Adprofessmedia CEO Daniel Luu on Mobile Affiliate Marketing

daniel Luu adprofessmedia

Daniel Luu is the 22 year old founder of Adprofessmedia, a rapidly growing mobile affiliate network based in Vietnam. How did you get involved in mobile affiliate marketing? What inspired you to get started in this industry? Mobile affiliate marketing is interesting work and a real challenge. When I was studying at university some of my friends guided me a few ways to make money online including affiliate marketing, I was almost spellbound, and become totally immersed in it. I started out for myself by registering with several networks and learnt how to promote apps from there . The first method I developed was mobile media buying from the likes of buzzcity and airpush and then I created a mobile site to promote some campaign for

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Adrienne Gauldie on Mobile Real Time Bidding at APS2014


London Mobile’s CEO, Adrienne Gauldie, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on exploring the benefits and reality of mobile real time bidding. London Mobile was founded in 2014 and the company is an independent consultancy helping advertisers to navigate the mobile app promotion landscape. London Mobile’s Adrienne Gauldie talks Mobile Real Time Bidding Adrienne noted that the banner ad format has a poor click-through rate and that app users don’t really engage with this form of mobile advertising. She recommended that advertisers should be investing in mobile RTB as a way of increasing engagement and performance. App marketers can use RTB to retarget users, while also having the ability to optimize campaigns with demographic and behavioural targeting. Adrienne listed the growing selection of SSPs and DSPs

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Stefan Bielau on App Store Localisation at APS2014


Dynamo Partners‘ Managing Partner, Stefan Bielau, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on app store localisation and how app marketers can internationalise their ASO strategy. Dynamo Partners has offices in Cologne, Berlin and Warsaw and the company is a boutique consulting firm specializing in mobile apps and services. Dynamo Partners’ Stefan Bielau talks app store localisation Stefan spoke about the importance of localising an app into multiple languages and demonstrated its impact by listing a few success stories. For example, Real Boxing on the iPhone achieved ten times the sales average for three weeks after the localisation update had taken place. Another example was a Trivia game on the Google Play Store that featured a +100% increase of weekly installs and revenue; it made the biggest

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Google rolls-out new app install ad units across search and YouTube


Google has officially launched its Google Search and YouTube app install ads and app re-engagement ads, after unveiling them a few months back. The new Google Search ad units let developers target users across device types based on the same AdWords set-up used in regular search ads. Android advertisers also have the benefit of tracking conversions automatically in AdWords, while iOS apps have to set tracking-up manually. The units themselves are automatically generated using an app’s icon and also link to reviews on  the App Store and Google Play. Google’s app install search ads Deep linking is an important part of app re-engagement and so it’s no surprise to see Google including the feature in its new ad products, letting advertisers link directly into specific pages

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Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre talks emerging markets and rising UA costs


When it comes to mobile game marketing San Francisco-based Chartboost has been one of the sector’s major success stories. The company, which claims to now be the largest revenue platform for mobile games, helped pioneer the idea of direct cross-promotion, which lets game publishers strike deals with each other in order to acquire users for free (for more info on how cross promotion works check out our guide right here). Chartboost is now taking its platform and expertise into China – one of the fastest growing  app markets on the planet – via a partnership with Chinese mobile ad tech company Chukong. We exchanged a few questions with CEO Maria Alegre to find out more on the Chukong partnership and Chartboost’s plans for other emerging

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How to Reach Positive ROI with Mobile App Marketing


Ron Brightman has been doing performance marketing for over a decade, in senior roles at various companies. During the last 3 and a half years, Ron has been the CEO of Performance Revenues – a mobile performance marketing network. Today the company works with several of the world’s top mobile advertisers, in various verticals, delivering high volumes of quality users worldwide. How to Reach Positive ROI Through Mobile Apps Marketing When looking to reach positive return on investment (ROI) for your mobile app through performance based marketing, you should always keep one simple formula in mind: ROI = ARPU/CPA ARPU (Average Revenues Per User) is the average revenues that your app’s users generate over their lifetime, through whatever monetization method that is in place (most

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Fiksu Q&A: Future acquisition plans, incentivized downloads and record revenues

fiksu logo CMYK

Fiksu is riding high at the moment. The Boston-based app marketing company recently released a bunch of impressive milestone stats, announcing it’s generated more than $100 million in annual revenues and driven three billion app downloads and counting. Futhermore, in under four years the company has expanded to seven territories worldwide and 260 employees, with plans to bump that up to 300 over the next six months. We caught-up with chief strategy officer Craig Palli to find out more on the secrets to Fiksu’s success and where the company is heading in the near term. Read on for  some of the highlights of our Q&A. Fiksu on… Mobile ad sector acquisitions… The mobile ad sector has seen a lot of consolidating over the last six

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Aarki: making the most of interactive advertising

Candy Yang Aarki

Interactive ads are seen as high-quality ads by the users themselves, and result in higher engagement. In this episode of AppInTop Mobile App Marketing Podcast we talk to senior director of business development Aarki Candy Yang about interactive advertising and Aarki Studio. Listen to this podcast episode or subscribe on iTunes. With Aarki, mobile game developers and brands can create interactive ads for different platforms simultaneously then measure engagement and return of investment across web and mobile platforms. What’s the advantage of Aarki Studio? Mobile space is about personal engagement and interactive ads are missing.  Aarki Studio helps engage those users on a more personal level. When you are looking at your mobile device and you see a video, sometimes that engagement level is not as deep

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SoundCloud on ASO at APS2014


SoundCloud‘s app store analyst, Moritz Daan, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on driving growth through app store optimization. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that is based in Berlin. The success they had in launching their own apps has allowed them to build-up vital knowledge of the tricky app store landscape, which Moritz kindly shared with attendees. SoundCloud’s Moritz Daan talks ASO techniques Moritz’s presentation focused on how important app store optimization is for app marketers. He split ASO into several key categories, such as SEO, localization, analytics and publishing on different app stores. All of these areas have to be focused on by app developers, not just a single one. Using the right keywords is as

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Epom Mobile Market CEO Anton Ruin Talks Mobile Engagement


Anton Ruin is the CEO of Epom Mobile Market a mobile advertising exchange that connects both supply and demand-side partners across an international network of inventory.   1)  First of all, what’s the latest news from Epom Market and how is 2014 going for you? I am happy to admit that Epom has been continuously growing and extending its functionality within the past years. As for this year, the amount of traffic at Epom has increased up to 120B+ monthly impressions, we have partnered with new reputable companies, and introduced a range of advantageous features for our clients. Our representatives have already taken part in various ad-tech conferences, e.g.  Ad:tech SF, 2014, and will be exhibiting our services at the upcoming DMEXCO 2014 and Ad:tech NY, 2014 events. Epom

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