Epom Market Launches New Native Video Solution – Video Rich Media

Epom Market has released an update to its platform introducing a new advertising format – video rich media. In contrast to existing video ad options (like pre-rolls and post-rolls) rich media offers better customization and interaction capabilities.  It is designed to be less distracting (mute option is available) and more engaging from the visitor’s perspective. Desktop Video Ad Viewability Rate, % According to Epom clients’ analytics, video rich media is far more effective for advertisers as it provides 100% ad viewability. Besides, video rich media ads  can seamlessly integrate into the content of the page, and, ad campaigns become easier to set up because no additional video players are needed. Advertisers will benefit from multiple ad sizes and placements (top, bottom, middle, footer bar, interstitial

Millennial business owners are leading the digital and mobile advertising revolution


Millennial business leaders at small and medium sized businesses are some of the most dedicated when it comes to digital marketing. Indeed, they are spending over half of their marketing budgets on digital media. These are the findings of a new report from Magisto called From Main Street to Madison Ave. Millennials Disrupting 50 year-old Balance of Marketing Power released today. In comparison to Baby Boomers (10%), Millennials are also spending considerably more on mobile advertising (41%). Millennials spend more on mobile media Source: magisto.com A majority of 69% of Millennials depend on social media advertising to drive their brand awareness. 60% use social media ads to also drive revenue. That’s in contrast to 27% of Baby Boomers. Millennial business owners depend on social media advertising

Get attribution data with SimulateIDFA – a new iOS 10 Mobile Ad Tracking Solution from Adxmi

With a recent introduction of IDFA (identifier for advertisers on iPhones) in iOS 10, consumers will see less relevant advertising, thus depriving brands of valuable attribution data. IDFA works as the Cookie but even better in iOS system. If it is limited in such closed system, advertisers just get blind of the official data. Many ad tech vendors attempt to find a new ID tracking methods for advertisers in applicable ways. Adxmi SimulateIDFA SimulateIDFA, New Way To Identify Devices As mentioned above, if IDFA is limited, advertisers in iOS are searching for new methods. Hence, to realize goals of the advertisers, methods should equip with the above features. That’s why Adxmi’s parent company — Youmi Ads is developing SimulateIDFA to help developers, advertisers and DSP

Mobile video advertising goes cross-screen – AerServ partners with Unreel.me


  Mobile-first mediation platform, AerServ, has just partnered with white-label video streaming platform, Unreel Entertainment to enable its clients to utilise the Unreel.me cross-screen mediation platform. AerServ partners with Unreel.me Source: unreel.me Brands can create their own branded video streaming sites and apps with Unreel.me and upload it alongside material from social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. As most ad partners are finding it difficult to monetise across YouTube, the partnership between AerServ and Unreel.me makes it easier to solidify monetisation capabilities. Dan Goikhman, CEO, Unreel.me, says: “Our premium customers like ComedyTime, GTChannel, EmergingSports, and Jash have unique video monetization needs. AerServ’s platform has given us the ability to execute fast and efficient mediation, private marketplace deals via Deal ID, and interactive ad units like

DoubleVerify extends mobile in-app viewability metrics through new partnerships


Marketing tech provider, DoubleVerify, has extended its mobile in-app viewability features by adding certified partners AOL, xAd, Pocketmath, and Ubermedia. DoubleVerify extends certified partnerships Source: doubleverify.com Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify, says: “As brands are increasing their mobile marketing budgets, it’s critical they have full transparency into engagement metrics across all screens and ad formats. Advertisers expect accurate and dependable metrics on the performance of their digital media investments.” The latest partners have been certified by DoubleVerify for the quality of their mobile measurement technology to ensure performance metrics and the elimination of reporting disparities. Monica Ho, Chief Marketing Officer, xAd, explains that the collaboration with DoubleVerify represents a step forward for the company in combining mobile metrics with mature channels. “Working with DoubleVerify strengthens our ability

Mobile advertising spending 2015-2016 – report finds ad spend increased 103% globally

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According to the new Smaato Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report, global mobile ad spend has been doubling this year compared to 2015. Across the mobile advertiser’s platform, mobile ad spend rose 103% the year over. In terms of regional growth, the Americas continue to lead at a 130% increase, followed by APAC (80%) and EMEA (54%). Ad Spend Growth by Region & Top Countries – Q2 2016 vs. Q2 2015  Source: smaato.com The top app category for the largest share of global ad spend was Arts & Entertainment with 27% across the Smaato platform. The category can be segmented further into Books & Literature, Celebrity/Fan Gossip, Fine Arts, Humor, Movies, Music and Television. In particular the Music subcategory benefits from strong younger generation usage and has become

Snapchat to charge publishers a flat fee to license their content on Discover


Snapchat is reportedly turning toward a slightly different revenue model for its Discover platform – one where it doesn’t share revenues. According to Recode, the social media app seems to have plans to pay content partners a flat fee for licensing the content on Discover and then keep any ad payouts for itself. Snapchat to change Discover licensing model Source: snapchat.com Discover is a section in the messaging app, which features editorial content and daily news from publishers including Vice, CNN and ESPN. Ads on the platform were expensive to begin with at $100 per 1,000 views, but splits were available, allowing publishers to sell their own content. Snapchat’s latest idea would mean that the company retains full control over its ad inventory. Now, that has

IAB releases new guidance on dynamic content advertising standards


The IAB Technology Laboratory has just unveiled a new standard that lets digital adverts be rendered differently depending on the devices they are being viewed on – mobile, desktop, tablets etc. The IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard ultimately seeks to increase ad relevancy across display, video, audio, native and social ads. IAB’s Tech Lab Source: iabtechlab.com It has been designed with creative and technical professionals in mind to help them launch campaigns on a variety of platforms through agnostic programming language. In addition, media agencies and operations teams can use the standard to track specific creative assets and their performance. Alanna Gombert, Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, explains that marketers these days should be able to focus on the

How to Make Your Affiliate Campaign to Convert: What You Need to Know

Felix Leshno Co-founder and CMO at Intango. Intango is the developer, owner & operator of SelfAdvertiser.com  Felix Leshno is one of the leading experts in the field of user experience and digital marketing.  Leshno’s starting point in the field was in 2001 when he established his first eBay sales page.  Later he became one of the very first Israelis to reach eBay “Power Seller” status.  In 2004, Leshno moved with his wife to Canada, where he grew his internet marketing business even more (working from home). In 2007 he decided to share the knowledge he’d gained in this field with people in Israel by creating Israel’s first online marketing blog. In 2010 he decided he wanted to stop marketing other companies products and he co founded Intango with his partners.   The million dollar

With the majority of mobile web traffic now impacted by ad blockers, where can marketers go from here?


Mobile ad blocking impact may be more severe than previously thought. A recent report by Blockmetry based on the percentage of page views impeded by ad blockers found that 62.9% of mobile global web traffic (30.9%) is being impacted by ad blocking. By comparison desktop has a web traffic score of 50.6% and just 21% of this was found to be impacted by ad blockers. Tablets account for 9.5% of web traffic of which 4.4% was found to be affected by ad blockers. This suggests that mobile-level ad blocking is spreading at an alarming rate. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Measures are being taken to lessen the impact of ad blockers and there are ways in which marketers and publishers can continue to entice

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