Mavin wants to improve mobile app engagement by adding real-time options to campaigns

Mavin Motion, the newly launched platform founded by a team of Google and Microsoft engineers and a digital media veteran, wants to enable app developers to monetise on events and trends in real-time to engage their users. The technology takes a page out of the social media playbook where trending topics can be utilised by advertisers to boost engagement. Apps have somewhat lagged behind when it comes to dynamics and interactivity. Over half of consumers consider push notifications annoying and 60% of app users actually disable them. Further, it’s a well established issue that app developers tend to focus on new user acquisition versus re-engagement of existing users. However, 25% of apps are deleted after just a single use. That’s where Mavin Motion comes in.

Instagram now lets users hide photos instead of deleting them

Instagram has just made it easier for users to get rid of images they previously posted, but no longer wish others to see without deleting them. Called “Archive”, the feature enables app users to hide posts, but stores them in case a user changes his or her mind later on. TechCrunch first reported the new feature when Director of Social Media for The Next Web, Matt Navarra, noticed the addition. Instagram later confirmed that the addition generates a safe space for user-only viewing of photos and plans to expand the tool in the future. It may not be available to everyone just yet, but above is a snapshot of what it should look like when tapping the “…” button to the top right of a photo.

Innovid releases mobile video advertising benchmarks for better performance measurement

Video advertising is here to stay and as a growing number of marketers put aside budgets for pre-roll and other formats, measurement and industry benchmarks are still lacking. Now, Innovid, the video advertising platform, has released a set of benchmarks for marketers to more effectively analyse the performance of their video ads. The 2017 Global Video Benchmarks report includes a set of KPI metrics such as awareness rate, completion, engagement rate and time earned. Completion Rate, for example, states that it “measures the percentage of impressions where 100% of the pre-roll video was watched by a consumer. As attention spans get shorter and shorter, you have to get more creative to compete with everything else on your audiences’ minds. That’s why adding interactive features (custom interactive or click-thru messaging) within

Attriboost Mobile Ad Tracking Company Intro

Attriboost, the mobile app tracking company, launched their self-serve product at the end of 2016 and have been steadily gaining users since. Their tracking and attribution platform is designed to be easy to use while delivering the core features that mobile app marketers expect from a tracking provider. If you’re in one of the following groups, Attriboost will be a good fit: You’re a performance app marketer who isn’t currently tracking your app: In that case, there’s no time like the present to start! With Attriboost, you can start tracking your organic installs and usage with little time investment and at no cost. You’re growing your app on a limited budget: Don’t have a huge war chest to spend on user acquisition? That’s no problem

Vungle partners with LINE Plus for app developers to monetise across APAC region

In-app video marketing platform, Vungle, has partnered with LINE Plus Corporation, the chat messenger, as part of an exclusive monetisation alliance. The move will make it easier for app developers on Vungle to access mobile consumers based in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand. It comes at a time when in-app advertising revenues are estimated to reach $117.2 billion in 2020, up from $40.5 billion in 2015. Game app revenue accounted for 81 percent of total global app revenue last year. However, as the app market is becoming more saturated, developers are looking for ways to boost their revenue streams whilst also enhancing the user experience. In-app video ads have previously been shown to offer better retention rates and drive in-app purchases. Zain Jaffer, CEO of Vungle, explains that interactive

US mobile ad exchanges down 10% in April 2017

The US advertising market dropped 1% during April 2017 with TV stagnant, whilst digital media was up just 3%, according to the Standard Media Index. Social media made some more significant gains at 12%, whilst ad exchanges grew 10% and pure-play video was boosted to 6%. However, losses in the digital sphere were attributed to mobile ad networks which were down 10%. James Fennessy, CEO of Standard Media Index, explained: “The digital market hasn’t rebounded from the viewability and safety concerns that came to the forefront late last year. Advertisers are yet to jump back in and show they are confident that these issues have been meaningfully addressed.” The digital advertising landscape appears to be in a consistent state of transition as it churns out

AdMaster and Tencent MIG to fight mobile advertising fraud via strategic alliance

Data tech group, AdMaster has joined up with Tencent MIG (Mobile Internet Group) to launch a strategic alliance to fight fraudulent advertising on mobile devices. “The Anti Ad-Fraud Big Data Lab” boosts the ability to find invalid traffic and fraudulent ads throughout the mobile advertising process. Mobile advertising fraud is a growing problem with fraud rates on Android devices 1.8x higher than those on Apple. The cost of global ad fraud, which is essentially money wasted, is predicted to reach $16.4 billion this year. AdMaster has been known to invest in protecting marketers to provide better ad effectiveness. Its ad measurement covers 95% of China’s mobile devices, according to the company. Among AdMaster’s anti-fraud measures are BlueAir, a traffic filter module that’s part of the TrackMaster feature, VOA

AppsFlyer and Adjust join Google’s App Attribution programme for enhanced third-party measurements of mobile campaigns

Google just launched its App Attribution programme and advertising tech providers AppsFlyer and Adjust have been named among the first to join the new programme. AppsFlyer provides mobile attribution and marketing analytics and the integration should make it easier for mobile advertisers to set up and manage their Google campaigns. The company says it offers robust data points to help marketers configure their campaign performance and deliver more reliable performance data. According to Ronen Mense, VP Asia of AppsFlyer: “Google recognises that third-party measurement matters and this smart move gives marketers a choice in how they measure the performance of their Google campaigns, driving value for them as well as advertisers, agencies, and app developers everywhere.” As part of the App Attribution partnership, AppsFlyer can

Over half of advertisers in the UK believe immersive mobile video ad formats drive future revenue

45% of advertising buyers expect to increase their digital video spend by at least 25% this year, according to the latest State of the Industry Video UK report by AOL Advertising. Largely driven by advances in technology and at the expense of TV, the rise in mobile and digital video is making a mark among the advertising landscape with 55% of UK buyers and sellers considering 360-degree video formats to offer the best revenue streams over the coming 12 months. Branded video content is another top format considered by advertisers (57%) to offer excellent revenue returns. Among the leading challenges for advertisers to buy branded video content are quality concerns (46%) as well as proof of ROI (38%) and a lack of standards measurement metrics

Matomy launches new data-driven, mobile premium private marketplace

Media company Matomy, has rolled out the MobFox mobile premium private marketplace (PMP), which is powered by data to enable advertisers to acquire traffic from tailored audience packages in order to target their campaigns. The new PMP integrates first-party data from supply partners and data from MobFox’s data partnerships for more accurate segmentation. Publishers get enhanced control and user segmentation for buyers to meet their KPIs. Kumaran Sambandam, VP MobFox Exchange, explains that the advertising market is currently shifting from RTB buying to data-driven buying. “We’re taking media buying to the next level by providing our partners with the ability to acquire audiences in customized deals across all formats, including video. Following our recent partnership with Factual, providing our media buyers with better segmentation at scale is the

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