Pixalate rolls out new cross-platform rating system for digital and mobile video adverts


Video advertising is in demand. Indeed, eMarketer predicts that video ad spend is set to reach a $10.3bn ad spend growth in 2016 and make up 14% of total digital ad spend. However, for marketers it can be challenging to find the right inventory that offers both quality as well as cross-screen audience reach. That’s why Pixalate, the fraud protection and data intelligence company, has now launched a cross-platform rating system for video ads. The Video Seller Trust Index (VSTI) spans programmatic TV, mobile and now desktop video. Pixalate VSTI seller rankings for October 2016 Source: pixalate.com The company is known for its programmatic advertising standards for sellers, the Global Seller Trust Index (GSTI) and in-app advertisers with the Mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI). The

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MMG to fight mobile advertising fraud with technology from Protected Media

mars media group

  Digital advertising company Protected Media has been selected by Mars Media Group for its multi-layer ad protection technology to provide better quality of online ad campaigns. Protected Media solutions have been built for enhanced visibility of ads to eliminate invalid traffic coming from botnets. The company taps into sources of malicious traffic and uses its insights to improve the quality of such ad traffic. Mobile fraudulent traffic is a growing problem Source: escanav.com Malware presents a growing problem for mobile advertisers. Indeed, the World Federation of Advertisers, just warned that around 10-30% of online ad slots aren’t even seen by humans. Advertisers pay for views, but they never reach a target audience. To combat this problem, Protected Media has created a technology to investigate fraudulent ad activity by employing

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Drawbridge receives patent for Connected Consumer Graph and other mobile identity ad technology


Digital identity firm Drawbridge has just announced the issuance of a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its “Systems to group internet devices based upon device usage”. The technology is essentially what Drawbridge’s Connected Consumer Graph and Cross-Device Platform are built on. Drawbridge expands tech stack Source: drawbridge.com Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Founder and CEO, Drawbridge explains that as more devices are being adopted globally, it’s become ever more difficult for brands to understand their audiences across devices. “The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph, built on this patented system, offers an independent, accessible, scaled solution for digital identity that can be leveraged to make customer experiences on the internet more personalized – from advertising and content optimization, to product recommendations and fraud detection.” According to the patent

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AerServ to bolster mobile targeted inventory for broadcast buyers of Mediaocean


  In the past, advertisers have tried to reach consumers during primetime slots. However, mobile has changed all that. Now, AerServ, a mobile video supply side platform, has partnered with advertising software provider Mediaocean to support broadcast buyers in reaching more mobile device audiences on smartphones and tablets. AerServ will power this offering by providing video inventory that retains high viewability and visibility. Mediaocean partners with AerServ Source: mediaoceanuk.com As of right now, AerServ says that local buyers can access inventory through a single source and its in-app videos offer 98% of video impressions seen by target audiences with a 100% share-of-voice. In addition, AerServ’s high video completion rate of over 80% is greater compared to the industry standard. Dan Mauch, EVP of AerServ, says: “Primetime viewership has naturally

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Yeahmobi Attended Affiliate World Asia And Revealed Top Advertising Offers

yeahmobi new

The global conference Affiliate World Asia this year came to a successful closure in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. Yeahmobi attended this year’s conference as a diamond sponsor, and with a very revealing speech, brought real benefits to superaffiliates at the gathering. Yeahmobi CEO Peter Zou delivered the speech on the main stage. Peter highlighted the bright future of affiliate marketing in Southeast Asia: “We’ve seen a steady and constant growth of mobile ad spending in Southeastern Asia countries in recent years, and the growth is expected to continue as economy and development of this region deepens. Affiliate who acts as an important link along the process to help advertisers reach the right audiences, and help publishers fill ad spaces will have a good

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YouAppi shows that native mobile advertising performs significantly better than other formats


Native mobile user acquisition adverts now perform better and convert better than other mobile advertising units. That’s according to a data crunch by mobile marketing platform, YouAppi, based on hundreds of mobile user acquisition campaigns this year. YouAppi shows that native mobile ads perform better Source: youappi.com Although there have been the initial hurdles across native, including matching native content to look and feel similar to app and mobile web, the format has proven its worth. Indeed, mobile app and web designs have become standardised and now work according to accepted design guidelines to enable running the same creative across various apps and websites. This improved performance has also made app and mobile web publishers more open to accepting them, particularly because they provide greater revenue per

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Facebook poised to eat into TV advertising share with video-only platform


A video-only advertising tab which is currently being tested by Facebook is likely to help the social network grab some additional ad expenditure from TV. That’s according to a report from Business Insider. Indeed, TV advertising revenue still represents a large chunk across traditional media spending. In the US it came in at around $70bn in 2015. The four top networks, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC, are responsible for over half (58%) of that revenue. However, with the launch of YouTube and streaming services, TV advertising has begun to crumble. In addition, the younger generation already spends a considerable amount of time on mobile devices, hinting at further growth of the digital format. Facebook jumps ahead of TV for ad revenue in 2016 Source: businessinsider.com However, TV advertisers are somewhat holding back

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Mobile audio inventory now available through NOVA Entertainment thanks to Triton a2x


Audio tech provider Triton Digital just announced that Australian entertainment firm NOVA Entertainment has partnered with a2x, Triton’s programmatic audio ad exchange. The move should enable advertisers to buy digital audio inventory across NOVA’s network. Triton Digital offers a variety of audio advertising solutions for mobile  Source: tritondigital.com The a2x audio ad exchange is a programmatic buying solution for online and mobile audio inventory for advertisers. It runs on an automated, exchange-based system to buy and sell ad impressions. This facilitates rapid and precise transactions and results in the highest price for publishers and more efficiency for advertisers. Peter Charlton, Group Sales Director, NOVA, says: “Exploring new ways of monetizing our digital audio inventory while continuing to improve the streaming experience for our audience is an important piece of our overall digital

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Mobile advertisers are having to juggle an average five ad technologies and four vendors – lack of transparency key concern


The digital advertising ecosystem has evolved from a people-based business to a technology solutions landscape. This means that advertisers are having to manage more technologies than ever before. To be exact, they’re deploying an average five tech solutions to purchase digital media. That’s according to new research conducted by Forrester Consulting and SteelHouse, the ad software firm. Forrester surveyed 153 marketers across the US to find out which challenges they must overcome in order to drive effective advertising. The results highlight that vendors are lacking transparency. Right now, 58% of US adults are multi-device, multi-location, digital users. That gives marketers a huge playground. Indeed, 89% of marketers purchase social ads, followed by 77% buying banners and 73% mobile banner ads. Mobile ads are being purchased most frequently with 41% saying

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The Big Boys are in Mobile Video, are You?

Kyle Buzzell is a Content Manager at Adcash, he draws from his years of experience in psychology and sales to plan, research, and write content. He enjoys content in all forms and is in a constant state of learning to ensure that the content he produces is relevant and entertaining.  The great migration is underway With AT&T’s bid for Time Warner, it is now abundantly clear that the big boys smell something in the air. Coupled with a prior IAB report that mobile ad spending has finally overtaken desktop, we know this is no accident and that the great migration to mobile continues. Eyes are glued to mobile screens for increasingly longer periods of time and 9x more of that time is spent in-app than mobile web. The mobile

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