Week in Review – Google makes major changes to advertising on YouTube

The big players Facebook announced a significant overhaul to its platform that seeks to boost social interaction. Following feedback from users that business posts were crowding out social moments, the social media network has decided to return to its roots. Facebook is trialing a new video experience which lets members of Groups view videos together at the same place and same time. Dubbed Watch Party, the addition works for both live and recorded videos. The UK Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has warned that parents should not be allowing their kids to use Snapchat. According to Longfield, the app had “addictive elements”. In an interview with radio station LBC, Longfield explained that a greater number of schools across the country were already banning the app. Google plans to

OpenX announces GDPR publisher obligation compliance

Publishers are now working with technology partners that have access to their consumer data. Under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), publishers are being held responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance for data security for every single partner whom they grant access to the data. If they fail to comply they could face a significant fine. OpenX, the advertising tech provider, has just announced compliance with publisher obligations under the GDPR ahead of the May deadline. In addition, the company is launching a GDPR data processing agreement which has been drafted together with US and EU privacy counsel. It acts as a resource for publishers to expedite their compliance process with other tech partners processing EU personal data. The company is also providing other GDPR-linked

Google to rank mobile pages by loading speed

Google has announced that it plans to make page speed a ranking factor for mobile searches. With the average mobile page taking 22 seconds to load, but customers abandoning pages that take longer than three seconds to load, Google is looking to make some changes. As of July 2018, mobile pages are thus ranked by their load speed. However, the company assured that this would only affect pages which deliver very slow experiences and thus a smaller number of queries. In addition, Google is letting pages with great content off the hook. That means larger publishers and some shopping websites may not be as affected. Indeed, Google’s blog post appeared a little vague on the details. The company said that there was no tool to

Facebook is testing Group viewing of Live videos

Facebook is trialling a new video experience which lets members of Groups view videos together at the same place and same time. Dubbed Watch Party, the addition works for both live and recorded videos. Group administrators and moderators will be able to select the video they wish to share. Members are then able to comment and react in real-time. Bringing together the elements of Facebook Live – that’s the ‘party’ in Watch Party. Facebook said that it was currently testing the feature with select Groups. According to a company post: “With everyone watching, commenting and reacting to the same moments together, it creates a shared viewing experience for video that helps build the kind of community and engagement we’ve seen with Live.” Facebook hopes that

Mobile presents 84% of digital growth in 2017

It appears that advertisers are moving away from traditional channels such as TV toward more digital platforms. According to research by MoffettNathanson Research, mobile represented 84% of total digital growth as marketers continue to shift away from desktop. Google and Facebook were leading in digital as they are responsible for 74% of the market’s overall growth during the first half of 2017. For 2018, the research company expects a surge in advertising expenditure of 7% during the Olympics as well as US elections. The company also noted an overall slowdown of overall ad spending during 2017. This is likely to continue during 2018. Indeed, MoffetNathanson adjusted its own ad spend prediction from 3.4% down to 2.5% during the second half of 2017. However, digital continues

Nielsen expands ad tool range for YouTube mobile app measurements

Nielsen has launched a range of new advertising measurement tools for the YouTube mobile app. The features are now available as part of the company’s Digital Ad Ratings service in France, Germany and the UK. The added service expands upon the company’s current YouTube ad measurement service for the mobile web and desktop version of the popular video platform. Advertising clients are gaining access to a variety of demographics including age and gender of YouTube mobile app users. The ad measurements also integrate and offer consistency with mobile publishers in Digital Ad Ratings. This makes it easier for ad buyers and sellers to generate comparable overviews of their campaign insights. Nielsen hopes that the feature will allow publishers and advertisers to gain a better understanding

Best Mobile App Monetization Strategies to Learn

The ultimate goal of each app developer is to turn an app into a profitable source of income. There are many ways to monetize an app. Which one works best? Choosing a right monetization strategy is of paramount importance as it can make or break your business. The truth is, there is no one answer. Every app is unique and solves specific problems. Below is a list of the most successful mobile monetization strategies available on the market. In-app advertising In-app ads are known to be the most popular source of revenue for app owners. They come in various formats: video, interstitial, native, app wall, banner. It is crucial to consider the types of ads you place. Make sure that they are not annoying or

Agenda for ASO Live! Workshop in Berlin

Hello, In a three weeks’ time a fantastic full day App Store Optimization workshop will be held in Berlin. ASO Live! will be led by Kristian Rabe from Dynamo Partners on Thursday 8th February. One of the key components of the workshop is that all attendees will have their current ASO strategy and tactics individually analysed by Kristian. So if you’re looking at revamping or just fine-tuning your ASO this workshop will provide you with a whole load of value. In addition, the app store intelligence company Priori Data will be taking all attendees out for a post-workshop meal. We’ve released the full agenda for the day which includes sessions answering questions such as: How to research, use and optimize app store keywords? What’s the

Google makes further changes to YouTube channels in bid to reassure advertisers

Google has announced yet more changes to its advertising network on YouTube. The company plans to subject the most popular YouTube channels to review by humans in an effort to avoid additional content scandals such as the one involving Logan Paul. Content will be reviewed by members of staff in order to ensure that they meet Google’s advertising guidelines. The company hopes that this would ensure less offensive content production for creators looking to run ads on their content. At the same time, the move calms advertisers and brands considering YouTube advertising. In addition, advertisers are now able to select “Google Preferred” YouTube channels, which will be manually reviewed. Ads will only be placed on videos that are certified to meet Google’s “ad-friendly” guidelines. The

Find out who’s speaking at the Mobile Growth Summit 2018 and about what

Now in its fourth year, the Mobile Growth Fellowship, a mobile industry-wide network of user acquisition and growth leaders, has just announced its agenda and line-up of speakers for the Mobile Growth Summit 2018. The event takes place from February 7-8 in San Francisco. It will be joined by over 1,000 attendees as well as 100 industry speakers who will share their insights nad predictions on the mobile app business in 2018. Since its launch, the event has seen a growth of 30% year-on-year. This year, keynote speakers include Lee Jones, the Head of Global App Advertising Sales & Strategy at Google. He’ll be discussing “Maximizing User Value and How Google’s Universal App Campaigns Can Help.” Additional speakers include experts from Facebook, Zynga, Dropbox, Glu

App activity session growth was flat last year

2017 was a year of stagnation in mobile app innovation. That’s according to data analysed by mobile advertising company Flurry. The company found that overall app activity session growth was a mere 6% last year. Overall, the 6% is down from 11% in 2016. Despite the overall weaker growth, users are now spending five hours per day using their smartphones. According to Flurry, the shopping app category increased by 54% signaling a shift toward mCommerce. Users are growing ever more comfortable making purchases using their smartphone devices and this shows in their in-app digital purchasing habits. Meanwhile, digital wallets such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are picking up. The Entertainment app category came in second at a 43% growth year-on-year. Lifestyle noted some of

Smartphones are the most popular second screens when watching TV

Smartphones are the most popular devices people are using whilst watching TV, according to research publishing by video ad company YuMe. The study, commissioned with Nielsen, highlights just how much smart TV ownership has grown over the last few years. Indeed, smart TV ownership almost doubled since 2013. The average household now owns three CTC devices. These are now more common than tablets. Whilst 60% of households own a CTC device, 57% own a tablet. The survey among 2,410 adults in the US also found that smartphone usage as a second screen had risen from 49% in 2013 to 51% by 2017. Among the most common activities on smartphones are messaging activities (77%), followed by using the Internet (66%). However watching videos and listening to

Mobile advertising expenditure to reach $121.1 billion in 2018

Worldwide advertising spend is predicted to grow 3.6% in 2018, up from 3.1% in 2017. According to new research by the Dentsu Aegis Network based on data across 59 markets, digital media is set to increase 12.6% to $220.3 billion this year. This represents a slow-down from 17% in 2017. Meanwhile, mobile ad spending is set to reach $121.1 billion in 2018. Desktop continues a downward trajectory at -1.5% since 2016 compared to 8.2% in mobile gains since 2016. In terms of advertising format, paid search leads digital ad spending with a 40% share. Voice-activated devices in particular are helping spur this growth. Video and social are also boosting digital advertising growth at 24.5% and 23.5% respectively. These formats are largely driven by greater mobile

Click fraud: Auto-redirects are costing advertisers and publishers $1.3 billion a year

According to a new report, auto-redirects are costing advertisers and publishers $210 million each year and another $920 million by enabling click fraud. The study, run by GeoEdge, found that hidden redirects are directly linked to click fraud. Auto-redirects now make up almost half (48%) of all malvertising. The US accounts for the largest number of auto-redirects (48%), with the majority of them occurring on mobile devices (72%), followed by desktops (27%). Part of the problem on mobile devices is that users are accustomed to clicking warnings which may pop up on their mobile devices. Malvertisers can take advantage of this by redirecting to pages that resemble popular sites such as Google. More sophisticated schemes are making use of this lookalike effect to make users

Mobile gamers are cool with in-app advertising

A majority of mobile gamers (71%) are happy to accept in-game advertising as long as this enables them to play the games for free, according to new research by Facebook. With mobile game in-app ad revenue expected to reach a whopping $51.4 billion in 2020, these findings offer an interesting insight into how gamers feel about ads. Based on a survey of 6,000 mobile games, 400 developers and 100 advertisers in China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US between December 2016 and May 2017, the study noted that gamers were playing games 3.6x longer than spending time in the next largest app category. Consumers seem to have become accustomed to the value exchange in which free mobile games operate. Indeed, 57% of

Ad Summit Kyiv 2018: Global Mobile and Video Advertising Conference

Join digital advertising conference to break yourself out of usual routine and get both mobile & video topics covered. Read on to find out an exclusive insider deal. The second annual conference Ad Summit Kyiv scheduled on May 16-17, brings together 700+ professionals to lead the conversation on mobile and video advertising.There’s something for everyone at Ad Summit – whether you’re a performance marketer seeking tips on building evergreen leads, or business, looking to optimize the revenue with an omni-channel approach. Two – day conference includes: Networking Ad Summit is a place like no other to get connections you need to grow and transform your business. Hundreds of executives from the world’s largest, most progressive companies of online advertising industry. Enjoy pre-party and other networking

Google to review top YouTube videos for major advertisers

Google plans to review top-tier YouTube videos which it bundles together for major advertisers. The move comes in an effort to reassure brands that their branded content will remain safe. Bloomberg reported that according to people close to the matter, the vetting process will apply to videos which are part of Google Preferred. The latter lists sets of popular YouTube channels that are sold to marketers at premium prices. Google has faced significant complaints from advertisers about offensive content posts. In 2017, many high profile advertisers decided to pull ads from YouTube following the revelations. Since then, the company has employed thousands of staff to help screen content and developed an algorithm to detect inappropriate videos. A spokesperson for Alphabet Inc explained: “We built Google

BitterStrawberry Performance Annual Recap

Now that we started the new year, we began to think about what 2017 actually meant to us, BitterStrawberry. The season of performance reviews began and it’s time to rewind through the last year. In 2017 we’ve been through lots of changes and improvements and we developed new AI tech tools that kept us at the top also in 2017. We even surprised ourselves when looking at just how much has happened in the last 12 months at BitterStrawberry. It was an interesting and pivotal year and the short version of it is that we’ve increasingly focused on setting new standards and measurable results, inspired by technology. The year began with the development of new revolutionary technology tools that will improve the whole domain of

The Mobidea Academy Launches Hot Deals!

The Mobidea Academy, the foremost online educational platform for internet marketers and media buyers, has just released a new page with hot deals. The page contains updated discounts and coupons for several different platforms and online marketing tools. From competitive intelligence tools, to landing page builders, to SEO tools, to the best web hosting and VPN providers, you will now be able to get amazing discounts that will allow you to have access to the industry’s most popular tools. Want to experience this new page and find exclusive discounts and great coupons? Feel like it’s time to get all the discounts you need in one single platform? CHECK MOBIDEA ACADEMY’S HOT DEALS! 

Snapchat should be banned in schools – says UK Children’s Commissioner

The UK Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has warned that parents should not be allowing their kids to use Snapchat. According to Longfield, the app had “addictive elements”. In an interview with radio station LBC, Longfield explained that a greater number of schools across the country were already banning the app. What makes Snapchat potentially so addictive is its streak feature. A Snapchat streak is essentially a message on the app that is being sent back and forth between two people over several days. The app offers emoji rewards for longer streaks. For example, streaks that last 100 days are receiving the “100” emoji. Some teens really get into it and spend a large amount of time to keep streaks going. In addition, many of them

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