalmar, PhD/Emogi and Yinon Horwitz/StartApp. The preparation of said document will be the first step and act as an evaluation framework that can be expanded over time. IAB says that the group consists of 40 members

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Adways acquires rewarded advertising app Pocket Money from POKKT


    POKKT, the rewarded video ad platform for India and South East Asia, announced that its Pocket Money Android app, has been acquired by Japanese mobile marketing firm Adways Inc. The move follows the launch of Adways Indian subsidiary Adways Innovations Indoa Pvt Ltd. Pocket Money is a user app that offers real rewards Source: The Pocket Money app has been installed by over 6m Indian mobile phone users. Developers can feature adverts which consumers engage with in exchange for rewards. Based on a solid ad serving platform with attribution, big data features and an analytics infrastructure, Pocket Money adds value to advertising. Rohit Sharma, Founder & CEO, POKKT, said: “Pocket Money today is amongst the top 5 Apps in the category with huge traction.

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Top Mobile Ad Networks 2016

For a mobile app developer or online business owner, that relies on mobile as the major driver behind his business success on a market, a mobile ad network has become one of the major means to grow his business. A mobile ad network provides advertisers a platform to generate sales, leads, mobile app installs, by placing  their ads inside an inventory (a mobile app or website), provided by multiple publishers. Let’s define several characteristics that describe a mobile ad network. CAMPAIGN TYPES Any mobile ad network provides users with several types of ad campaigns, based on what specific action they are charged for. There are 5 major types – CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA and CPV. With CPM (cost-per-mile) type an advertiser is charged each time his ads

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Still Thriving after All the Years


Matthew Lord is the Chief Strategy Officer for Adperio, a mobile acquisition company based in Denver. I was pleasantly surprised to find Adperio featured in Built in Colorado’s 15 Colorado Tech Companies Thriving for More than 15 Years this week. That honor actually sells us a bit short though, as we will celebrate our 22nd year this July. But what does it mean to have this kind of longevity as a company? Adperio team Experience First, the stats: Over 70% of our team have been with us for more than three years. Close to 30% have been with Adperio for over seven years. Impressive retention, sure, and a lot of years under our belt. That’s not just digital experience that benefits our clients, it’s also a team

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Yeahmobi’s European Managing Director Talks About the Best Way to Monetize


Michael Levin, Managing Director of Yeahmobi’s European office, talked about the best way to monetize inventory and how Yeahmobi does it based on technology and data. What are the major ways of monetization for app developers? Is in-app ads the most effective way? Which way does Yeahmobi offer? The major monetization models for app developers can be divided into two main segments – monetization through user billing and monetization of non-paying users. The first segment includes all the models where the user is making some sort of a monetary deposit into the app, be it an in-app purchases, purchasing a premium package within a freemium product, downloading a paid app from the store etc. The second segment is ad-based monetization which includes all models where users’ engagement inside

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