App Promotion Summit: Jampp on ‘going global’



This post is part of our series of articles from the App Promotion Summit 2013, taking a closer look at the event’s speakers and bringing you the key points from their talk. Click here for a round-up of mobyaffiliates coverage from the event.

Jampp is a data-driven mobile app promotion platform focused on Brazil and Latin America. Headed by co-founder Diego Meller, the company helps developers take advantage of the booming Latin American smartphone market, driving users acquisition with pay per install campaigns across Android and iPhone.

App Promotion Summit: Jampp on ‘going global’

Jampp founder Diego Meller

Jampp founder Diego Meller

During the App Promotion Summit Jampp’s Diego Meller took to the stage and gave a very lively talk, discussing the benefits of expanding your horizons and taking your app into Latin America. in the process he dispelled some of the rather unfair stereotypes about Latin American mobile users (and reinforced some too), painting a compelling picture of why app developers should seriously consider looking beyond Europe and the US.  Here’s are the key takeaways from Diego’s talk:

Latin Americans are using smartphones

Diego says the Latin American market is very misunderstood and there’s lots of smartphnoe usage going on across the continent. To back up his point he walked us through some Map Box maps showing usage patterns across urban areas.

Balance of growth and penetration

Diego pointed out that mobile broadband penetration is high enough across Latin America to drive smartphone usage, but low enough to so there’s a lot of from for growth, creating some fertile conditions for app developers looking to grow a user base.

Valuable users

When it comes to user the value of users, Latin Americans generally have a higher disposable income than in other emerging economies such as China and India. Diego said the amount of money Latin American users spend on apps is the roughly the same as in Western countries, but the number of users spending is lower. However, this is mitigated by the lower cost of user acquisiton when it comes to Latin Americans.

Deeper understanding of users

The cost of iPhones is Brazil, Mexico and other Latin American countries is very high – reaching over $1,000. Android therefore predominates. This, Diego says, will tell you much more about your userbase in terms of OS fragmentation.

Localisation? No problem

Latin American smartphone users are culturally much more similar to European and US users – relative to users in other emerging markets. Diego says the similarities in taste means developers don’t need to think about localisation too much beyond the basics.

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