AdXperience is a mobile media trading desk, providing a ‘one stop shop’ mobile advertising solution for brands, advertisers and marketeers. Using AdXperience, brands can connect to different sources of mobile traffic from a single place. Offering real time bidding, which focuses on purchasing the right users for the right campaigns at the right moment, AdXperience optimises campaigns from a media buy angle as well as from post campaign statistics. Its mobile trading desk features Demand Side Platform technology connected to global ad exchanges and ad networks, and human optimisation resources are also offered to developed connections with other media sources.

Primarily supporting campaigns that are push or display-based, AdXperience provides incentivised and non-incentivised traffic for all ad campaigns that are run across the network. Real Time Bidding ensures that only audiences who are receptive to campaigns will be reached, and the technology used is continually under improvement to provide valuable and effective analysis. AdXperience’s app distribution channel also provides effective app promotion to developers, offering a range of marketing tools that can be used to improve app store rankings

  • Run Push and Display campaigns across incentivised or non-incentivised traffic
  • Real Time DSP technology connects advertisers with ad exchanges, ad networks and appropriate audiences
  • Extensive app promotion services and tools can boost app store rankings and reach new users

AdXperience Info

Platforms:Android, IOS, Mobile Web
Types:Mobile DSP
Models:CPC, CPM
Ad Formats:Banners, Display, Rich Media, Text Ads
Key Markets:France, Israel
Trading Models:Real Time Bidding

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