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Appness recognizes the challenges that businesses face in implementing a winning Facebook content strategy. To address this, Appness has developed a community-driven creative marketplace to provide advertisers with access to the human cloud: freelance creative teams and ad design talent worldwide.

The Appness techniques were designed to fuel a steady flow of unique media and fresh ideas delivered directly to the advertisers’ Facebook ad accounts within 24 hours.

Headquartered in Cyprus, Appness currently works with 10000+ ad designers from all around the world, ready to share their local expertise.

Here at Appness, we realize the value of the right creative strategy, as well as the problems caused by the lack of unique media. Advocating the idea of community-driven marketing, we decided to accumulate and empower ad design talents on the basis of our platform. This is why we have created the Appness Human Cloud – a diverse lot of talented ad designers drown together to produce top-of-the-line creatives for our clients.

Mikhail Prytkov, Chief Operating Officer at Appness

Benefits of the Appness Human Cloud:

  • A steady flow of unique media: once registered on the platform, you get access to unlimited creatives produced by freelance ad designers from all around the world, which ensures that your ad campaigns never burn out;
  • Ad content diversity: unlike your in-house team, whose capabilities and fresh ideas are limited, Appness prevents you from tunnel vision, by connecting you to thousands of people with a broad range of expertise in various industries, markets and languages;
  • User generated content: depending on your business objectives, you can benefit from UGC incorporated into ad production. Pictures and videos shared by your community and influencers strengthen brand-customer relationships and greatly increase the conversion rate;
  • Control made simple: all images and videos are made in accordance with your guidelines. You can preview all creatives submitted for your app and either approve or decline them to make sure that all ads fully comply with your content policy;
  • Workflow built for speed and scale: should you come up with a new idea or new offer, you can rest assured that it be implemented within 24 hours, ensuring a fast supply of exclusive creatives;
  • A single point of accountability: you have one point of contact and sign only one contract instead of multiple ones that saves your time and nerves when working with a great number of 3-rd party agencies.

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