Ampiri allows you to mediate ad networks and programmatic exchanges, maximizing your ad revenue while giving you full transparency and control. Ampiri integrates hundreds of demand sources, seamlessly blending between programmatic and non-programmatic demand, with a single SDK.

What sets Ampiri apart?

  • Single SDK with easy setup containing hundreds of ad networks and DSPs
  • Full Transparency of detailed performance (e.g. country, placement, ad network) via an intuitive dashboard
  • Full Control of ad network selection (e.g. manual override, cross-promotion, direct campaigns) with the ability to override automated decisions
  • Network neutral traffic optimization means ad networks, Glispa demand and programmatic demand DSPs compete to maximize eCPM
  • Automatic Intelligent Optimization across programmatic and non-programmatic demand waterfall resulting in the best balance of high eCPM and fill rate
  • Advanced Audience Insights providing deep demographic and behavioral persona data
  • Native Ad Focus with fully customizable formats and integration with leading native demand sources (including other formats such as video, interstitials and banners)
  • Global Direct Demand with exclusive budgets and reach in the US, EU and emerging markets (e.g. BRIC, SEA)

Avocarrot, the native programmatic supply-side platform (SSP) and ad exchange, is fully integrated with Ampiri. Avocarrot helps app developers to monetize their app inventory via both programmatic and non-programmatically in a single platform.

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