Introducing In-text Ads For Mobile: Advertising With Better User Experience

Blogs and mobile websites that have a lot of textual content often face the problem of traffic monetization. Placing images, text, and ads on a small screen is a challenge. Site owners need to find a way to benefit from the content while not disrupting user interaction with content, or driving them away with irrelevant information. The audience reacts better to ads that blend naturally into the environment, fit the context of the website and provide additional value to users. This type of advertisement helps to avoid user frustration and abandonment — common reactions to overly intrusive ads. There is a solution for text monetization which has been successfully functioning on desktop for about 15 years — in-text ads. And yet, this format is quite

Mobupps Enters The Top Of Mobile Advertising Index By TUNE

The Mobile Advertising Index allows you to quickly discover and evaluate the best advertising partners of the moment, so you can optimize return on ad spend and scale your target audience. The tool will enable you to filter advertising partner performance across 20 criteria ranging from device type, geolocation, payout structure, and more. Get instant results for over 1000 ad networks and publishers. TUNE Mobile Advertising Index Filters According to this rating, Mobupps company entered to the TOP of 10 worldwide ad networks by the number of clients working with it, as well top 25 by volume of traffic. Mobupps took a strong position in the next markets: Top 10 in Asia Top 10 in East Europe Top 9 in Europe Tomchin Yaron CEO of Mobupps

WhatsApp rolls out Status bar for more creative user updates


Source WhatsApp Messaging app WhatsApp has just launched WhatsApp Status – a special tab that lets users share embellished photos and videos. Similar to Snapchat, they disappear within 24 hours. It’s not the first time, Facebook subsidiaries have copied Snapchat products. Indeed, Instagram just recently unveiled a feature that blatantly copies Snapchat Stories. So what’s the big difference with Status? For one, the WhatsApp feature is encrypted. Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, users share their creative images with friends and contacts. In addition, the tool could potentially be a boon for advertisers by allowing ads between statuses. WhatsApp currently has 1.2 billion month users with 60 billion messages sent daily. The success of Status may potentially hinder some of Snapchat’s growth. However, it’s too early to tell

Streaming app adverts are working and present an excellent opportunity to target audiences by mood


Source Spotify Music streaming apps have made it easier than ever before to listen to and share your favourite songs and albums. Now, Spotify has published new research which finds that 60% of music streamers are using their smartphones to listen. Another 40% of users are now also streaming TV content on their devices. The success of streaming apps has opened up new opportunities for marketers. Indeed, the revenue opportunity is currently worth $1.5 billion and is expected to reach $7 billion by 2030. Advertisers can now reach consumers during mobile moments when they are more engaged, e.g. whilst commuting or working out. Source Spotify So what makes audio so special? Spotify says audio is personal and enables people to dive into a world of

Tenjin partners with Chartio and Looker to provide enhanced insights for app marketers

datavault tenjin

Source Tenjin Tenjin, the San Francisco based mobile marketing business, just announced a partnership with Looker, which provides data analytics and Chartio, the cloud-based data exploration solution. Tenjin hopes to provide marketers with improved tools to analyse their data more effectively. Looker provides a data platform that enables marketers and organisations to make better decisions. Nouras Haddad, Director of Alliances at Looker, explains that data is at the core of what drives many business decisions. “Our partnership with Tenjin ensures that not only can app developers access data from across the complete user lifecycle, but that everyone in the organization can use it effectively.” Source Looker By adding data visualisation and analysis tools from Looker and Chartio to its own data infrastructure DataVault, app advertisers

Top Affiliate Networks 2017

An affiliate network helps publishers to monetize their inventory by providing a variety of options, as well as all necessary tools for running campaigns (tracking links, creatives etc.). For advertisers, affiliate network services and benefits include payment processing, ad tracking technology, ad campaign reporting tools, as well as access to a vast database of publishers.  Affiliate networks work on a CPA (Cost per Action) based model which means that they can effectively deliver a 100% fill rate for publishers.  Some publishers, known as ‘affiliates’ or ‘media buyers’ will create or buy traffic using advertising specifically to promote campaigns from a network (rather than just to monetise existing inventory). According to Wikipedia the definition of an affiliate network is: “an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs” Since the late

Meet Avazu Holding at Mobile World Congress 2017


Avazu Holding is attending Mobile World Congress 2017. Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA (one of the three major international organisations in mobile world), and this year, the event will be held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February – 2 March 2017. Mobile World Congress 2017 will unite more than 2,000 companies and 101,000 industry talents in the broader mobile ecosystem from 208 countries and areas in the world. Over 3,600 industry analysts and media reporters will attend the conference. MWC at a glance There will be a large variety of new technologies at the conference, including 5G technology, equipment, LAA, NFV and more, that will affect the future trends in the mobile world.

7 Key Tips for Beating Your Mobile Competition

epom mobile market key trends

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. New types of devices and technologies are introduced each year and they’re really changing the game for e-commerce. We’ve compiled a list of 7 most important mobile marketing tips to stay ahead of the competition in 2017. But first, let’s take a look at some interesting stats. Key Trends in Mobile (Facts and Figures) The overall number of mobile users is expected to reach nearly 5 billion in 2017 Source: Statista The number of app downloads will reach 268 million. Those downloads will total in $77 billion in business revenue  Source: Statista Apple and Samsung are the most popular mobile device vendors. The former has the largest market share in Japan, Australia, USA, Canada and

Fresh Off Its $100M Round, Yeahmobi’s CEO Talks About China’s Role in the Global App Economy

Yeahmobi team

This post originally featured on the Yeahmobi blog here.  The content and mobile insights lead of AppsFlyer, Shani Rosenfelder, recently spoke with Yeahmobi’s CEO Peter Zou, and discussed market trends and China’s role in the global app economy. China is playing an increasingly major role in the global app economy. It is now the largest revenue generator in Apple’s App Store. It is projected to generate over $20 billion in mobile ad spend in 2016 and more than double that in 2018. It is therefore no surprise that more and more apps are taking their business to China, despite the challenges (localization, government bureaucracy, Android app store fragmentation, to name a few). With their know-how, Chinese apps and media companies are also spreading their wings across the

InMobi launches range of advanced mobile video advertising solutions


Source InMobi Mobile advertising and discovery platform, InMobi, just rolled out a suite of advanced mobile video ad solutions in Europe. The platform offers new video ad formats including vertical video, interactive rich-media videos, 360 degree videos, opt-in videos, full-screen, in-feed and in-stream videos. As TV seems to be moving to mobile and smartphones become the primary screens for many users, video ads are a good opportunity for brands to engage with users. ZenithOptimedia recently found that mobile video consumption will reach 33.4 minutes a day by 2018 with mobile devices accounting for 64% of all online video consumption. Indeed, video ads are vital in performance and brand marketing campaigns. Vertical, in-stream and opt-in videos have already proven enhanced brand awareness and can deliver up to

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