Introducing InboxMobi: 100% Deliverability Guaranteed


What is InboxMobi? InboxMobi is your direct connection to a highly captive audience. Achieve 100% message deliverability and maximize monetization when your users install an InboxMobi profile inside the iPhone’s native Mail app. The InboxMobi profile immediately appears in line with the other inboxes and automatically delivers new messages to the top of the All Inboxes folder — gaining you maximum exposure every time your audience opens any of their mail. What are the key benefits of InboxMobi? Improve engagement with your audience when you turn one-time website visitors into lifetime mobile email subscribers with InboxMobi. The direct-to-user content delivery captures the attention of your audience on their most engaging devices and drives action to your site or app immediately — increasing user value 10X.

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Supersonic and Chartboost maximise video mediation for mobile developers


  Mobile ad network, Supersonic, has announced a partnership with Chartboost, the in-app ad monetisation company, to provide mediation support. Developers already using the Supersonic Mediation Platform can now leverage Chartboost as a demand source, boosting revenue and ad fill rates. Supersonic partners with Chartboost Source: The Supersonic Mediation is a one-stop shop solution incorporating deep access to demand sources. Developers manage and optimise their ad networks via a centralised SDK. Developers utilise tools such as real-time reporting as well as inventory control. Christine Lee, Director of Business Development, Chartboost, says: “It’s an exciting time to be a mobile developer. As the world looks to mobile in enabling the dreams of a truly connected world, we are providing developers the tools to make it a reality. Partnerships with leading

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Orit Sharon on Appnext at DMEXCO 2015


Orit Sharon is head of marketing for Appnext, a leading monetization and app distribution platform, exclusively dedicated to building great mobile businesses by promoting apps . With a growing community of over 25 thousand developers, Appnext has created a marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers directly and transparently, empowering their monetization and app distribution efforts. Last week, Appnext exhibited at the Dmexco 2105 event frequented by a record-breaking of 43,000 visitors who came to Cologne to hear about the latest innovations in the digital market, share ideas and take the industry forward. At this event, Appnext demonstrated its commitment to providing technology and solutions to promoting apps across the region. We demonstrated our recent announcement of our native video ad solution to fuel app discovery

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StartApp now rewards publishers for using its SDK


Mobile ad platform, SmartApp, recently launched a rewards program for publishers. The StartApp Rewards Program lets publishers earn points for each dollar on the StartApp network, unlocking new tiers the higher the amount. Tiers provide benefits such as prizes, gifts and priority services to publishers. StartApp launches Rewards Program Source: Itay Rokni, CRO, StartApp, says: “We are thrilled to be first-movers in the mobile-ad industry, offering our clients access to benefits and prizes as a way to thank them for their continued loyalty. It is important for us to live up to the strides we have taken to become the partner of choice for app publishers and this program is a meaningful way to give back to them.” In addition to points, publishers can also take part in special

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Yahoo Gemini ramps up features with richer targeting and greater reach

gemini yahoo

Yahoo continues to steadily upgrade the features for its Gemini platform, the company’s marketplace for search and native advertising across devices. Amongst the latest features to be added to the platform are Richer Targeting as well as Greater Reach. Yahoo expands Gemini Source: Custom audience targeting lets marketers target native ads across various screens. Clients can retarget website users but also app users in order to re-engage their audience and continue to build valuable app users or customers. Gemini app retargeting Source: Tom Cummings, Director, Account Management, Fiksu, says: “High-quality targeting data is a critical component of efficient mobile marketing. Fiksu clients that participated in the Gemini custom audience pilot were able to put both their first-party data and our Fiksu Personas to work building effective audience

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Facebook adds Advertiser Outcome Score to measure ad performance

facebook logo

Facebook yesterday announced that it added Advertiser Outcome Scores (AOS), which let publishers measure and evaluate the success of their ad placement by taking a closer look at outcomes such as app installs, purchases and registrations. Advertiser Outcome Scores can then be used to improve ad performance and ultimately revenue. Facebook launches Advertiser Outcome Score Source: Scores are viewed from within the Audience Network dashboard to help spot opportunities for ad improvement. Scores rank from 1 to 13 and can be compared against all other placements or similar ones. Facebook considers strong scores to be 8+. ANP dashboard Source: Cheetah Mobile, for example, used the AOS to improve a standard banner ad at the bottom of an app’s page. By replacing it with a slideshow format featuring rich images,

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Pump up the Voluum with New Automatic Integration


There’s a new feature at Mobidea that’s going to make life easier for everyone. Affiliates that use Voluum don’t have to spend time setting up parameters for their Postback URL anymore. Mobidea has been working on a pre-integration with Voluum tracking, so affiliates only have to copy their Voluum subdomain over. To configure it, affiliates need to click on the ADVANCED button next to the Smartlink or Offer, then click on Postback and finally click on the Voluum logo. From there they simply enter their Voluum subdomain and the link with the data3 already configured. Antoine Moreau, OLA mobile’s CEO, said: “Voluum is a tracking system used by a lot of media buyers. We are very happy to provide a 2-click integration for our affiliates, reducing ​possible mistakes​ and making their life easier.

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AdTheorent scores DMA Innovation Award for its cross-platform attribution and analytics solution


Tech company, AdTheorent, yesterday announced that it has received a DMA Innovation Award for its Barometric cross-platform attribution and analytics solution. DMA awards aim to showcase the next generation of creators and inventors, developing new technologies and platforms which push the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing. AdTheorent honoured for its Barometric solution Source: The Barometric solution features analytics technology to provide post-click and post view signals to predict user engagement. It solves the problem of having to adopt a fragmented approach to utilise different partners for tracking, ad service and audience insights. It offers a unified analytics and attribution platform capable of collection user IDs across a variety of environments to match them back to a single user. Matt Fusco, VP of Business Development, AdTheorent, says: “AdTheorent’s Barometric solution features

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MikMak launches Blank Presents for branded mobile video content marketers


MikMak, the mobile video shopping network, announced the addition of Blank Presents – branded, shoppable “minimercials”. MikMak streams 30-second long mobile infomercials aimed at millennials. The featured content can then be purchased across the internet. The first brands to have signed up for Blank Presents are American Express, GE, and Oxygen Media. Source: Producing videos that speak to millennials, MikMak creates fun product content. Minimercials resemble a shorter version of shopping channel product presentations. They are a more playful way to shop, offering more detail on products featured. MikMak scored $2.2m in funding VaynerRSE, UTA Ventures, Slow Ventures, Jeff Zucker (CNN) and Ivy Ross (Google). The company says it features over 750 minimercials produced so far with the average user spending up to 36min in the app. Linda Boff,

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Snapchat plans to sell sponsored lenses to advertisers


Snapchat recently debuted a Lenses feature which lets mobile users play with graphics overlaying the photo/video they’re about to take. Now, the company is reported to be working to roll out sponsored lenses for advertisers, monetising on the new feature. Snapchat Lenses Source: According to a Financial Times report, sponsored lenses will start rolling out 31. October this year and Snapchat plans to charge $750,000 per sponsored lens on holidays such as Halloween or Christmas and $450,000 on off-peak days. Earlier this year, the company had proposed the same figures for more traditional ad formats, but many marketers rejected the steep pricing. Sponsored lenses are to let consumers play with brands in a cooler way. Indeed, Snapchat is reportedly approaching Hollywood studios to advertise using the feature. Over the course of

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