Hands is a Brazilian premium mobile ad network and mobile site developer. Established in 1999, Hands is mainly focused on delivering mobile ads to the burgeoning Brazilian market. The premium network delivers ads from local and international brands – such as Unilever and Mitsubishi – to established local publishers.

Hands’ technology platform also lets clients develop mobile sites quickly and effectively and delivers rich media ads, including video ads and expandable banners.

  • Create and adapt mobile-optimised websites, resizing images and adjusting layouts as required
  • Manage flexible and robust ad campaigns with the Hands AdSpace Server
  • Supports rich media ad formats

Company Information

Hands Mobile, the first Brazilian company specializing in mobile advertising, has numerous success stories and partnerships with the best content portals in the country. It operates today on three fronts:

Premium Mobile Ad Network - Marketing of advertising space on websites of major mobile content portals of one of the largest Premium Mobile Ad Networks in the world. The Hands offers its expertise, team and technology platform to serve parts, audit results and manage campaigns delivered in various types of devices.

Download Applications - Development of special projects for hot sites and applications that can be customized according to customer’s needs and goals.

Mobile Sites Corporate - Corporate Development of mobile sites that can be seamlessly accessed and viewed by any mobile phone model, no matter the screen size, the operating system or any other characteristic of the device. With our technology platform, you can identify the model and adapt the mobile site to provide the best user experience.

Our technology platform

The technology platform Hands meets all the links in the value chain of mobile marketing. Allows you to create mobile sites with speed to suit the device that are accessed by resizing images or even adjusting the layout depending on the characteristics of the device. The Hands Adspace Server manages flexible and robust mobile campaigns, dealing with the specific challenges of mobile advertising.

Offices:Headquarters, BRA; São Paulo Office, BRA

Hands Info

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