Data shows mobile advertising spend is growing six times faster than desktop


According to media agency ZenithOptimedia, global mobile advertising spend is growing six times faster than on the desktop. It estimates a total of $25.8bn was spent during 2014, and that by 2017, this number may reach $68.2bn. The current spend represents about 5% of the industry’s total advertising expenditure, while mobile will be responsible for 11.3% in 2017, should ZenithOptimedia’s figures prove to be accurate.

The company’s estimates show mobile ad spend topping the growth charts between now and 2017, with desktop digital trailing in second position, and television advertising in third. Market share puts television advertising spend in first for overall spend, but ZenithOptimedia expects the lead to shrink slightly by 2017, while mobile and desktop will grow.

ZenithOptimedia data shows mobile advertising spend growth

ZenithOptimedia Spend

Asia and Latin America are the two primary regions where the highest degree of growth is expected, and both are listed at around 10%. North America’s growth is likely to be more modest at 3.8% in 2015, but a small jump to 4.1% to coincide with the Olympics and the Presidential elections is expected in 2016. The statistics show Europe holding steady with 2.9% annual growth until 2017.

ZenithOpimedia’s research also shows Facebook and Twitter controlled 33% of all mobile advertising spend during 2014, and 10% of digital ad spending overall. The company takes all display ads, search, and classified ads across apps and the Internet into account before coming up with its data.