Avazu mDSP is Giving Away 50 Facebook Ad Accounts


    Ever since Mark Zuckerberg put his 2-week-codes online, a war started in the global online market. Now we need to thank him for redefining the social network. Facebook has premium traffic, cutting-edge tech, profitable revenues and excellent tools; marketers want them all. Avazu mDSP gives all marketers and advertisers a chance to earn dollars and build brands in Facebook, directly. This time, we combined our marketing strategy and operations to help grow your business in the Facebook marketplace. This week, Avazu Mobile DSP launches the ‘Facebook Ads Campaign’ unit. The integration of Avazu mDSP and Facebook Audience Network allows all mDSP users to run Facebook ads campaigns directly. Those ads may appear in Facebook News feeds or in Audience Network-extending mobile apps beyond Facebook. Facebook

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Mobile advertising: should advertisers be concerned about iOS 9 ad blockers?

addict mobile

Claire is Addict Mobile Marketing Manager, the first 100% profit-oriented mobile media agency. With over 5 years experience, Addict Mobile provides mobile campaign management across the world: strategy, materials creation and localization, campaign optimization (pre-targeting, A / B testing, post-targeting) and real-time dashboard. Thanks to our technology, we are able to buy from more than 250 acquisition sources and ensure positive ROI. We currently manage $1+ million marketing budget monthly for international brands and top grossing applications.   The latest update of Apple mobile operating system accepts applications that block advertising content on mobile. Indeed, iOS 9 lets you install extensions to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other content in a fast and efficient way. Should advertisers be concerned about this update? Why Apple decided to take a stand

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O2 joins UK carriers ready to hand over ad control to consumers


UK mobile carrier, O2, has announced it is testing ad blocking software at network level. The news follows the likes of telecoms company EE, which recently vowed to offer its consumers greater control over the ads they see on their mobile devices. O2 testing ad blockers Source: o2.co.uk Robert Franks, Managing Director of Digital Commerce, Telefonica (which owns O2), says: “We are absolutely looking at [network-level ad blocking] technology. We are looking at these technologies to see if they can help our customers with some of the bad practices and disruptive experiences that are happening. It is not in an advertisers’ interest to spam customers or do things to create a terrible experience. If the way to raise the bar is to look at these [ad blocking] technologies, whether through a mobile network, or

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Axel Springer sues yet another ad block maker


German digital publisher Axel Springer has been active in its war against ad blockers. Following the ban of readers using ad blockers from accessing its Bild site, the company has taken iOS ad block maker Blockr to court. According to Blockr’s lawyers, the publisher seeks to prohibit Blockr from “offering, advertising, maintaining and managing” ad blocking software that can be used to block the pages of Axel Springer-owned news site Die Welt. Blockr ad blocking software for iOS devices Source: blockr-app.com During a hearing on 19. November, Blockr’s law firm argued that its software was both legal and optional. The court backed these views and suggested Axel Springer use alternate ways to fight ad blockers, such as halting access, which it has employed before. The final ruling has been scheduled

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Google Search, A New Opportunity For Mobile Advertisers


Hélène Calligaro-Damour is Addict Mobile VP of Ad operations, the first 100% profit-oriented mobile media agency. With over 5 years of experience, Addict Mobile provides mobile campaigns management on a global scale: strategy, materials creation and translation, and campaign optimization (pre-targeting, A / B testing, post-targeting). Thanks to our technology, we are able to buy from more than 250 acquisition sources and guarantee a positive ROI. We currently manage $1 million marketing budget monthly for international brands and top grossing applications. Mobile users can discover an application through 4 different ways: thanks to word of mouth, an advertisement, a search by category (rankings) and a search by keyword. Depending on the application, keyword search may drive between 20-50% of total downloads. In fact, search is one of

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Asian mobile marketers expected to shift from display to content-rich advertising


According to the latest report from the Mobile Marketing Association and Warc, APAC-based mobile marketers are less inclined to continue to use display ads over the next five years. The State of the Industry: Mobile Marketing in Asia survey finds that whilst 70% of marketers currently use display ads, only 44% plan to do so by 2020. Meanwhile, the importance of content-rich ads is rising from 33% this year to 49% in 2020. Loyalty and coupon schemes and app development are also poised to increase. Demanding consumers who can easily choose to turn off ads using ad blockers are contributing to a significant shift in delivering advertising that is innovative and engaging. Mobile display ads losing ground to content Source: warc.com In addition, location-based mobile marketing

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Programmatic video is the strongest area of growth in mobile marketing


The new 2015 European State of the Video Industry report by AOL Advertising finds that mobile video is growing rapidly with over half of media buyers planning to increase their mobile video spend. However, despite its fast rise, buyers and sellers are still facing obstacles such as cross-device targeting, with 53% of respondents considering it as a key challenge. Measurement has long been a pain point for mobile media buyers and continues to be an obstacle for 44%, as mobile conversions are still difficult to track. 39% of advertisers cited creative optimisation as another core challenge in mobile video. The study also found that almost all video buyers (98%) and 97% of sellers in Europe are now buying and selling video programmatically. 95% of brands plan

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Mobile marketers are all about targeting user passions next year


Over the last few years, targeting has been a hot topic among mobile marketers. Now, campaigns mustn’t just reach and engage the right users, instead they will have to add value to a consumer’s life. A new study by Hotwire PR reveals that passion-based targeting is a core objective across digital advertising for 2016. The Communications Trend Report based on data from 400 communications businesses in 22 countries, emphasises a shift to focus on consumer value. Mobile advertisers are shifting focus to user passions Source: hotwirepr.us The research also highlighted that the industry isn’t really prepared for mobile ad blocking. It will take considerable effort and time for marketers to distinguish the best mobile formats and establish influencer partnerships to get around ad blockers. Meanwhile, marketers are also turning to

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Let Users Find Your App: Less Keywords, More Relevancy


The concept of ASO (app store optimization) isn’t new and is proved to serve as a strong foundation for app promotion strategy. A recent app store optimization report by VentureBeat Insight shows that properly executed ASO can double or triple the number of installs. The main purpose of ASO is to make it possible for users to find an app through the app store’s search and drive organic traffic, but the mobile ecosystem evolves constantly. If app the store’s search algorithm changes, how should app developers adapt their ASO strategies? User acquisition platform GoWide sees into the latest updates from Apple and Google and their possible impact on app discoverability. Apple App Store Search Becomes Smarter Apple app store algorithm was updated in early November

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Hero Of The Week: Helly Vassileva, User Acquisition Manager at Performance Revenues


Helly Vassileva is the Mobile User Acquisition Manager at Performance Revenues. Previously she worked as a General Manager for Hello Binary and for Le Kuva as a Marketing Consultant. Here we are celebrating our new weekly Hero Of The Week post, which will give you a better glimpse into the world of our beloved heroes. First one to brave the spotlight is our dear heroine Helly. Name: Helly Vassileva What is your role? User Acquisition Hero, I am in charge of getting quality traffic for our advertiser’s apps. My everyday goal is to find the next best affiliate, the rest is history. What in your job do you enjoy most? So where do I start from…Everything! I love my job! What is the hardest part of your job? The

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