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Self-service platform for mobile engagement and installs

GOWIDE AppBooster is an engagement-focused, mobile-first user acquisition platform for app developers and publishers, powered with in-house ad serving and smart bidding algos for fast campaign setup and optimization. The platform connects demand partners (advertisers) and supply partners (publishers) to help acquire engaging users and monetize mobile and web traffic on the risk-free CPI basis.

GOWIDE AppBooster runs premium non-incentive ads and incentive app install campaigns. Advertisers can boost organic installs and improve user engagement for their mobile apps. It’s the best fit for app developers, networks, agencies, and publishers.

Rewarded CPI for app installs:

  • Soft-launch your app at low CPI rates

  • Test in-app mechanics and user flows

  • Find optimal Click-to-Install conversion rates (CTI)

  • Grow your app’s user base

  • Mix your user acquisition strategy with other types of traffic


Premium ads for mobile engagement:

  • AIB-compliant banner ads

  • Connect to 100+ mobile traffic sources

  • Smart bidding algos for fast campaign setup and optimization

  • Acquire users who are likely to show higher loyalty and engagement in your app

  • Fraud control and detection system


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