Asia, Private Exchange Advertising Networks

Find mobile ad networks that provide you with an option to target your ad campaigns to the Asian market. Among various app categories Asia is particularly big on mobile games and working with ad networks in this category will allow you to reach out diverse mobile game community in countries like South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, India and more. One of the most distinctive features of the Asian market is 4G mobile connection standard high adoption rate, which gives advertisers more freedom of using ad formats that usually are used only to reach mobile users connected to the internet via Wifi. By the end of 2017 the total spending on digital advertising in Asia reached $2 billion, 21% yea-over-year growth. The smartphone internet user penetration in Asia Pacific went up from 47% in to 55% in 2017 and projected to reach almost 60% by 2019. The countries with the greatest number of internet users in Asian region are China (731 million), India (462 million), Indonesia (133 million), Japan (117 million)., Generally ad exchanges function is to provide publishers with a system for ad networks and direct advertisers to compete for impressions in their mobile or desktop inventory. Private ad exchanges take this idea one step higher, allowing big premium publishers with strong brands to let ad networks, media buyers and ad agencies to compete for their inventory in real time. In case if some inventory is left unsold it goes to public ad exchanges for a price set by a market.

Updated: March 23, 2018


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