Tipalti to help automate ironSource’s global supplier payment processes


  ironSource is having a busy week. Following the rebranding of its merger with Supersonic into one unified company name ironSource, it has also chosen payments automation platform, Tipalti, to help automate its global supplier payment processes. Tipalti provides automated payment solutions Source: tipalti.com ironSource has tens of thousands of supply partners, including app developers, mobile carriers and device markers for whom it manages an operational network. However, paying its partners can be challenging given the differences in local currency. Before adding Tipalti features, ironSource finance teams were dealing with issues related to onboarding of new partners, collecting tax IDs and reporting on payment reconciliation. Tipalti offers a robust monetization solution that automates global payments to partners and provides dedicated resources and growth-related initiatives as

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Supersonic merges into ironSource to provide unified app advertising solution


Having merged with mobile advertising firm Supersonic in September 2015, app monetization company ironSource today announced the unification of the two companies, which, from now on, will be known as ironSource. Gil Shoham, former CEO of Supersonic, joins the newly merged company as CRO. ironSource provides rewarded video ads for app developers Source: ironsource.com ironSource says that the rebrand is in line with the merging and integration of each company’s products to create one single end-to-end solution for developers that combines app monetization features with marketing and monitoring. Whilst Supersonic launched a diverse range of product lines over the year, it’s perhaps become all a bit too messy with sub-brands taking away focus from the ironSource brand. Omer Kaplan, CMO and Co-Founder, Supersonic, adds: “The goal

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Newzoo partners with Pushwoosh to increase mobile analytics services


Mobile intelligence and analytics firm Newzoo has partnered with mobile push notification services provider Pushwoosh to provide intelligence on mobile use across 200 countries. Pushwoosh already delivers 10bn notifications a month across 1.2bn smartphone and tablet devices. As part of Newzoo’s Global Mobile Intelligence portfolio of service, the company can offer additional analytics services to its marketing clients. Pushwoosh provides mobile push notification services Source: pushwoosh.com Max Konev, CEO, Pushwoosh, says: “We are really excited to start working with Newzoo following months of joint discussions and big data crunching. Its expertise in market intelligence makes Newzoo the perfect partner to help us bring the vast amount of data we have to third parties.” The agreement between the two companies is similar to one that Newzoo entered into with TalkingData, the

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Appodeal Ad Formats: Form and Function at Your Fingertips


8 billion. That’s how many times smartphones are checked in the United States every single day. The majority of that time, media time in particular, is spent using mobile apps. The potential for publishers to monetize their audience is certainly huge, but there’s one element that can not be overlooked during the process: ad format. The right ad format allows you to meet the needs and interests of your audience; it can be aligned to your budget, brand, and objectives. The format you choose affects the form and function of your ads, and ultimately, your results. Mobile ad formats To stay competitive in today’s mobile market and keep user experience at the forefront, you’ll need access to a wide variety of formats. At Appodeal, you’ll find engaging native

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Kiki Henrichs, Sales Manager at Avazu on Adding Video to Their mDSP and Expanding to the UK


Kiki Henrichs studied Communication and became Master of Law before she began in advertising as a strategic media buyer for a Dutch media agency. She recently joined multinational Avazu Inc. as EU/USA sales manager for their Mobile DSP. Hi Kiki, since we last spoke what have you been up to at Avazu Europe? Yes, it’s been almost a year since we last spoke! I’ve been managing the global mDSP activities for our EU / US / LATAM offices. So, on the one hand connecting with potential clients, but also working closely with our existing clients to enhance our system and optimize it for all their needs. We always encourage clients to tell us what they need from the platform, we can basically built any feature

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What 10 Years of Innovation In Mobile Marketing Look Like


Kimia has just hit 10 years in mobile marketing. In any other industry, 10 years might be a good starting point for a company, in mobile performance marketing, a fast pace market, 10 years of generating top revenue, is an achievement, based solely on hard work and efficiency. We currently generate 100 million clicks per day, that’s 1% of the planet’s population. Every day. With these clicks, we achieve 6 millions CPA events per month, that’s the equivalent of the trade transactions on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), every month. We handle a minimum of 60.000 users per minute, meaning, we fill the Yankee stadium every minute. Kimia’s 10th anniversary celebration KPIs like these aren’t reached just due to our high-class technology and a

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IAB issues guidance on how to save the mobile advertising experience


The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) today released new research that highlights the rise in mobile ad blocking. According to the study, conducted by Differentology, one in ten UK mobile users are now blocking ads on their devices. 1 in 10 UK mobile users are now blocking ads Source: gigaom.com Millennials now account for 63% of those blocking ads on mobiles. That’s despite the fact that four in five consumers acknowledge adverts to fund the free internet. The research further advises marketers to produce ads which resonate with mobile users including online surveys, consumer diaries and in-depth interviews. IAB advocates for more consumer control in choosing the ads they wish to see. Mike Reynolds, Mobile and Video Manager, IAB UK, says: “Getting mobile ads right is

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Pinterest lets users search for products with their smartphone cameras – addition to benefit retailers and advertisers


Pinterest has launched a new feature that lets users search and find products using their smartphone cameras. Pinterest adds automatic object detection feature Source: pinterest.com It’s a pretty simple process: users who spot something they make like to buy or want to check out further, launch their Pinterest app and tap the visual search button whilst pointing their camera at the item. This initiates a visual search to find the item or recommend similar products. In addition, Pinterest has also incorporated similar item recommendations when users open up an image. The tool gives the company a real edge and Pinterest hasn’t been shy to speak about it. In a blog post, the company says: Visual search is one of the many fields transformed in recent

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AdMaxim launches new mobile-first programmatic native ad platform


AdMaxim, the mobile ad tech provider, has just rolled out a new mobile-first programmatic native ad platform called native.ly. With consumers turning to native ads 52% more often than banner ads, AdMaxim believes the native ad landscape is set to expand rapidly. Indeed, the native ad market is predicted to reach £10.3bn in Europe by 2020, representing a 156% growth. Native.ly provides native mobile advertising solutions Source: native.ly Native.ly is based on AdMaxim technology and includes targeting features across campaigns. It utilises audience segmentation, device and connection targeting as well as location, live data, dynamic creative optimisation and private marketplace deals. According to research native advertising has proven a 18% higher lift in purchase intent and 9% lift for brand affinity compared to banners. Brand favourability was

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MRC launches new guidelines for measuring mobile viewable ad impressions


The Media Rating Council (MRC) has officially issued its final version of the Mobile Viewable Advertising Impression Measurement Guidelines which provides guidance on measuring viewable impressions across mobile web and in-app environments. The MRC says that following the initial announcement in April, the draft has been receiving input during a 30-day public commenting period. MRC issues final draft of viewability guidance for mobile web and app Source: affordablewebdesign.com The update includes parameters for measuring viewable impressions across mobile, but also desktop devices. This is part of the first principle of Making Measurement Make Sense’s (3MS) five principles of digital measurement. George Ivie, CEO and Executive Director, MRC, explains: “Mobile viewability is the latest critical step in creating parity between traditional and digital media measurement, laying the foundation for cross-channel, cross-platform

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