Interstitial, Private Exchange Advertising Networks

This section covers mobile ad networks that support interstitial banner format. Interstitial ad is a kind of banner ad that occupies an entire smartphone screen and requires a mobile user action - click on a button to close it, to allow her or him to proceed with a content she or he’s interacting with. Interstitial ads have its pros and cons, among pros are the following - overcoming smartphone small screen size limitation by occupying an entire screen, engaging mobile users to take action and therefore resolving ad viewability issue, high potential to increase conversion rate. To the con we can attribute the fact that when an ad campaign has poor targeting these ads lead to mobile users irritation and frustration and hence advertisers need to be cautious using them., Generally ad exchanges function is to provide publishers with a system for ad networks and direct advertisers to compete for impressions in their mobile or desktop inventory. Private ad exchanges take this idea one step higher, allowing big premium publishers with strong brands to let ad networks, media buyers and ad agencies to compete for their inventory in real time. In case if some inventory is left unsold it goes to public ad exchanges for a price set by a market.

Updated: March 21, 2018


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