Сlickky is a leading platform for mobile monetization in emerging markets. It offers a wide variety of solutions, tailored to the needs of mobile publishers. The company’s platform ensures easy integration and high eCPM rates. Its user-friendly interface enables publishers to reduce the number of actions required to launch ad campaigns.

Clickky works with clients from all over the world, generating more than 20,000 offers every day. The company’s platform delivers more than 100,000 clicks every month.

Clickky features:

  • High eCPM
  • Over 20,000 offers from 120+ countries
  • Clickky AdExchange – the biggest CPA Mediation platform.
  • Easy integration
  • Exclusive CPI offers
  • Tools for mobile web and app monetization
  • A wide variety of advertising formats
  • Full-time support
  • Appealing ads
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Real-time statistics

Clickky Info

Platforms:Android, IOS
Types:Mobile Ad Network
Models:CPA, CPI
Ad Formats:App Walls, banner ads, Interstitial, Notifications, Offer Wall, Rich Media, Video
Key Markets:Global
Targeting:Behavioral, Custom, Device, Geo, Platform
Trading Models:Managed Service, Self Service
Tracking:Apps Flyer, Tune
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    Prior to creating a mobile ad campaign, use this check-list to provide the better results. https://t.co/pjpOEBsFnj https://t.co/tNZePmsnpq

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    RT @mobyaffiliates: Make mobile app promotion easier @Clickky with the new self-serve platform for advertisers here: https://t.co/sG5MxFh5M…

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    Clickky Makes Mobile App Promotion Easier With New Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers - https://t.co/TlM2uDNUMd

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    Clickky's New Self-Serve Platform Made Daily Top-5 on Product Hunt - via @digitaljournal https://t.co/IzJH00SyCG

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    RT @SorabGhaswalla: #whatsnewonthenet @Clickky https://t.co/XwTCUGMBT8

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