Appodeal is the only comprehensive solution for mobile app monetization. In a mobile ad industry built unfairly in favor of advertisers, Appodeal brings the power back to mobile app publishers.

The monetization solution empowers publishers to maximize their revenue by engaging the entire ad ecosystem in real-time competition for every ad impression.

Ad networks compete against each other in real-time for publisher ad inventory in the Appodeal’s marketplace. The platform is a large auction house, accompanied by a mediation layer, which exposes publisher inventory to all available buyers on the market.

This process is accomplished through relationships with every major ad network, RTB exchange, and DSP. Appodeal showcases publisher inventory to the advertiser and offers the highest rate in real time.

Best of all?

It’s free.

One simple SDK integration. Limitless benefits including:

  • 35+ premium ad demand sources
  • All major ad formats
  • Worldwide monetization
  • Maximum fillrates
  • Flexible on-demand payouts

Core Features:

  • Cross-app promotion
  • Direct deals
  • Automated ad optimization
  • Insights: Discover the ad revenue attribution of user cohorts
  • Segments: Customize ad experience for different groups of users

Appodeal’s Exclusive Flat Waterfall Bidding Model:

  • Serves highest paying ads first (regardless of position in waterfall)
  • Requires no manual upkeep
  • Offers real-time auction ad bid data
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