Beyond Installs – Mobile App Marketing KPIs and Metrics [Free Webinar]

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Mobile applications add immense value to any business vertical, helping businesses expand their sales and presence, thanks to the growing number of mobile users who use apps for almost everything – from shopping to hailing a cab to buying groceries.

This also means that it is important to measure the performance of your app – but the question is how? Is the number of installs an accurate measure of your app’s success?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. Unless accompanied by data about other relevant engagement metrics, the number of downloads only present a murky picture. While it does tell you how many people downloaded your mobile app, it does not reveal how the users interact with your app. Engagement for app users can be measured by several different metrics.

However, engagement events depend on your vertical or industry. Thus, as a business owner, you have to choose the metrics that make sense to your work. Similarly, there is no defined formula to measure engagement. The KPIs to measure engagement vary for different industries, but some common metrics such as session length, returning users, ROI per user, exit rate, etc. are generally employed by most businesses to get a clearer picture of their apps’ performance.

To help business owners gain a better understanding of the relevant KPIs for their industry vertical, Dot Com Infoway is organising an in-depth seminar on the topic, “Beyond Installs – Mobile App Marketing KPIs and Metrics” on 2nd November 2017 from 19:00 hrs to 19.30 hrs IST.

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In this webinar, participants will gain the following takeaways:

  • Why app installs are not the only KPI?
  • How to identify your Hidden KPIs you’re missing?
  • What makes a good KPI?
  • Post-Install Metrics That Mobile Marketers Need to Consider
  • Must-Measure Mobile KPIs
  • Quick Comparison with Mobile App Metrics vs KPIs
  • KPIs to Lookout for Common App Categories
  • KPIs for App Store Optimization

The webinar will educate participants on the importance of moving beyond app installs to understand the actual performance of the app, enabling them to optimize better. It will be presented by Raja Manoharan, Head of Mobile Marketing at Dot Com Infoway. Raja has over a decade of Internet and Mobile marketing experience. Along with his highly acclaimed team, he has successfully promoted hundreds of mobile apps for developers globally. Apart from designing effective marketing strategies, Raja helps his clients understand their target market to develop a holistic marketing plan right from the pre-launch stage to user acquisition and engagement. Participants will gain extensively from Raja’s insightful experience and in-depth knowledge, helping them understand and leverage engagement metrics for increased revenue.

App owners need to be insightful about what they really want to achieve from their app – that is, have a pre-defined strategy and KPIs to gain valuable data essential for their business. If you find yourself measuring your app’s performance based on the number of downloads alone, it is time to stop and learn more about engagement metrics that will add more value to this number.

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