Big opportunties in LatAm for mobile game devs, says AppLift study


Mobile games are the fastest growing sector of the videogame market and Latin America is the fastest growing market for mobile game developers, according to a new study from game monetisation company AppLift and videogame market research firm Newzoo. The study proves what most of us already knew for a while now: mobile ecosystems are becoming the de-facto videogaming platforms. According to AppLift, revenues generated by mobile games will account for over a quarter (27%) of the games market by the end of this year – a total of $21 billion. Meanwhile monthly mobile games revenues are forecast to surpass those generated by TV and handheld consoles combined during 2015. For mobile developers looking for new opportunities, Latin America is the fastest growing market, according

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InMobi launches new ad format that lets users demo mobile games


Mobile advertising company InMobi has announced a range of new ad formats designed for mobile games, including a new interactive ad format that lets users test out new titles, along with new interstitials, video ads and ‘Reward Ads.’ InMobi’s ‘Playable Ads,’ which are developed in partnership with start-up Voxel,  is certainly the most interesting of the four formats. We’ve seen interactive, mini-game, mobile ads in the past but very few ad companies have tried to offer actual game demos via this format. In fact, due to the freemium nature of many mobile games, demos have played an almost non-existent role in mobile game distribution, as opposed to the console and PC space. The adoption of playable ads by a bigger ad network, such as InMobi,

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MobPartner launches search-based native ad format


MobPartner has revealed a unique mobile native ad unit called ‘MobSearch,’ which places advertising messages into an app’s search bar. The unit takes advtange of the contextuality of search, so when a user begins typing into the search bar MobSearch will display a relevant app advertisement, using a predictive text algorithm. For instance, the example MobPartner gives is searching for World Cup information on a news app and getting a suggestion to download the official World Cup app. Check out the video below for a look at MobSearch action. MobPartner reveals MobSearch According to MobPartner the ad unit displays twice: Once as soon as a user opens the search bar, then as the user starts typing a new ad will display based on the text

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Performance Revenues: Tips for Negotiating with Mobile Ad Networks

Ron June3

Ron Brightman has been doing performance marketing for over a decade, in senior roles at various companies. During the last 3 and a half years, Ron has been the CEO of Performance Revenues – a mobile performance marketing network. Today the company works with several of the world’s top mobile advertisers, in various verticals, delivering high volumes of quality users worldwide. Tips for Negotiating with Mobile Advertising Networks Below is the first in a series of articles written for app developers and advertisers by Ron himself – the first article is useful for those who wish to promote their mobile apps through performance-based advertising and affiliate networks. The guide itself aims to clear up some of the key worries developers have when they are about

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AppsFlyer: how to analyse, measure and optimise user acquisition campaigns

Oren Kaniel AppsFlyer

App publishers spend money on advertising but how do they know if the money is well spent?  AppsFlyer provides independent app tracking service that allows evaluating each user acquisition channel, measuring user their lifetime value and the channel profitability.  In this episode of AppInTop mobile app marketing podcast we talk to the CEO of AppsFlyer Oren Kaniel, CEO and marketing director Ran Avrahamy.  Listen to this podcast episode or subscribe on iTunes. Which element of AppsFlyer technology are you the most proud of? When we started the company back in 2011, as a small DC firm on the East Coast, I realised that app developers have no idea how users are discovering their applications. The reason for this is the lack of cookies and the

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SponsorPay, HasOffers and SupersonicAds in triple rebrand action


Three mobile marketing companies have rebranded in almost as many days, with SponsorPay, HasOffers and SupersonicAds unveiling new names, logos and, in some cases, slightly enhanced products. First up is HasOffers which has launched a new parent brand called ‘Tune’ and the new website HasOffers, an ad attribution platform, will continue to exist but will fall under the Tune parent brand, along with its sister service MobileAppTracking, as one happy family. Tune CEO Peter Hamilton said the company chose the new name because: “it resonates perfectly with what we help marketers do across our products. Maybe even more importantly, we wanted something that would be really fun and creative for our people and our clients.” Although perhaps it’s worth noting that HasOffers was one

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Avazu’s latest contest for affiliates has started

Avazu Exchange

The Avazu Private Exchange is running a new contest that allows publishers and affiliates to win a series of rewards that are determined on the amount of revenue they generate. The competition, that started on the 15th July and runs until August 15th, has been designed so everyone has the chance to win something. The prizes are as follows: Avazu’s Prize List All offers are valid and it doesn’t matter what you run: apps, games or general mobile content, they are all automatically calculated towards the total amount of revenue generated. What are you waiting for? Time is ticking. For more information visit the Avazu Private Exchange profile on our directory.

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App Promotion Summit London 2014 in Tweets

App Promotion Summit

Another App Promotion Summit has come and gone in the blink of an eye. There was knowledge to share, laughs to be had, and Pimm’s to be consumed in London’s magnificent Jumeirah Carlton Tower this year – all in the name of mobile app promotion of course! So with the inevitable sadness that comes with such a grand occasion closing its doors, we’ve prepared a selection of tweets from the event to relive it all again. For those of you that didn’t attend this year, this is a good way of experiencing what the event had to offer as well. So sit back and enjoy #APS2014 in 140 characters or less. App Promotion Summit London 2014 Stefan tells everyone how it’s going to be: Mobile

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App Promotion Summit 2014: In Pictures


Another App Promotion Summit came to a close last week in London, featuring an excellent roster of speakers, a huge number of insightful talks and engaging Q&A panels. The conference covered a wide-variety of issues surrounding the core problem of app discovery, from App Store Optimisation to Real Time Bidding, and from re-targeting to video ads. We’ll be bringing you coverage of the event’s talks over the next few days, with audio and video over on our sister site Business of Apps. But for now let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the conference in pictorial form. You can find these and other photos of the event over on the App Promotion Summit Facebook page. App Promotion Summit 2014: In Pictures Soko

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YeahMobi’s new super bonus mobile affiliate promotion is here

YeahMobi Logo1

YeahMobi is running a super ‘bonus promotion’ for its affiliates where the more revenue they generate, the higher the cash bonus they receive. The list of prizes is as follows: YeahMobi Bonus Promotion If your revenue hits $1 million, you will get $110K extra bonus If your revenue hits $800K, you will get $80K extra bonus If your revenue hits $500K, you will get $45K extra bonus If your revenue hits $300k, you will get $20K extra bonus If your revenue hits $200K, you will get $15K extra bonus If your revenue hits $100K, you will get $6K extra bonus If your revenue hits $50K, you will get $3K extra bonus If your revenue hits $20K, you will get $1K extra bonus YeahMobi have quite

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