20% of mobile app crashes are correlated to network issues – Apteligent releases Custom Insights for developers to catch issues early


Apteligent, the predictive app intelligence firm, has just rolled out a new tool that drives mobile big data for clients to improve their insights. Dubbed Custom Insights, the feature has already been put to good use by Apteligent to provide insights for its latest report Network Crash Edition, which unveils a connection between cloud services and crash on iOS and Android apps. Apteligent provides tools for better mobile data insights Source: apteligent.com The report found that 20% of mobile app crashes are directly correlated to network issues with Android Nougat being 2.5 times more likely to result in a network crash than iOS 10. 20% of mobile app crashes are correlated Source: data.apteligent.com Fabric, the Twitter mobile platform, tends to crash apps. It ranked among the third worst

3 Most Common Mistakes In Mobile App Marketing

Due to the significance of digital advertising, a high percentage of marketers considered digital application essential to their content advertising strategy. While implementing this remarkable technology to the business, many businesses are found to commit mistakes. To make the best use of digital advertising, it is important to prevent these mistakes. In this article, GOWIDE marketers prepared some of the common mistakes that people do while implementing digital advertising for the growth of their business. Business designs which are not appropriate for digital view Most of the business generates product designs that are best to be viewed on a desktop. Mobile screens are smaller than desktop screens so the designs should be created in such a way that it gives the same functionality and visibility

Best Performance at Your Fingertips – The SelfAdvertiser.com Guide for Online Advertisers

Felix Leshno Co-founder and CMO at Intango. Intango is the developer, owner & operator of SelfAdvertiser.com  Felix Leshno is one of the leading experts in the field of user experience and digital marketing.  Leshno’s starting point in the field was in 2001 when he established his first eBay sales page.  Later he became one of the very first Israelis to reach eBay “Power Seller” status.  Leshno studied everything there is to know about the world of Internet marketing and user behavior on the web. In 2003 he developed and subsequently managed many e-commerce sites, which brought in revenues that surpassed all expectations. In 2006, he was recognized by some of the top retails (Zappos, Cooking.com, eBay& more) as their top independent marketer (Affiliate).  In 2004, Leshno moved with his wife to Canada, where

MobAds acquires BuzzCity to provide mobile advertising solutions for improved scale


Global advertising network, MobAds, which was founded in 2006 and has since won a series of acclaims including a feature in the HSBC International Track 200 this year, has just acquired publisher ad network BuzzCity as part of an asset deal. The two companies are being combined to offer mobile-first advertising solutions. Together, their scale will be over one billion impressions and 35 million clicks per day. MobAds product portfolio Source: mobads.com The acquisition also strengthens their geographic reach to include South East Asia and South Asia as well as Africa. During the last quarter of 2014, BuzzCity had generated 20.9 billion advertising views in India alone, up from 18.4 billion in Q3. The Indonesian market increased by 54%. Both businesses are focusing on mobile marketing.

Mobile advertising spending in Australia set to overtake TV ad spend for first time this year


Mobile ad spend is set to outpace TV advertising expenditure in Australia for the first time in 2016. That’s according to the latest predictions from eMarketer. Mobile advertising spending this year will reach a total of $2.71bn or 25.3% of total media spend in the country. By comparison, TV ad expenditure is set to reach $2.58bn or 24.2% of total ad spend in Australia. Mobile ad spend to overtake TV in Australia this year Source: emarketer.com That’s a decrease in growth projection for TV from eMarketer and an increase for digital ad spend. Much of TV’s decline is being driven by lower budgets across commercial TV networks due to the growing popularity of subscription video-on-demand services. Shelleen Shum, Analyst, eMarketer, explains: “Digital and mobile ad

Make money on CPL with Kimia

Let’s start with the basics, CPL, or Cost Per Lead, is a conversion model, where the advertiser pays for a qualified sign-up from a consumer/user interested in the offer. It is also commonly called online lead generation. The main difference with a CPA and a CPL model, is that in CPL, the sign-up consists of a “lead”, which can be just a user’s contact detail, such as an email address. This info is later used by the advertiser to try to sell his/her products to the consumer either through newsletters, email campaigns or phone calls. Cost-per-lead ad model How do media buyers make money with CPL?… Simple: Email traffic: Email the CPL campaigns either to your own databases or to databases that you can buy.

Monetize Mobile Traffic with Adxmi – your Trustworthy Partner

Adxmi is an exclusive Ad Network that allows affiliates to better monetize their online traffic. Also Adxmi is a global mobile advertising platform, where our advertisers pay you for each specified action. For example, an impression, a click, a form submit, an installation or sale. Each lead you bring us via your traffic will be paid! Adxmi Ad Network To maximize your revenue and profits is our ultimate goal. With this in mind, we keep working hard and spare no effort to help you to make it happen. We provide traffic and monetization solutions for any country and any device. No matter the traffic type, we allow our publishers to monetize their traffic more efficiently. Adxmi provides you with: Various formats that are easy to find and use

Half of mobile display advertising now driven by programmatic technologies in Germany


eMarketer, the media researchers, have just released new predictions which point towards half of mobile display ad spend in Germany being conducted programmatically in 2016. The push is being driven by a 75% growth in automated mobile advertising investments. In 2018, programmatic trading is going to be responsible for over 68% of mobile ad outlays in line with €1.1bn. However, more programmatic spending in the country is also going towards mobile devices at almost 59%. As such mobiles are more likely to deliver traded ads programmatically. Mobile programmatic on the rise in Germany Source: emarketer.com Germany is not alone. According to predictions from Quantcast, Western Europe in general has turned towards programmatic mobile ad options. Franck Lewkowicz, Managing director for France, Quantcast, suggests: “Now [that] advertisers have

Mobile opt-in in-app advertising is up to eight times more engaging than interstitials

MediaBrix Infographic

In-app mobile ad platform, MediaBrix, has just released new research which tests user reaction to adverts delivered in two different formats, but using the same creative. In collaboration with neuromarketing research firms True Impact and Neurons Inc, the study found that opt-in advertising in-app with rewarded features are 8x more engaging, with three times the amount of time being spent with a brand. Brand recall was also higher and consumers held a more positive view of a brand compared to interstitial video adverts. Indeed, ad delivery matters and driving emotional moments that are meaningful and add value yield a higher ROI. Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of MediaBrix, explains: “We believe mobile is the most powerful advertising medium of our day, but the industry as a whole lacks research

Woobi launches new mobile in-game programmatic video SSP


Woobi, the mobile advertising technology firm, which is based in London and Tel Aviv, has just rolled out a new in-game programmatic video Supply Side Platform (SSP), which lets advertisers engage audiences whilst they are playing a game in-app. Being a part of the gaming experience, ultimately creates a more personal connection between brand and consumer. Woobi launches new SSP Source: woobi.com The new in-game SSP taps Woobi’s user interaction patterns and displays ads when consumers are more receptive towards engagement. Native in-game advertising units are also available at scale and marketers can even use their existing campaign management platform. Woobi then delivers viewing and click-through rates. Chaya Soggot, CEO, Woobi, explains: “We are opening a new world of opportunities for brands today. The in-game ecosystem

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