The APS Berlin 2016 agenda is here and features Dubsmash, Runtastic & Delivery Hero

It may be a Thursday morning.  It may even be a Thursday morning in October.  But that’s not stopping the excitement from hitting fever pitch at APS HQ.  Why exactly do we feel like a child on the eve of their birthday?

Well, and yes you might have guessed it, the APS Berlin 2016 agenda has been launched onto the World Wide Web.  That means you can now view it right here:

We’ve never released an APS agenda this early (normally we keep it under wraps) but we couldn’t resist.  And what an agenda it is!  Here are some of our personal highlights:

  • Dubsmash are going to bang, crash and wallop their way through what they learned from hitting 50 million (yes 50 million!) installs.
  • Runtastic will sprint through how to build an app growth stack.
  • Ever wondered how to break through in the crowded app market?  Well, wonder no more. This is exactly what MATH42 will cover.
  • What about optimising Facebook for app promotion?  That is essential!  Wunder are prepared to give you the lowdown.
  • Delivery Hero will share their hard earned knowledge on promoting an app internationally.

How amazing is that?  And we’re not finished yet; between now and Wednesday 30thNovember we’re determined to make it even better.  The complete agenda will be so shiny, so experience based, so informative, so focused, so knowledge driven, so very splendid.

Have a lovely Tuesday and don’t forget (this is important) that the Super Early Booking price runs out THIS FRIDAY (7th October) so save yourself €200 by booking on before then.

All the best,

Matthew and James
App Promotion Summit
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P.S. Just to fully clarify, the Super Early Booking price represents a discount of 40% on the normal ticket price of €500.  This is why it’s called “Super”.