Facebook rolls out new measurement tools to drive better mobile conversions

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Facebook has continued to innovate its mobile advertising products and just announced five new measurement tools which have been created to ease the collaboration between marketers and indie third-party vendors and agencies. Facebook launches new measurement tools Source: facebook.com Indeed, measurement is what drives the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Facebook says that real people are driving digital conversions and hence measurement tools should address people-based performance. To address the issue, Facebook is partnering up with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to roll out the option to view Facebook and Instagram campaign impact for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. Carl Spaulding, EVP of Product and Strategy, NCS, explains: “Together, Facebook and Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) are collaborating to offer a new robust sales lift measurement platform for

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TubeMogul to launch native advertising formats for mobile ad campaigns


Native ads have fast become a top choice among app developers to place their adverts into apps in a more blended fashion, avoiding user disruptions or negative experiences. Now, cross-channel advertising platform, TubeMogul, has officially rolled out native advertising formats across its platform. TubeMogul launches new mobile native ad formats Source: tubemogul.com In doing so, the company has partnered with TripleLift to allow marketers to utilise the formats across mobile and desktop ad campaigns. Among large brands beta testing the new features are Lenovo and Motorola. Now, clients get to optimise their native ad campaigns alongside other cross-channel formats including digital video, social video and display advertising. This rounds up TubeMogul’s product assortment. Indeed, the ads have been specifically created to be less intrusive and mix

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Mad Men of the Past Have Nothing on Funnel Marketing for Apps


Andrew Degenholtz brings some 20 years of experience as an active participant and innovator in magazine circulation and mobile app marketing to his current position as president of Oplytic, LLC, which he founded in 2009. The company offers a variety of tools to help its clients acquire engaged and paying mobile users. He is a member of the Alliance for Audited Media digital edition task force, created to develop best practices for acquisition of digital magazine subscribers. Once upon a time, marketers wrote copy on Remingtons and enjoyed three-hour lunches while waiting for their words to be typeset and print-ready. But things have heated up since those water cooler days of yore. Back at the last turn of the century, Funnel Marketing was introduced to map a

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Indian app advertising market set to grow rapidly


India has become one of the leading markets for app development and app advertising growth. Indeed, the country is now the second-largest smartphone market globally, overtaking the US in February 2016 with over 220m smartphone users, says Counterpoint Research. App downloads in India rising rapidly Source: businessinsider.com As the local mobile internet infrastructure improves, app downloads are expected to blossom. This year, they’re predicted to reach 8bn, a 92% increase from 2014, says App Annie. But’s that’s not all. Downloads are estimated to reach 20bn by 2020. And with the growth in app downloads, the number of app developers is also set to rise rapidly, overtaking the US by 2018. However, there’s a lot of noise in the increasingly crowded app market. The challenge for marketers is

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AT&T AdWorks set to roll out cross-screen advertising across DIRECTV app


AT&T AdWorks, the TV advertiser, wants to launch cross-screen ads by the last quarter of 2016. These new ad formats are to offer marketers a way to bridge the gap between TV and mobile device audiences. The company reaches 14m addressable TV households. AT&T AdWorks to release cross-screen advertising Source: adworks.att.com Advertisers will be able to showcase their campaigns to the same target audiences, but include DIRECTV app content as well as mobile sites and apps. Indeed, this extends AT&T AdWorks’ reach to over 30m mobile devices across homes. The DIRECTV mobile app lets subscribers view live and recorded programmes based on their viewing packages. With over 70 live channels, DIRECTV app has increased its number of unique streamers by 50% since it was combined with

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Free Webinar On How To Get Started With Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Mobile Affiliate Marketing has exploded with the rapid smartphone expansion across the globe – but how do you make the transition from traditional web marketing? RevMax has put together a free, one-hour long webinar that helps those interested in getting started with Mobile Affiliate Marketing. RevMax mobile affiliate marketing webinar Some of the topics covered include: How Mobile Affiliate Marketing Is Different Than Traditional Web Affiliate Marketing Different Traffic Channels Used For Mobile Affiliate Marketing When To Direct Link To A Mobile Offer When To Make A Pre-Lander For Your Campaign Why Mobile Affiliate Campaigns Don’t Convert List Of Affiliate Friendly Traffic Sources You can register for this free presentation at this link.

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Instagram reaches 500,000 mobile advertisers milestone


Instagram officially announced that it has 500,000 advertisers across its platform. The Facebook-owned photo app said it had 200,000 advertisers back in February, but it seems that figure has grown rapidly on the back of Facebook ad technology and campaign management integration. Instagram announces 500k advertisers Source: instagram.com The latest figure represents active monthly advertisers and doesn’t include those who launch campaigns more sporadically. Indeed, the firm said that 1.5m businesses had already adjusted to new Instagram business profiles launched a few months ago. These new profiles are all about driving conversions by enticing consumers to buy products rather than to just view or like a photo or video post. Overall, user advertising actions stood at one billion since September 2015 and drove a 2% lift in

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Mobile Marketing Association officially launches in Germany


With Germany now the fifth largest advertising market in terms of ad spending globally, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has launched MMA Germany. The country is now the second largest European ad market and reached $2.56bn in spending last year. MMA Germany officially launched Source: mmaglobal.com The move follows the dmexco trade show event which saw over 50,000 visitors, demonstrating Germany’s growing position in the mobile advertising industry. Daniel Rieber, VP Marketing, adsquare and Vice-Chair of the MMA Germany, explains: “For a fast growing German company like adsquare the MMA is a great opportunity to educate the market, meet potential clients and partners and broaden the global network. Mobile Marketing has evolved into a mainstream channel and the MMA’s mission is to redefine the market’s perception of its

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Snaplytics adds Influencer Tracking for Snapchat advertisers to get a full overview of their influencer campaign performance


Snaplytics, which focuses on Snapchat marketing insights for brands and agency partners, has just rolled out its Influencer Tracking Platform. Among the features of its SaaS, the company tracks and measures native Snapchat channels, provides insights and helps companies optimise stories. Large clients include Marriott, Vodafone, and Ben & Jerry’s. The company just launched an addition to its Snapchat tools in order to improve the manual features required to work with influencers on Snapchat and provide additional insights. Snaplytics launches Snapchat marketing updates Source: snaplytics.io Undoubtedly, Snapchat has become a major marketing platform for brands to reach younger audiences. Influencers are being utilised by many brands to feature their products and services. Through Influencer Tracking, marketers can instantly check stats on their Snapchat campaigns which involve influencers on the

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TUNE releases list of top 25 global mobile advertising partners


TUNE, the mobile app analytics firm, has just released its latest list of top 25 global advertising partners. The company regularly scans for the best performing mobile advertising platforms from its over 1,000 integrations with many of its partners utilising the TUNE Marketing Console and TUNE Connect to analyse and measure their campaign results. The company scored the best ad partners from 400 across eight categories: adoption, reputation, TUNE Certified Partner Program, clicks and taps, installs, revenue per install for a 30-day and 60-day period and retention. In a blog post, TUNE writes about the list: One thing that has become tremendously clear over the past several years is how truly global ad tech has become. That’s reflected in our list of top advertising partners, which are

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