Mobile Advertising Platforms Landscape


  Like any business vertical, any branch of economy, the app business is driven by advertising. App discoverability is one of the main problems app developers are struggling with, along with retention.  As an app developer or advertiser, you are most likely confronted with the question – what mobile advertiser partner to choose? Check out our ‘Landscape Snapshot’ of Top Mobile Advertising Platforms, available as a PDF download here, to find the right platform for your business. Some of the key trends in mobile advertising platforms include: Programmatic Approach – having real-time-bidding (RTB) feature on an ad platform has become really essential. Video Format – video ads as an ad channel has become mainstream in 2015, the enormous popularity of videos on Facebook and high performance of

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Google

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In the third of our series on buying app install ads on the major social media platforms, we take a look at Google in order to help you to place your ad for your app on the network that reaches an estimated 1.17 billion unique search engine users a month. Setting Up and Creating Your Ad Campaign Firstly you need your app available in the App Store and on Google Play. If you’re new to AdWords, visit AdWords and click Get Started Now to create your account. From there Google will guide you through the process and help you setup your first campaign. Tip: Before considering any type of app promotion, it’s worthwhile to ensure that your app store SEO is finely tuned. It’s also worthwhile

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Facebook

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Following on from our recent Guide to App Install Advertising on Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter, we thought it would be useful to  go into a little more detail and look at how to buy  app installs on each of these platforms. So first of all we are going to look at Facebook and all you need to know to place your ad for your app on the network that reaches an estimated 1.2 Billion or 82% of mobile users. Setting up your Facebook Ad Account First things first. Your app must be available in the Apple App or Google Play store. If you haven’t already you need to set up a Facebook Ad account, which is relatively easy if you follow Facebook’s own guide lines. Simply add in

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A List of the Top App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools


Developing a killer app is one thing, getting people to download it from the App Store or Google Play is a different ball game – and potentially a major headache. This is where App Store Optimization comes into play, or ASO for short. For any rookie developers out there, ASO is an industry term that describes the process of obtaining more organic App Store search traffic. Just like SEO for search engines, ASO provides the same service and is a proven technique that will help developers to drive their apps to the top of the pile, maximising download, and therefore, revenue potential. The trick is to get your app optimized to its fullest potential to increase, or at least maintain, download numbers after an initial

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App Discovery Apps – should you make your App Free for a Day?

As smartphone and tablet penetration continues to grow at pace, there seems no end to the tidal wave of native apps being released onto Android, iOS and other platforms app stores. Indeed, this deluge is worn as a badge of pride by Google and Apple, and is a key component in deeming whether you have a successful mobile ecosystem (just ask BlackBerry and Microsoft). But while app developers undoubtedly benefit from the burgeoning market, they’re simultaneously suffering at the mercy of platform owners, as native app stores effectively monopolise distribution and – in the eyes of many devs – do a poor job of making apps discoverable. From  mobile ad networks, incentivised networks, ASO, non-native app stores and App Reviews, a silver bullet for app

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The Developer’s Guide to App Review Sites

We’ve covered app promotion numerous times on mobyaffiliates, but one aspect we’ve not yet focused on is how to leverage app review websites to generate publicity. While internal app store reviews get the most attention these days from developers, external sites can lend an authoritative stamp of approval on your app and should not be discounted as part of the promotional mix. Furthermore, app review sites can go beyond simple reviews and encompass features, interviews, previews and other promotional activities that help advertise your application and boost its credibility. But app review sites have diverged wildly from their videogame, movie and music-based cousins. Many are still positioned as simply providers of unbiased opinion, while others have become multi-layered promotional platforms, which have no qualms about

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The Best Mobile App Developers in India List

Find the best IOS and Android Mobile App Developers in India It’s no secret that India’s app developer industry is booming. According to Forrester Research the country has the third fastest growing app market in the world and is predicted to generate $5.6 billion in revenue by 2015. Last year the industry grew by 22.6% and according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India there’s whopping 9,000 app development companies in the country. One of the reasons India’s app development community has exploded so quickly is the huge influx in foreign money, with western SMEs looking to take advantage of India’s ability to offer app development at a fraction of the prices charged in Silicon Valley or London. Hourly rates can be as little

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The SMS Marketing Guide

Despite the boom in smartphones and mobile internet, SMS remains one of the most effective methods of mobile marketing. In this guide we’ll take a closer look at SMS marketing services and providers, delving into why the method still very relevant, how to best choose a provider/gateway, how to start a campaign and how to best leverage SMS to achieve your marketing goals. We’ve also got interviews with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the SMS marketing world and a directory of the top SMS marketing agencies and platforms. You can download this guide for your Kindle, iPad, Tablet or to read on screen Find more mobile marketing guides here Let us know about your SMS service or platform by getting listed Guide

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Top IOS & Android Mobile Game Development Tools, Frameworks, Engines & Resources

Back in 2007, just before the launch of the first iPhone, few people could have predicted the huge impact smartphones and tablets would have on the videogame industry. Back then the PS3 and Xbox 360 had recently launched and – apart from Nintendo’s success with the DS – videogaming was still considered a living room activity, dominated by big budget ‘Triple A’ console titles and a demographic heavily skewed toward young males. But now – just a few years later – the traditional console market is struggling to maintain revenue growth and many believe the future of gaming lies in the massive (and growing) smartphone and tablet market. While consoles will always have a place, the writing is on the wall. The most compelling reason why

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Buying Mobile Advertising using Mobile Demand Side Platforms (Mobile DSPs)

There is vast potential in the huge new mobile advertising channels that are opening up. But while expectations for mobile continually rises we’re constantly told that advertiser confidence, and ad spend, always seems to be two steps behind. We’ve discussed the problems facing mobile advertising numerous times before – there’s an oversupply of ad inventory created by an ever rising number of apps and mobile sites, while advertisers are cautious about spending due to problems with measuring mobile ad campaigns (tracking), which in turn has raised doubts over their effectiveness. While these problems persist, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming increasingly brighter, and that light appears to be coming from mobile demand side platforms (DSPs) and mobile real time bidding (RTB).

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