Private Exchange, Real Time Bidding Advertising Networks

Generally ad exchanges function is to provide publishers with a system for ad networks and direct advertisers to compete for impressions in their mobile or desktop inventory. Private ad exchanges take this idea one step higher, allowing big premium publishers with strong brands to let ad networks, media buyers and ad agencies to compete for their inventory in real time. In case if some inventory is left unsold it goes to public ad exchanges for a price set by a market., RTB or Real Time Bidding is the process of multiple advertisers bidding for impressions in mobile or desktop publishers inventory using sophisticated software in real time. The process of selling and buying impressions takes place in Ad Exchanges. The buyers side is presented by agencies, advertisers and networks and these are connected to ad exchanges via DSP (Demand Side Platforms). The sellers side is presented by publishers and some networks and these are plugged into ad exchanges via SSP (Supply Side Platforms).

Updated: March 21, 2018


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