MoPub reports massive 243% increase in mobile video ad spend during 2014


MoPub has revealed video ad spend on its mobile ad marketplace has increased by more than 243% during 2014, where publishers boosted the amount of available inventory by six times during the same period. MoPub added video ads to its marketplace two years ago, to tap into the then growing programmatic video ad market expected to be worth $3.8b by 2016. In December, 41% of MoPub’s fullscreen ad inventory was capable of running video, more than double the amount available at the beginning of the year. The company also notes video ads continue to outperform fullscreen interstitial ads in revenue. Over the final three months of 2014, video ads served by MoPub earned 29.5% more in eCPMs than non-video ads. The amount of MoPub’s demand

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RainyDayMarketing CEO, Jasmine Lee on Successful App Marketing and CPI campaigns


RainyDayMarketing is a mobile affiliate network featuring hundreds of direct and agency-level Android and iOS CPI campaigns. Jasmine Lee is the CEO of RainyDayMarketing. Jasmine talks to us about successful app marketing and more. What is RainyDayMarketing and how are you positioned in the market? RainyDayMarketing is a mobile ad network focused on CPI Android and iOS campaigns across all geos. We are MAT, Kochava and AppsFlyer-integrated. On top of the hundreds of direct and agency Android and iOS campaigns we have live at any given time, we have some great proprietary tools — like our Campaign Recommendation Engine — to separate us from the rest. What types of clients do you work with? On the advertiser side, we work with direct app developers, agencies and top-tier

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BuzzCity’s new cluster feature helps mobile advertisers target specific user groups


Mobile advertising network BuzzCity has introduced a new feature called Attribute Clusters, which should help advertisers target more specific groups of users in particular markets. Why would you want such a feature? BuzzCity says that in many markets around the world, it’s men who’re more likely to shop online than women – so wouldn’t it be great to target only males with a relevant campaign? At launch, Attribute Clusters will feed into this, and the first two clusters will be for males and young adults. It’ll separate them by using the data on gender, age, location, and occupation it gathers from its publishers. Then, ads can be targeted towards those new groups, or Clusters, where at the minimum, 65% of the members share the key

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Inneractive focuses on North America with new executive appointments


Mobile advertising technology company Inneractive continues its efforts to expand its North American presence, and confirmed its New York office has hired Welby Chen, former SVP of global sales partnerships at Vevo, as VP and general manager. Chen will help develop ad monetization strategies for Inneractive’s major brands, plus he’ll work closely with demand side partners, and promote the company’s automated mobile ad marketplace. Inneractive says North America is a key market for the firm, and states the majority of its brand partners are located there. It also operates an office in San Francisco, but its headquarters is in Tel Aviv, where Avichai Belitsky will join as VP and managing director of the company’s international efforts – again showing its commitment to developing its business

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GoWide launches its Self-Serve Platform for Rewarded Installs


GoWide is already known for successful operations as a performance-based mobile ad network. A proven track-record of signing top affiliate deals makes us go for more. In order to meet the market’s demand and expand into the RTB segment, GoWide is launching brand new mobile Self-Serving Platform for Rewarded Installs. On the new Platform, we aggregate all major sources of incentivized traffic suppliers in a single dashboard, giving our customer the opportunity to start working with our scalable inventory from only one account created on our platform. Our key benefits, include but are not limited to: minimum budget to start, global reach, 100% CPI risk-free model, dynamic real-time pricing, easy registration process and many other interesting features. In just 3 clicks you will get maximum exposure

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YeahMobi Launches App Developer Boost Program


YeahMobi has launched the ‘App Developer Boost Program’. The new program aims to help independent and mid-tier developers to expand their businesses. By integrating with YeahMobi’s native ads platform, the company can offer eligible developers more user installs as they monetise their apps – there are no advertising cost to participants. In other words the more money their apps make, the more users they acquire as a result. The new program was announced at ad:tech New Delhi and runs from March 15th to June 30th. YeahMobi will be offering specific monetisation rewards: Make US$ 1,000 in turnover and acquire 10,000 users Make US$ 10,000 in turnover and acquire 60,000 users Make US$ 100,000 in turnover and acquire 260,000 users Make US$ 500,000 in turnover and acquire 760,000 users

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Mobile ad community Tappx partners with Softonic, increasing app reach by 160,000

tappx softonic

Tappx, the open cross-promotion mobile ad community, has expanded its partnership with app discovery platform Softonic, providing its members with access to a huge new library of apps, and millions of monthly users. Scott Arpajian, CEO of Softonic, said: “This partnership with Tappx reflects our commitment to working with mobile app developers and giving them access to the tools and channels they need to succeed. Great apps should not fail to reach users because developers do not have the mega budgets of the big guys, and what Tappx has created is exactly what millions of developers around the world need.” Daniel Reina, CEO of Tappx, added: “Developers should be allowed to focus all their efforts and resources into creating great apps, and not spend them

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Leadbolt increases CPMs by 10X for Multicraft LLC using video app ads


Mobile ad network Leadbolt helped MultiCraft LLC achieve higher eCPMs to meet their targets. MultiCraft LLC were experiencing low eCPMs using existing ad-serving partners and sought higher returns from in-app advertising. Leadbolt introduced high-performance video and interstitial ads, available in the Direct Deals Marketplace. This powerful ad combination displays seamlessly without wait time or buffering, providing an elegant and enjoyable in-app experience. Players responded positively to the non-intrusive ad integration, delivering immediate returns and superior campaign engagement. Using Leadbolt’s Direct Deal Marketplace, MultiCraft LLC exceeded their eCPM targets and boosted in-app revenue higher than any other previous ad-serving partner could reach, without sacrificing user experience. On the results, Maksim Gamarnik, CEO of MultiCraft LLC said: “Leadbolt offers a high quality advertising platform by displaying the right ads

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New analytics capabilities with adjust SDK 4.0


Changing the way mobile marketers integrate analytics providers, adjust, a leader in app analytics and attribution, today announced the fourth generation of SDK. SDK 4.0 promises enhanced tools for analytics and user acquisition, enabling users to transmit data to adjust partners Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter, offering expanded performance of the core analytics framework. Allowing its customers to access network partners at any time dramatically reduces lead-times to acquire new clients. The release of SDK 4.0 is a major milestone for adjust and integrates over 500 other major networks worldwide. Christian Henschel, CEO and Co-Founder, adjust, says: “Every time we ship a new version of our SDK, we’re looking to enable marketers with technology that’s more powerful and easier to access. Many of our partners have very sophisticated systems for campaign analysis, and

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InMobi and Rubicon launch mobile advertising exchange

inmobi rubicon

InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network, and Rubicon Project, a leading technology company in advertising, have teamed up to unveil their new mobile advertising exchange. It creates the largest hub of its kind, allowing marketers to buy and sell ads using mobile technology and apps. As demand for native ads increases, InMobi also works with IAB OpenRTB Working Group to create a more robust platform. Naveen Tewari, CEO, InMobi, says:  “We are committed to improving the mobile user experience, whether through the aesthetic of native ads or relevant advertising, based on our deep understanding of mobile consumer behavior. In selecting Rubicon Project’s Advertising Automation Cloud to power our InMobi Exchange, we are taking the next natural step by bringing these custom native experiences to programmatic buyers and

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