Leadbolt provides the most efficient way for app developers and publishers to generate revenues or promote an app. They do this through the use of a unified SDK, allowing a one stop integration point that is easy to use and also comprehensive. They offer Advanced Interstitials, Banners, In-App Alerts, Audio Ads with shake component, Video ads, exclusive Floating Ads,  App Walls and more.

The company adheres to a three sided strategy – Entry, Engage and Exit – and covers all monetisation points through a variety of ad formats.. This wide choice makes them suitable for developers, publishers and advertisers. The company operates in the USA and Australia and is ranked as one of the leading ad networks in the world.

Company Information

LeadBolt is an industry leading app discovery and monetization platform for developers and advertisers. LeadBolt allows mobile app developers to easily power app discovery, acquire quality users and increase profitability with a single unified SDK. In addition, it allows advertisers the ability to leverage the widest variety of advanced mobile ad units under one roof creating a high level of discovery, engagement, conversion and return. LeadBolt is privately held and headquartered in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, CA.

Offices:Sydney, AUS; Los Angeles, USA

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poor fillrates

Oct 16, 2013 by asgame

We have tried this network on our mobile game(450k users/10-30k per day) but its generating very poor filrates all around world. The have no statistic, and support is very bad and slow.
They generate nearly nothing.They are not able to show you fillrates, requests, sorting per region etc. One day 0,01USD and another 1USD
I definitely not suggest this. Dot trust them. Most of the ad networks of these days are cheaters.

Nice ad formats

Jan 20, 2013 by Adwhizkid

Leadbolt is great for advertisers if you can get their formats to work (notification ads, offerwalls, icon ads etc) - major advantage over banners if you can get them to back out.

Works well for certain types of mobile offers and they've got lots of inventory.

Good revenues

Jan 14, 2013 by Isobar Games

Leadbolt is earning us good revenues - way better than admob or adwhirl. You need to add all the different formats but it works!

A very innovative mobile ad network

Sep 27, 2012 by mobyaffiliates

Leadbolt are simply one of the most innovative mobile ad networks out there. They have been first to market with a lot of new formats such as App Icons, Notification ads and so on. These type of ads really convert well for advertisers and deliver way higher CPMs for developers. You can combine their various ad formats in a single app to create multiple revenue generation opportunities. This is way beyond basic banners and really starts to provide 'mobile native' approaches to advertising. We recommend giving Leadbolt a try.

mobyaffiliates , USA 3.8 5.0 4 4 We have tried this network on our mobile game(450k users/10-30k per day) but its generating very poor filrates all around world. The have no statistic, and support is very bad and