How To Create A Killer Launch Plan For Your App – Webinar Summary


Dot Com Infoway’s webinar on “How to Create A Killer Launch Plan for Your App” has finished. There was some great advice on offer for app developers, so here’s a summary of the key points the webinar covered:

  • The benefits of having a solid app launch plan before your app is ready to hit the stores
  • The essentials of App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Effective elements of pre- and post-launch marketing
  • Strategies to promote your app to improve discoverability and boost your audience reach
  • The available channels for user acquisition, and the best practices to promote your app

In case you missed it, you can find the whole webinar in slideshare format, or you can watch the whole thing on YouTube below.

How to Create a Killer Launch Plan for Your App Webinar Slideshare

How to Create a Killer Launch Plan for Your App Webinar Video

We look forward to the next Dot Com Infoway webinar and its next round of key tips and tricks to get ahead of the game.

You can visit the Dot Com Infoway website here.