50+ Mobile Advertising Companies To Meet at Mobile World Congress 2017 [SPREADSHEET]

On February 27th Barcelona, Spain will greet hundreds and hundreds mobile advertising professionals from all corners of the world at Mobile World Congress 2017. The next 4 days will be fully packed with keynotes, sessions and countless number of personal face-to-face meetings.  The mobile advertising community is always well represented at the event as the key mobile ad and app marketing players come to buy and sell installs and traffic, meet with clients and socialise at the many parties and drinks events.

We want to help you to make the most of your visit and did a heavy lifting of gathering contact information about all mobile advertising companies that will be there for you to meet with. It’s been proven many times that to have a productive conference, you need to plan it in advance, so check out companies you can see below and schedule your meetings. Good luck at the conference!

You can check out our selection of mobile ad companies to meet below or <<jump straight to the spreadsheet listing the names, contact details and websites for 50+ of the mobile advertising platforms, networks and agencies attending.>>>


Adxmi is a global mobile advertising platform owned by Youmi Technology, with a strong background on the Chinese mobile ad market. Contact Adxmi team to schedule a meeting via the following contacts:


Appnext is a mobile discovery platform, it provides mobile publishers and app marketers with end-to-end technology solutions for premium monetization and app growth. To schedule a meeting with Appnext’s team follow the link, find them at the venue at hall 8.1 booth #E10.

Billy Mobile

Billy Mobile is a mobile technology advertising startup that supplies advertisers with high quality customers and help publishers monetize their inventory in 256 countries worldwide. Meet Billy Mobile at the hall 8.1 booth #F50, the team will be presented with these 5 people:

  • Alberto Jurado, business development director. Book a slot with Alberto here.
  • Maria Gabriela, Customer success. Book a slot with Maria here.
  • Jordi Garcia, Head of Publisher Success. Book a slot with Jordi here.
  • David Jordan, Head of affiliates. Book a slot with David here.
  • Enric Sabaté, Sales Director. Book a slot with Enric here.


Kwanko is a leading European 360 performance marketing company that specializes in a cross-device advertising. Meet Kwanko at their stand in hall 8.1 booth #K64, to schedule a team please follow the link.


Leadbolt is a leading mobile advertising, user acquisition and monetization platform with clients in 165 countries. To schedule a meeting with Leadbolt email at bizdev@leadbolt.com, you’ll be able to find the team at hall 8.1 booth #C11.


Kimia is a leading online media company with a focus on mobile entertainment services. To schedule your meeting with Kimia’s team email at info@kimia.mobi, find them at the venue at hall 8.1 booth H10.


Matomy is a leading digital performance-based advertising company. To meet Matomy’s team follow the link to schedule a meeting now, or stop by booth #G11 in hall 8.1. If you want to know more about the event make sure check out this great blog post.


Mobusi is a digital advertising company that works with over 20,000 publishing partners and 5,000+ advertisers from Europe and South America. To meet the Mobusi team make sure you’ll pay at visit at hall 8.1 booth #E37. To schedule your meeting with Mobusi follow this link.


Yeahmobi is an intelligent mobile advertising platform that provides modularized solutions to help mobile technology companies to reach global growth, acquire active users and monetize inventory. Meet Yeahmobi teat at hall 8.1 booth #H14, to schedule your meeting with Yeahmobi follow this link.


Adcash is a real-time advertising trading platform that delivers maximum exposure for advertisers and a simple, effective way for publishers to make money. To schedule your meeting with the Adcash team you can get in touch with a specific member of the team by following this link. At the event feel free to come by to the tablet at hall 8.1 booth I21.


Appodeal is an intelligent ad mediation company that mediates ads from 35+ major ad networks and is continuously adding more. Schedule your meeting with Appodeal team via email by sending your message at hi@appodeal.com.


Geenapp is a mobile marketing platform that helps app developers to get more users and better monetize their inventory. Find Geenapp’s team at Hall 8.1 A63 and make sure you book your meeting by sending an email at hello@geenapp.com


Mobidea is an award-winning mobile affiliate network specialized in high quality CPA offers. Wanna meet the Mobidea Crew? Go to App Planet Hall 8.1, on Stand #D31 (OLAmobile stand).  To schedule a meeting with the Mobidea Crew follow this link or send an email to support@mobidea.com.


MobAir is a leading mobile advertising technology company that provides a complete package of user acquisition services. To schedule a meeting with MobAir’s team follow the link and find them at the venue at hall 8.1 booth #K89.


ClickDealer is a Global Performance Marketing Company, centered on developing solutions to fulfill marketing goals across the industry. ClickDealer offers a full range of services to help advertisers, publishers, and agencies obtain peak performance with their online marketing campaigns. Schedule a meeting or just drop by their booth 8.1K89 to share insights on user acquisition tactics and mobile app retention!


minimob is a performance-based advertising platform. Whether Self-Service, or Managed; minimob provides its dynamic CPI-bidding platform, both delivering and enhancing your campaign results in real-time. Meet minimob’s team at the hall #8.1 booth I40. To schedule your meeting with minimob follow the link or email Colin Miles directly.

Mobile Advertising Companies at Mobile World Congress 2017 Spreadsheet