Opera shuts down its Opera Max app

Opera Max has been abruptly killed off by the company under the new leadership of a consortium of Chinese firms.

Max was a free VPN app that functioned to compress data before reaching a device to decrease data usage. The app was launched in 2014.

In a blog post, Opera confirmed that it would continue Opera Max due to having a “substantially different value proposition than our browser products, and [representing] a different focus for Opera.”

Opera says it now wants to focus on its current browsers.

The company did not provide further information as to the shut-down of the app. However, its 500,000 existing users will be slowly weaned off, with Opera Max offering a shut-down period.

For some users, the loss of the app represents a real challenge, as mobile data plans can be expensive and Max offered a way to compress and monitor that data usage.

In addition, it is not clear if Opera VPN will also be on the chopping block given that it offers a somewhat similar service.

Opera Max has now been officially delisted from the Google Play store. Users who have already downloaded the app can continue to use it for some time.