Hong Kong Mobile Advertising Networks

Check out mobile advertising networks that allow you to focus your ad campaigns on mobile users located in Hong Kong, the special administrative region of China. Despite having only 7 million population, 87% of this number are connected to the Internet and mobile is the major way people go online. This Asian region boasts more than 17 million active mobile phone subscribers, essentially a double of its population size. In Hong Kong an average mobile internet speed is about 22 Mbit/sec, 92% of households have access to a broadband internet connection with an average connection speed 129.5 Mbit / sec, it empowers a widespread usage of mobile video ads. The major driver behind digital advertising growth in Hong Kong is mobile, currently it constitutes 49% (or $314 million) and by 2021 is projected to reach 80% (or $677 million). These numbers translate into rock solid opportunities for mobile publishers to monetize their inventory on the local market.

Updated: April 13, 2018

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