YouAppi raises $3M for post-install app analytics


App marketing company YouAppi has raised $3 million in Series A funding to invest in its mobile customer acquisition solution. YouAppi uses analytics that measure post-conversion performance rather than just app installs or downloads. The idea is to let app developers know how they can get the most out of their consumers, maximise lifetime value (LTV) and learn about the activities that happen after the install. The CEO of YouAppi, Moshe Vaknin, had this to say: “We have developed a platform for mobile app recommendations based on data analysis. We work very closely with mobile app companies to acquire valuable users in a sophisticated manner. Then, with our post-action analysis, we look at what happens after the install. We are unique by focusing on what is behind the conversion of a user.” YouAppi’s

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RevMob appoints its new CEO Pedro Jahara


Mobile ad network RevMob has announced the appointment of its new CEO, Pedro Jahara. Founded in 2011, RevMob provides a mobile ad platform for global publishers, advertisers and developers. Pedro was previously RevMob’s Chief Marketing Officer, but now he’ll focus on upgrading the ad network with better servers and enhanced software functionalities, along with improving the overall customer service. Pedro had this to say on his appointment: “RevMob is a company founded by a developer, and we want to maintain this developer side in our DNA. We believed that only with a team of extraordinary people could we develop cutting-edge technology that would significantly increase our value to the market. These major investments will allow us to continue to deliver even higher eCPMs, highly responsive service and support, and exceptional results

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ClicksMob Marathon 2014 Promotion Rewards Mobile Affiliates and Publishers of All Sizes


As the end of the year approaches once more and the days become shorter, ClicksMob has decided to celebrate with the ‘ClicksMob Marathon 2014′. ClicksMob has run similar competitions in the past, but now it’s looking to help out smaller publishers who lose out to the bigger players in this type of contest. ClicksMob’s quest to reward publishers and affiliates of all sizes means the prize thresholds are lower than ever before. To win a prize then, publishers need to do the following: Improve on their best month to date by 30%, the prize for doing so is a stylish iPhone 6. Even better, if they improve on their best month to date by 50%, a swanky new iPhone 6+ is the reward. The rules are that no single offer can comprise more

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InMobi offers $8 eCPM and 3₵ CPC guarantee for Indian mobile traffic

Inmobi New

Mobile ad network InMobi has launched two guarantee programs for India to help mobile advertisers and publishers monetise their traffic in this market. This follows a similar guarantee where InMobi offered game developers a $20 eCPM guarantee for their ad inventory in the US earlier this month. The first program from InMobi provides publishers with an $8 eCPM guarantee for their interstitial traffic. Below is a summary of the key guidelines: Apps must go live with the InMobi SDK before 31st October 2014 The program is only valid for apps on the iOS and Android platforms and for 3 calendar months from the date advertisers go live The $8 eCPM guarantee is applicable for up to 2 million impressions in India during the 1st calendar month of the program Interstitial traffic only The second program

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Shirley Lin, VP Global Business Development, YeahMobi on Boosting App User Growth


YeahMobi is a mobile advertising network and user acquisition platform. Shirley Lin is the VP, Global Business Development at YeahMobi – a division of NDP Media. Based in San Francisco, she is responsible for international marketing and setting up branch offices including US, Europe and Latin America. In this article Shirley provides app marketers and developers with some useful tips to help them boost their app user growth. Boosting App User Growth If you are selling a product or service and running a marketing campaign, then your most pressing question is ‘how do I get more quality customers’? Digital marketing is offeri​ng more and more solutions to businesses seeking growth, but what are the best for your business? There are a few key ideas that should help you

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Adjust Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence


Simon Kendall, Product Manager at Adjust was interviewed by Chris Reynolds at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Simon for the interesting interview. Adjust, Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence, Video: Adjust, Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence, Audio: Adjust, Product Manager Simon Kendall on Apps and Business Intelligence, Transcript: We’re here at the App Promotion Summit 2014, and we’re talking to Simon Kendall, Product Manager at Adjust. Simon, nice to see you. Pleasure. First thing, can you tell us a little bit about Adjust and what the company does? Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps. We see ourselves as sort of the intersection between campaign tracking and

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Mobusi new business director Mercedes Salguero on the mobile ad market

mobusi NICE

Mercedes Salguero joins Mobusi as its new Business Director where her role will be to develop new business units as well as finding additional opportunities for Mobusi’s current units. Mercedes is a well-known presence in the International performance sector and brings with her a lot of experience in the online, mobile and performance sectors. Mercedes started her career as a Marketing Assistant at Haboo. More recently she worked as Account Manager, Sales Director and Head of Publishing and Head of Operations at Spiroox. She has a bachelor degree in Advertising and Public Relations by the Complutense University of Madrid and has recently finished a Postgraduate in Leadership and Business Management at EAE Business School. We caught up with Mercedes to talk to her about Mobusi’s future plans, what she

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Win a free app distribution campaign with Matomy

matomy logo

Performance marketing company Matomy is offering some lucky individuals the chance to win a mobile distribution campaign worth $2,500. Mobile apps are on track to create $40 billion in revenue in 2015, but with the sheer number of homogeneous apps clogging up the stores, it can be very difficult to get noticed. That’s where Matomy comes in. App publishers and developers will need to be one of the first 20 people to generate over $5,000 in revenue between July-December 2014 in order to be eligible for the grand distribution prize. To get involved, simply sign up here and get monetising those apps. For more information on Matomy, visit their site here, or the Matomy profile on our directory.

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Apple opens up audience retargeting on iAd, but is it too little too late?


Apple has decided to pay a bit more attention to its flagging iAd network with the announcement of audience re-targeting and app deeplinking features. Mobile app advertisers using iAd can now track users across iOS 8 apps and websites, in order to fire more targeted messages in the battle for re-engagement. Following years of cookie-less misery, re-targeting is fast becoming a standard feature of mobile ad networks and was a key theme during the recent App Promotion Summit in London. Apple is no doubt hoping some of that hype will rub off on iAd, which has been underperforming- to put it mildly – since it launched back in 2010. Back then, Steve Jobs predicted iAd would capture 48% of the mobile ad market. Fast forward

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Adknowledge Director of Marketing EMEA Simon Baptist talks App Promotion [VIDEO]

adknowledge logo

Simon Baptist, Director of Marketing EMEA at Adknowledge was interviewed by Chris Reynolds at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Simon for the interesting interview. Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Video: Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Audio: Adknowledge Director of Marketing (EMEA) Simon Baptist on App Promotion, Transcript: We’re here at the App Promotion Summit 2014 and we’re talking to Simon Baptist Director of Marketing at Adknowledge. Simon, nice to see you. Nice to see you. Firstly, can you give us a little overview of Adknowledge and the services that you offer. Sure. Adknowledge is a U.S. ad tech company that I’m part

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