3 Biggest Trends of Digital Advertising

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Digital marketing is not really a new concept, and it has gained a lot of momentum in last 15 years. Digital marketing can be defined as the cumulative efforts that are needed to reach the targeted audience, through the media of Internet. GOWIDE has been working in digital marketing for 4 years and explored all the advantages that it could provide marketers in  future.

Digital marketing can help you in getting incredible exposure to your business brands. If used in the right and targeted way, it will result in effective branding and increased sales. Over the years, we have seen so many changes taking place in the digital marketing arena.

Online marketing strategies that used to work perfectly fine in the past can be totally ineffective these days. Worse still, you could even get penalized or banned by the search engines for adopting those old strategies. Therefore it is imperative for website owners and internet marketers to stay abreast with the digital advertising trends.

Identifying the changes

In the past, most of the internet marketing or digital marketing strategies were focused on getting the websites on the first pages of the search results. Even the search engine algorithms were not as advanced as they are now. Many online marketers used to get great results by using Black Hat search engine optimization techniques like overstuffing of keywords, content spinning, etc.

Now that the search engine algorithms have become much smarter, advanced, and accurate, they can easily weed out the websites, which adopt unethical means of online marketing. Those websites could lose the rankings, or even get banned.

Then started the social media networking boom, which opened a whole new powerful platform, with potentials to reach out to thousands of people, and build strong networks.  Now digital marketing is considered incomplete, without social media marketing strategies.

In the past few years, high speed Internet has started becoming accessible from portable devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. Now people carry internet connected mobile devices in their pockets. What it means is that any kind of information is available for them, with just a few swipes on the touch-screens. Downloading of mobile apps also allow for quick site access.

It has been noticed that the amount of money spent on the creation and promotion of digital ads have increased from 18% to 30%. Print media has witnessed a complete digitalization. With the presence of online editions of magazines, newspapers, etc. it has replaced traditional marketing to a lot of extent.

With the increase of advertising migration to digital media, it has led to a serious blow to the global traditional advertising market. In the future years, consumers are expected to migrate even further onto digital and online channels.

Now with all that being the case, SEO professionals and digital marketers will need to work with the upcoming trends.

Lets us check out some the important trends in Digital marketing:

  • Increase of digital marketing spending in area of digital equipment 

Digital ads will continue to be the basic key for reaching the right prospects at the right time, and for developing customer base. In coming years, customer usage and improved ad formats will continue to drive more advertising revenues through mobiles. Digital media would provide marketers with a cohesive environment to collect multi-dimensional customer data. It can be used to create customized messages with enhanced features.

  • Social media websites will be at the top 

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will continue as main promotion channels for increasing business revenue or ROI. The big-data and social media targeting tools will enable marketing professionals to personalize their existing social media user acquisition campaigns. Twitter’s updates, conversion metrics, and events targeting will act as a powerful way to create real-time engagement with the worldwide audience.

  • Usage of multimedia

Images and videos can be used effectively for several marketing campaigns. As per a recent research, it has been forecasted that online videos will amount for 80% of total digital traffic by the year 2019.

People are drifting away from television to streaming videos. With an estimated growth of online videos as a promotional channel for viewers, it will be at the top in 2018. Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat will develop ways to integrate more and more online videos into their ad programs and campaigns. Publishing can happen with auto-play videos, live streaming, and native in-application video advertisements.

So in this article we have covered only 3 Biggest Trends for marketers to review in their strategies for 2017. Which do you think will be most important for your business to support growth? Or perhaps there are trends we haven’t included yet?

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