Komli Mobile is a performance-based mobile ad network from Komli Media, offering advertisers highly targeted mobile ad campaigns on a global basis. Komli Mobile currently has a reach of around 25 companies across the globe, with around 7 billion targeted ads across its network. Mobile advertisers and larger agencies can utilise Komli’s various mobile advertising solutions, whilst developers and publishers are offered a number of monetization tools for mobile apps and sites.

Komli Mobile provides flexible, budget-based CPC and CPM solutions to advertisers, which are directly linked to the level of targeting chosen for a campaign (Targeting options including channel, geographic, device and OS). Large mobile advertising agencies can utilise Komli’s turnkey solution and create interactive mobile sites, fully track CPAs and conversions and have full control of mobile creative. For publishers and developers, Komli Mobile offers full ad approval and the ability to run multiple XML ads across their apps and sites.

  • Numerous targeting options available for ad campaigns, including deep targeting
  • Create mobile landing pages and integrate into advertising campaigns
  • Supports rich media mobile campaigns and provides a full suite of HTML5 tools
  • Comprehensive performance tracking features including pixel based and app-based download tracking
  • Free ad serving options for developers to fill their inventory with own campaigns


Komli Mobile Info

Platforms:Android, IOS, Windows Phone
Types:Mobile Ad Network, Mobile Ad Server
Ad Formats:Banners, Rich Media
Key Markets:Global
Targeting:Carrier, Channel, Country, Device, OS
Trading Models:Self Service
Tracking:Pixel, SubID

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