Appia’s Five Tips for Mobile User Acquisition [INFOGRAPHIC]

Appia Infographic

Appia has released a new infographic that displays five useful tips for advertisers who are struggling to acquire high quality users – one of the most common challenges in the industry. The tips on the infographic cover the following topics: optimising reach, what mobile ad formats work, defining targeting goals, and the importance of both mobile retargeting and analytics. The infographic also features some interesting app marketing data points, including: Mobile retargeting can drive a 46% increase in CTR By 2017 mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times Global ad spend on rich media ads rose 117% from Q3 to Q4 2013 The sum of $10.8 billion will be spent on location-targeting for mobile ads by 2017 5 Tips for Mobile User

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TapSense: Mobile RTB ‘robust’ but app publishers ‘need help’ investing


Mobile RTB platform TapSense says app publishers still “need help” jumping on-board the RTB wagon and has launched a new $10 million fund aimed at encouraging the adoption of RTB technology in the mobile space. TapSense’s new investment initiative guarantees mobile publishers will receive the full amount of floor CPM for all ad auctions that are cleared. The San Francisco-based company says this will eliminate all the fees it usually charges, giving publishers 100% of the revenue from ads sold. TapSense’s VP of marketing, Gregory Kennedy, told us mobile RTB now has a “robust” ecosystem of buyers and sellers, but app publishers still need help investing. “The excitement around RTB has picked up significantly in 2014,” said Kennedy. “Both buyers and sellers now clearly understand

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10 Lessons For App Marketers: From On-Boarding To Successful Launch

Stefanie Hoffmann

Stefanie Hoffmann is a founding member of the MLOVE advisory board, honorary judge at the Lovie Awards, and Europe´s leading mind in Facebook companion apps. She recently launched an iOS application called Gabi, backed by a small international team of media celebrities. She spoke at at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin on the subject of 10 Lessons For App Marketers:  From On-Boarding To Successful Launch . Her talk included the following topics:  Before Launch – Setting Yourself Up For Success  Launch – Gaining Rapid Traction And Boosting Marketing  Post-Launch – Evaluating, Monitoring And Improving Your Position We’re now able to share this presentation with you in a number of formats including video, audio/ podcast and the full transcript. 10 Lessons For App Marketers:  From On-Boarding To Successful Launch

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YeahMobi launches $180k Mobile Affiliate Marketing Promotion

YeahMobi Comp

YeahMobi has announced a series of competitions to celebrate their recent success raising $15m in their first funding round. The contest also reciprocates the support they have received from their affiliates. The first competition, that runs from April 1st to May 31st, offers the following prizes: The affiliate whose revenue ranks first will win a $180,000 bonus The affiliate whose revenue ranks second will win a $100,000 bonus The affiliate whose revenue ranks third will win a $60,000 bonus Fourth place will receive a $20,000 bonus Fifth place will receive a $10,000 bonus Sixth to fifteenth place will receive an iPad Air, iPhone 5s, or Kindle Touch (affiliates choose the prize they prefer). The competition is open to existing affiliates as well as those that

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Vserv targets emerging markets with new RTB platform


Mobile ad exchange Vserv has launched a new mobile Real Time Bidding platform focused on “bridging the value gap” across emerging markets. Vserv is offering both a Demand Side Platform and Supply Side Platform, allowing advertisers to selectively target mobile users in markets such as India, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, while developers in those territories are given access to global RTB demand. The Mumbai-based company adds that its solution is designed to be used with “minimal to no understanding” of programmatic buying and gives advertisers access to over 150,000 apps and mobile sites. In a statement Dippak Khurana CEO and co-founder of Vserv said: “We are further strengthening our product offering for high growth emerging markets. The RTB platform combined with our

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Mobile Convention Amsterdam 2014


The Mobile Convention Amsterdam (MCA) is the largest mobile conference and exhibition in northern Europe. The MCA features prominent speakers and executives and offers insights into the growing mobile landscape. The fifth edition of the conference is fast approaching, giving attendees an extensive update on the current state of mobile marketing. Some of the key speakers attending this year are: CocaCola’s Jose Antunes, Facebook’s Arno Lubrun, and LinkedIn’s Marcel Molenaar. Tickets for the convention, that takes place on the 22nd of May, can be ordered here and our exclusive promotional code MCA50SOKO can be applied for a discount of €50 euros. To find out more information on the Mobile Convention Amsterdam 2014 visit the official website here.

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What mobile downturn? Mobile ad revenue opportunity growing despite Facebook’s increasing share

eMarketer recently released an update to their respected mobile advertising market sizing data and revenue forecast. This has been widely reported with many sources noting the slow-down in overall ad growth and the increasing share going to Facebook. At the same time, some commentators are stating that the mobile market is becoming increasingly tough for new entrants and that mobile is somehow in decline outside of the big platforms. However, what has been less widely noticed is that eMarketer’s numbers imply that the overall addressable mobile advertising market available to “other” platforms i.e. NOT Facebook and Google, is still growing at an extremely healthy clip. This might help to explain why we are still seeing huge growth in the number of mobile advertising and app advertising networks

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App Promotion Summit London July 10th 2014 – Networking The Global App Marketing Community

APS2014-logo (1) large

We are pleased to announce that App Promotion Summit is returning to the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge, London on Thursday, 10 July 2014. The Summit will once again address the app industry’s greatest challenges – distribution and discovery – and we’d love to get you involved. This will be the third event in the series. The first App Promotion Summit was held in London in July 2013 and the Berlin-based sister event took place in November. Both events were major successes and received excellent feedback from attendees. You can have a look at the feedback and a list of delegates that the events attracted here and checkout some video highlights here - this is what went down at the last event in Berlin. For the 2014 edition, we will be stepping

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What are the Best Mobile Affiliate and CPA Mobile Ad Networks?

Main Header

Affiliate marketing – where an advertiser pays based on a completed action (CPA) rather than for page views (CPM) or clicks (CPC) and using a network of partners or affiliates to deliver the advertising – is a well established, even mature market online.  The affiliate model has been successful wherever there’s a specific conversion event such as a sales lead, form fill or purchase that can be tracked.  On mobile and app platforms, the affiliate model has also begun to take-off with the growth of app installs as a new mobile-native conversion event to track, as well as benefiting from offers from mobile content services, mobile dating and a few other categories. Furthermore, with the rapid growth in m-commerce a new generation of CPA events

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AppFlood announces China-focused mobile RTB platform


Mobile ad company AppFlood has announced a new mobile-focused Real Time Bidding platform, designed to help Western advertisers and publishers access the burgeoning mobile ad marketplace in China. According to AppFlood, its Demand Side/Supply Side platform is the first to be engineered and launched in China, making it the first company to offer an “effective” use of RTB technology in order to connect Western publishers and advertisers to the Chinese market. AppFlood says previous China-focused RTB solutions have been unsuccesful due to technical barriers, which have prevented platforms from processing bids quickly enough. AppFlood now claims it’s gotten around these technical hurdles by leveraging Amazon Web Services’ DynamoDB technology, to support its infrastructure and “overcome latency issues that have hampered RTB in the past.” Si

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