Avazu Mobile is a performance-based mobile display division of Avazu, allowing ad buyers get connected with mobile publishers from across the globe. Running a real-time mobile advertising platform that employs state of the art technologies and methodologies, Avazu Mobile focuses on delivering the best in class targeting capabilities to fetch the highest ROI for every type of mobile advertising campaign.  Every mobile ad campaign is linked to a conversion such as an app download, call, form fill or purchase.  Advertisers only pay when their conversion occurs which delivers exceptional return-on-investment.

Avazu Mobile enables app developers and publishers to focus on building new apps, games and mobile websites whilst accessing global advertisers and the latest mobile advertising approaches.  Avazu works with over 100+ ad networks to provide a mediation service that can deliver additional fill-rate across a range of territories. With Avazu Mobile companies can achieve unprecedented global performance:

  • High RoI – The pay per conversion model allows advertisers to achieve exceptional performance, whilst delivering the best value for quality inventory to developers and publishers
  • Global Reach – offering a truly global reach for all mobile advertising campaigns and access to global campaigns
  • Complete Transparency – detailed reporting on statistics and analytics including geo and other data points
  • Global Ad Serving – global server distribution system and cloud servers  in all major regions of the world, based on a world-class technology stack


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