An Incomplete Guide to Combating Mobile Ad Fraud

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Aside from several technical hurdles that slow down mobile advertising industry growth, there is one that is about a human factor and the name to it – Fraud. According to the research conducted by Association of National Advertisers, in 2016 fake traffic and bot-generated clicks cost the industry a whopping $7.2 billion across desktop and mobile. Obviously it’s bad news but according to the World Federation of Advertisers by 2025 this figure will increase 7x and reach $50 billion.

The team of Mobvista, the world leading mobile marketing automation company, decided to put together this guide to help mobile businesses to know better what is mobile fraud and how we can combat it.

The guide covers such topics as:

  • The current state of global mobile ad fraud
  • Who is leading the fight against ad fraud
  • Mobvista’s approach to combating mobile ad fraud

PS. If you wonder why Incomplete? Download the paper to figure it out.