Hands is a Brazilian premium mobile ad network and mobile site developer. Established in 1999, Hands is mainly focused on delivering mobile ads to the burgeoning Brazilian market. The premium network delivers ads from local and international brands – such as Unilever and Mitsubishi – to established local publishers.

Hands’ technology platform also lets clients develop mobile sites quickly and effectively and delivers rich media ads, including video ads and expandable banners.

  • Create and adapt mobile-optimised websites, resizing images and adjusting layouts as required
  • Manage flexible and robust ad campaigns with the Hands AdSpace Server
  • Supports rich media ad formats

Hands Info

Platforms:Android, IOS, Mobile Web
Types:Mobile Ad Network
Models:CPC, CPM
Ad Formats:Banners, Rich Media, Video
Key Markets:Brazil, Latin America
Targeting:Carrier, Device, OS
Trading Models:Premium

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  • HandsMobile

    Quanto tempo você demora para pegar no celular quando está sozinho?https://t.co/7OSUOXgQg1

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  • HandsMobile

    No blog Conectados News, 28ª Campanha do McDia Feliz 2016 é divulgada em mídia display em todo o Brasil pela Hands! https://t.co/HYfLBorXrA

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    Brasil lidera o uso de Apps na América Latina. Veja mais: https://t.co/dPnDYHb8I0

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    Eduardo Mendes, manager de varejo palestra agora no Latam Retail Show como atingir o público do varejo via mobile! https://t.co/6QQPG0Ol1Y

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  • HandsMobile

    Palestra sobre o mundo mobile e varejo agora às 17h no Latam Retail Show! https://t.co/joGoxH4jBH

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