Japan’s Metaps raises $36m for its ‘big data’ app marketing platform


Japanese startup Metaps, known for its app monetisation and marketing tool, has secured $36m in new funding, taking its overall total to $51.2m in funding since launch. According to the official press release, Metaps intends to use the funds to hire new staff, with the long-term goal of increasing the accuracy of its automated marketing system, further utilising big data, and expanding its services beyond smartphones to other smart devices.

Metaps puts a lot of emphasis on its platform’s ability to optimise revenue and user acquisition via the use of AI and big data, allowing for competitive analysis, market analysis and optimising DAU, ARPPU and all the rest. Other marketing automation platforms that offer similar services include popular platforms such as Appboy – which recently raised $15m – and Upsight.

Metaps says its latest investment will be focused on bolstering its big data and AI technology. This will help with data analysis, pattern recognition and future forecasting. The company also wants to expand its services beyond smartphones and tablets, and offer solutions to developers working with all kinds of smart devices.

Metaps CEO Katsuaki Sato said:


“At this stage of our growth we felt the timing was right to bring in more outside funding to help our AI and financial services initiatives reach the next level. We are already a trusted monetization partner for app developers worldwide, and we are expanding into a solutions provider for all e-commerce companies and smart device developers.”

Metaps is also planning to build up its Spike online payments service, both in terms of new business and international reach. Spike launched in early 2014, and is free to use for merchants who process less than $10,000 per month. It has 50,000 users now. According to Tech in Asia, Spike has launched in America – although no user figures were revealed – and Europe will soon follow.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Katsuaki said Metaps reach goes beyond 100 million users, and apps that incorporate its SDK have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times. It’s the big data collected from these apps that Metaps wants to harness in the future, and it aims to increase its platform infrastructure to reach at least 800 million people by next year.