MOBIDEA new Mainstream CPI Smartlink® – ready to try it?

Mobidea has a brand new Smartlink® tool you can explore! Now, you can promote Mainstream CPI offers using the advanced algorithm that turns affiliates into money makers on a daily basis! Smartlink® by Mobidea Mobidea’s exclusive CPI algorithm boosts your revenue by comparing our direct advertisers with the same app from other networks in real-time. This process takes both the payout ranges and conversion rate into consideration so that we can maximize your profits. The conversion rate for CPI offers varies a lot among demand sources since it’s influenced by different tracking methods, numbers of redirects and other parameters our advanced technology takes into account. By being able to aggregate the demand, we also achieve a higher CAP. The Mainstream CPI Smartlink® is a single URL.

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Sign up to Mobobeat and Claim Your $100 FREE Sign Up Bonus Today


Mobobeat is offering a limited time $100 bonus for all new publishers signing up on Mobobeat. So hurry! Join Mobobeat’s network today and get rich! Mobobeat $100 bonus for new members For publishers, Mobobeat is the one stop solution for top converting campaigns delivering the best eCPM. Mobobeat is proud to have its own smart ad server delivering the best targeting and optimization benefitting both advertiser and publishers. Mobobeat is offering new publishers a $100 FREE signup bonus for joining our affiliate network. This is a limited time opportunity that runs from 15th Oct 2016 to 31st Dec 2016. So hurry, signup as a publisher on Mobobeat by completing the following steps and get $100 in your account! Signup as a publisher here Your dedicated

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Mobile advertising spending grows over 50% during the first half of 2016, report finds

warc and aa

The latest advertising expenditure report from Advertising Association and Warc finds that mobile now accounts for more than half of all online display ad spend in the UK. Overall, ad expenditure rose 5.2% for the first half of 2016. That’s equals to £9.9bn. Mobile ad spending grew 52.6% to £1.7bn during the same time. Latest Advertising Expenditure Report Q 2016 Source: Despite the report predicting continued growth of the digital advertising industry, it downgraded ad growth for 2017 to 3.3% awaiting the impact of the EU referendum to make a mark. James McDonald, Senior Researcher, Warc, is optimistic: “[It is] still not forecasting any kind of advertising recession. […] We stand by that statement for the time being. While we’ve heard others speak of potential weaknesses in the third and fourth

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Category vs. Keyword App Store Optimization – the Strategy to Make a Smart Choice


Matthew Lord is the Chief Strategy Officer for Adperio, a mobile acquisition company based in Denver. When a client comes to me with the goal of being ranked #1 in their app store category, I always discuss other strategies that may be cheaper, more targeted, and longer lasting. App Store Optimization Browsing vs. Search When your goal is to reach the top of your category, you are targeting consumers who are browsing, people who may not be sure what they want yet. You also may be targeting people who are looking for apps completely different than your own. For example, in the Music category, you have a wide variety of apps. Streaming services, instruments and games from developers like Smule, recording apps, guitar tuners, and unique apps

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Clickky Makes Mobile App Promotion Easier With New Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers


Last week Clickky introduced their new self-serve platform for mobile app promotion. It is an all-in-one advertising solution tailored to the needs of app developers, networks and agencies. The company merged a 4-year experience in mobile advertising to create the most convenient and easy-to-use interface with all the required features. Now app developers or ad network managers can launch, manage optimize and analyze mobile campaigns within one interface and there’s no need to communicate with Clickky’s team at all. Сlickky incorporated several tools that will make the life easier for advertisers. The platform works on CPI-basis and is focused on non-incentive traffic, delivering engaged users, generally interested in the app. Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers offers the following: CPI payment model – advertisers only pay for

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Just half of UK mobile and digital ads were viewable in Q3 2016


According to a new Viewability Benchmark report from advertising vertification firm Meetrics, just 49% of online adverts on mobile and desktop in the UK during Q3 2016 were viewable. Meetrics defined viewable according to the IAB and Media Ratings Council definition, which states that ads need to be at least 50% in view for at least one second to be counted as viewable. Whilst the benchmark was slightly higher than earlier this year (47%), the UK still scores below the international average of 56%. Viewability benchmarks Source: In Germany, viewability rates jumped to 59% and in France to 60%. Austria demonstrated even higher viewability rates at 69%. Anant Joshi, Director of International Business, Meetrics, explains: “To be honest, due to the attention and initiatives

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Apple’s IDFA zeroing in iOS 10: What Does it Mean for Mobile Marketers?

Apple new IDFA zeroing technique introduction The first “victim” is the mobile advertising industry. Read further to learn why. This September, Apple unveiled the latest version of its operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 10. While this is exciting news for gadget users, as the “biggest iOS release ever” offers a new level of security and intelligence, it’s quite troublesome for mobile marketers. The reason is an IDFA zeroing. iOS 10 Limit Ad Tracking feature Why the ad market is concerning about the IDFA zeroing? IDFA (Identifier For Advertisers) is a unique ID for each iOS device that allows advertisers to estimate the number of unique users, serve targeted ads, and measure the success of their mobile campaigns. If this setting is turned off, as

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Teads is rolling out mobile vertical video advertising for a 360 degree experience

Teads Logo

Teads, the mobile video advertising marketplace, just announced that it was now allowing advertisers to turn their existing TV ads into vertical video for Android and iOS devices. The addition of vertical video means that consumers can zoom in on a video and enlarge the picture, getting a full 360-degree experience. Teads introduces 306 degree video advertising Source: The Teads addition essentially modifies landscape videos to fit into a vertical format. Best of all: the feature is free for Teads clients as well as premium publishers using the firm’s ad server and SSP. Helen Lin, President Digital Investment at Publicis Media, explains: “It’s great to see Teads’ continued innovation in the outstream space and this latest development with vertical video provides a real benefit for advertisers. Consumers are increasingly viewing vertical content on their mobile devices but it’s

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Epom Market Launches New Native Video Solution – Video Rich Media

Epom Market has released an update to its platform introducing a new advertising format – video rich media. In contrast to existing video ad options (like pre-rolls and post-rolls) rich media offers better customization and interaction capabilities.  It is designed to be less distracting (mute option is available) and more engaging from the visitor’s perspective. Desktop Video Ad Viewability Rate, % According to Epom clients’ analytics, video rich media is far more effective for advertisers as it provides 100% ad viewability. Besides, video rich media ads  can seamlessly integrate into the content of the page, and, ad campaigns become easier to set up because no additional video players are needed. Advertisers will benefit from multiple ad sizes and placements (top, bottom, middle, footer bar, interstitial

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Millennial business owners are leading the digital and mobile advertising revolution


Millennial business leaders at small and medium sized businesses are some of the most dedicated when it comes to digital marketing. Indeed, they are spending over half of their marketing budgets on digital media. These are the findings of a new report from Magisto called From Main Street to Madison Ave. Millennials Disrupting 50 year-old Balance of Marketing Power released today. In comparison to Baby Boomers (10%), Millennials are also spending considerably more on mobile advertising (41%). Millennials spend more on mobile media Source: A majority of 69% of Millennials depend on social media advertising to drive their brand awareness. 60% use social media ads to also drive revenue. That’s in contrast to 27% of Baby Boomers. Millennial business owners depend on social media advertising

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