Announcing App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014 – Taking App Marketing to the Next Level

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We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be running our specialist app marketing and advertising conference App Promotion Summit again in Berlin on November 20th 2014 at Hotel Adlon. We run this event in partnership with an amazing events company and it’s already established itself as the leading forum for all things relating to App Store Optimization, App Advertising and App Engagement. We have some great news for you if you want to attend: Up until Friday, 10th October we’re running a Super Early Booking Price of €350 per person (that’s a saving of €150) The code 1APSMA will get you another 20% off the early bird price (use 2APSMA for two tickets and 3APSMA for 3 tickets). To take advantage of this opportunity you can register here

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Upsight responds to neutrality concerns, offloads PlayHaven


Mobile analytics platform Upsight has sold-off its PlayHaven mobile game ad network to digital media company Science Inc. You may remember a few months back PlayHaven merged with the user tracking company Kontagent to form the newly-branded Upsight, which now focuses on app analytics and providing ways to engage users based on behavioural data. The merger was seen as yet another signs of the consolidation within the app analytics niche. However, as we reported back in Spring, some in the industry saw potential issues with bringing together analytics and monetisation services under a single umbrella. Adjust’s CEO Christian Henschel in particular told us that conflicts of interest could arise, adding that analytics should be “the Switzerland” within the mobile ad ecosystem. Well it now seems

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Kiip’s new incentivsed video ad format attracting big studios


Mobile ad platform Kiip has rolled-out its new incentivized video ad format, which gives users rewards for views. Mobile video ads are nothing new of course, there’s already dedicated players like AdColony focusing on the format, but video is expected to do big things for mobile and an increasing number of networks are jumping into the fray (NativeX announced its own ‘native’ video format last week). It’s therefore not surprising that Kiip, which focuses entirely on reward-based ads, has already signed-up some big name advertisers. Network AMC, McDonalds, and the studios behind big movies such as ‘Wolf of Wall St,’ are all getting on-board. The presence of major brands on Kiip’s network is interesting, as it not only further validates mobile video ads, but might

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Appsfire announces major publishers on its native mobile ad network


Appsfire recently took the brave decision to shut down their app discovery services and focus on the Appsfire mobile ad network.  They’ve followed this up with a rapid succession of new ad format launches focusing on unique and differentiated mobile native units.  Along the way appsfire has become an outspoken proponent of transparency and clear labelling in mobile native ads and recently criticised Yahoo! for it’s approach to this issue. Appsfire mobile native ad units For Appsfire the move into becoming an ad network appears to be bearing fruit and they’ve announced a number of Tier 1 publishers are already using their ad network.  The publishers they’ve announced include the likes of Opera Media Works (AdMarvel), Zeptolab (Cut the Rope), LaPlaceMedia, Viadeo, Cheetah Mobile (one of

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How To Make Money Like a Chinese Mobile Super Affiliate

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While the U.S. used to dominate affiliate marketing, anyone who spends time on affiliate communities online will soon realize that these days, mobile affiliates come from all over the world. Over the last few years a trend has become apparent: many of the super affiliates bringing in hundreds or thousands of dollars a day are from China. So what can affiliates in other countries learn from the impressive achievements of Chinese super affiliates? The secret to the success of affiliates from China is primarily due to the emergence of several high-quality networks, located in China but catering to global affiliates, such as AppFlood, Avazu, and Yeahmobi. These companies have close ties to the biggest players in the Chinese mobile industry and understand how to get

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Four Essential Tips for Localizing for the Japanese App Store


Tom Leclerc is an App Store Optimization consultant and the ASO Manager at Wooga, one of Europe’s biggest game developers, located in the heart of Europe’s start-up capital, Berlin. He works to support developers of Wooga’s mobile and social games – from the fun, cuddly Jelly Splash to adventure titles, such as the story-driven Pearl’s Peril – with day-to-day keywording, testing and uploading. Hit him up on twitter @TomLeclerc2, or via email for all things ASO. The Japanese App Store There are two important things to know about the Japanese App Store as a Western app publisher. Firstly, it’s huge. The biggest App Store market out there. That’s no secret. However, what does seem to be a mystery is how Western developers can crack the shell

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Millennial looks to strengthen its RTB offerings with Nexage acquisition


Millennial Media has announced its acquired mobile RTB platform Nexage for $107.5 million in cash and stock. Compared to the raft of mobile analytics deals we’ve seen recently, there’s not been a whole lot of activity around RTB platforms since Twitter picked-up MoPub late last year. But it was only a matter of time before a big ad network made another move. The only question was who was going to be bought-up next (there’s not too many dedicated players left). Millennial has already launched its own RTB joint venture with AppNexus, so it will be interesting to how Nexage will fit into the mix. Nexage has certainly been on a high recently, releasing a bunch of positive numbers regarding its private exchanges – which offer

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Mobusi Partners with RiskIQ to Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud

mobusi and riskiq

Mobile ad platform and service provider Mobusi has signed a deal with RiskIQ, a solution that protects against fraud and malvertising in digital ads. The deal covers Mobusi’s network and client activity for the next two years. With the huge growth in “Malvertising” in particular on the Android platform networks and agencies like Mobusi are increasingly seeking to take a proactive approach to ensure that mobile ads run cleanly and safely. Alberto Cenalmor, CEO of Mobusi, said: “In mobusi we have always fought against malvertising, We believe that with RiskIQ we are in good hands. We will continue to offer an advertising service with all the guarantees of security. With more than $2m paid to publishers in August Mobusi is one of the biggest networks in mobile right now and the

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Yandex.Store: Alternative App Store in Russia

evgeny kim yandex store

In the Russian version of AppInTop mobile app marketing podcast we talked to Evgeniy Kim, key developer accounts manager at Yandex.Store about promoting mobile apps through its app store in Russia. Why does Yandex have its own app store, and what role does it play for the company? Yandex has a mobile ecosystem of apps, built on the Android platform.  These include apps for search, mail and mobile maps.  We also have a browser and cloud data storage.  The store is a logical link in the chain.  Without it, we couldn’t build a complete ecosystem.  For this reason we set up Yandex.Store a year and a half ago. Yandex has a core product—contextual advertising—and all these additional products draw people to Yandex, and then you

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Appia on Emerging Mobile App Markets [INFOGRAPHIC]


Appia are an app advertising network operating on a global basis. The company has developed this useful infographic looking at the opportunity to create high LTV mobile users in emerging markets. Some key data points from the infographic are shown below and demonstrate that not only is there huge growth in the emerging mobile app marketing but also huge opportunity. At the moment, there’s a huge number of consumers that aren’t being properly catered to by the app ecosystem or properly marketeted to. For example: By 2017, more than a third of the world’s population will be smartphone users 5.2 billion of the world’s 6.8 billion mobile subscribers are in the developing world Users are accessing content in emerging markets through Google Play (40%), the Apple

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