AppsFlyer provides mobile attribution analytics for Tencent Social Ads platform


  AppsFlyer, the mobile marketing attribution analytics provider, together with Chinese Internet firm, Tencent, announced the availability of AppFlyer’s mobile attribution analytics platform on Tencent Social Ads. Essentially, the addition lets advertisers track how effective their app install campaigns are performing on Tencent’s platform, including WeChat. AppsFlyer drives mobile analytics for Tencent Social Ads Source: Tencent leads some of the most popular social and mobile apps in China. With Social Ads, advertisers can run app install campaigns via Weixin and Wechat to reach around 800m combined monthly active users and 900m users on messaging app QQ. Canny Lau, Product Manager at Tencent Social Ads, explains: “In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, app marketers need deep insights about the performance of their install campaigns more than ever.

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Flipboard partners with Rubicon Project to enable mobile programmatic bidding


  Flipboard has entered a strategic partnership with Rubicon Project, which operates a large ad marketplace, to make its ad inventory available for real-time bidding through the private marketplace. Existing clients can now purchase Flipboard rich mobile ad inventory through automated bidding, whilst brands on Rubicon Project’s exchange can engage with Flipboard’s audience. Flipboard partners with Rubicon Project Source: Indeed, Flipboard has some 90 million monthly active users engaging with content from publishers such as Condé Nast, Hearst, CNN, and News Corp. They’re receptive to brand messages. Rubicon Project clients can tap that source and target a wide range of age groups. Mike McCue, Founder and CEO of Flipboard, says: “Our advertising partners have told us they want to be able to buy our unique

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Facebook tests header bidding – challenges Google

facebook logo

Facebook sources have said that it’s currently testing header bidding. Whilst it may be early days, it seems the feature could be rolled out across Audience Network to advertise across the web and mobile apps. Facebook tests Header Bidding Source: Header bidding essentially lets publishers use codes as part of their page’s header to get the best price for their ad inventory. It’s a programmatic technology whereby multiple exchanges can compete for an ad bid to push up ad rates and rank at the front of the ad slot queue on Google. Facebook is likely to be carrying out the tests in preparation to challenge Google on its DoubleClick monopoly. Before header bidding, publishers used Dynamic Allocation – from within Google DoubleClick – that allowed the Google ad

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Why Working with a Top Content Delivery Network Impacts your Revenue

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There are many variables to consider in the steps to distributing a product or content, which will lead to generating more sales and consequently more revenue: the speed with which this content is served to the end-user is a defining key point. Kimia mobile performance marketing We live in the society of “right now”, no waiting. To provide this immediacy to users and partners, Kimia has integrated with one of the top CDN companies, to provide faster content delivery. A CDN is a content delivery network that owns pops (points of presence) worldwide, these in turn deliver content based on the geo location of the user. Our CDN partner that worldwide coverage and strategically positioned pops that lead to a swift delivery of images and

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Interview with Dmitry Atamanyuk, CEO of GDM Group, on the Key Trends in Mobile Advertising


Dmitry Atamanyuk is the CEO of GDM Group, a digital performance marketing company. Dmitry has spent more than 8 years in leading positions at fast-growing Internet and Digital marketing companies across Europe and USA. Currently, he’s concentrating his efforts on building long-lasting relationships with businesses, providing them value in the Global Digital Marketing Industry. 1. What are the big trends that you see in the mobile performance advertising space right now? Despite the prevalence of mobile users, most purchases still occur on desktop. That is why many companies practice cross-device advertising. Programmatic buying and real-time bidding (RTB) continue to dominate, as well as mobile advertising supply platforms, which allow ads to be controlled by the advertiser. Personalization is a big trend today. Anything from user location

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Appodeal Partners with Corona Labs to Streamline Monetization for Developers


We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest partnership with Corona Labs Inc., designed to help developers maximize their revenue and simplify the monetization process. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Corona Labs is the leading mobile software company in the industry. The company’s Corona SDK has been widely recognized for its streamlined workflow and innovative features, which allow developers to build mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle, desktop apps for Windows and OSX as well as TV apps for  tvOS and Android TV from a single code base. Corona Labs logo Appodeal’s partnership with Corona Labs will provide developers with effortless monetization. There’s no need to worry about including support for multiple ad networks in each app, as Corona Labs’ announcement notes. With

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Addictive Mobility launches range of new mobile video advertising formats


Addictive Mobility, the mobile advertising technology platform, has rolled out a full suite of mobile video advertising formats that include Vertical Video, 5 Second Video, and Wrapped Video formats. Addictive Mobility rolls out new video formats Source: The mobile video market is set to increase by 33% in 2017, according to research. In order to continue to offer a competitive product, Addictive Mobility has launched its own suite of mobile video formats. Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility, explains that the evolution of creative content has really been changing with mobile to go from banners to video, via rich media. He says: “We believe that our suite of video formats created solely for the mobile audience will be the next frontier and we are proud

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Mobile analytics firm Kochava opens office in Dublin and announces four new executive hires


Mobile attribution and analytics firm, Kochava, has just announced an expansion to its team alongside the launch of a new office in Dublin. The move follows some impressive global coverage, tracking mobile ad campaigns across 195 countries. The company has shown some good year-on-year client growth rates at 300% and hence Kochava has been updating its platform to support global languages and currencies. Kochava expands office locations and staff Source: Its first European headquarters will be established in Dublin this autumn. Kochava says that it is one of the few remaining English-speaking capitals in the EU, which has established headquarters from tech heavyweights such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Airbnb and eBay, among others. Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava, explains: “Kochava has found a perfect fit for

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Mobile Embrace expands mobile advertising operations in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Bahrain

mobile embrace

Mobile commerce company, Mobile Embrace, has just rolled out a cloud-based performance marketing tech platform to bolster its mobile digital performance marketing operations in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Bahrain. Mobile Embrace expands into UAE Source: The move is part of a wider launch of its platform in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Indeed, global brands in these regions have been keen to launch mobile marketing campaigns. The Middle East, in particular, has seen some strong growth within mobile uptake. Here, 3G and 4G connections rose from 20 million in 2009 to 182m in 2015. That growth is likely to continue with mobile broadband connections to represent 69% of all mobile connections in the region by 2020. Chris Thorpe, Chief

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Mobile advertising company AppLovin in talks over $1.5 billion acquisition


AppLovin, the mobile advertising company founded in 2012, has attracted the attention of a potential Chinese buyer for roughly $1.5bn, according to company sources. The firm has been successful with personalised mobile advertising and doubled its 2014 revenue to $200m last year. For 2016, AppLovin projects $500m in ad spend across its platform. AppLovin in acquisition talks Source: The company was founded by Adam Foroughi, Andrew Karam and John Kyrstynak in San Francisco and has since attracted a variety of high-profile clients including Uber, Spotify, and Opentable. In addition, it didn’t require too much funding, raising around $4m from angel investors. That makes it an even more desirable proposition for the Chinese market, which has been rather hungry to purchase mobile and digital ad companies as of late. Indeed, Opera

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