Splicky is the new Demand Side Platform (DSP) for the mobile channel using proprietary Real-Time Advertising (RTA) technology.  Their technology makes it simple to buy mobile ad impressions and clicks within mobile sites and apps – in real-time. Using just one platform, you have immediate access to all global mobile inventory which uses Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology. Within a matter of minutes, your mobile ad campaigns can be displayed on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. Our platform allows you to target on individual Mobile Sites and Apps, giving you total control at campaign management-level.   Our detailed analysis gives you full insights on campaign performance enabling you to maximize your ROI.

  • Easy to use interface with a self-serve platform and real-time analytics
  • Worldwide reach across a transparent publisher set
  • Wide range of targeting options including Geo+hyper location and support for mobile retargeting
  • Range of formats supported including banners, interstitials, rich media & video

Splicky Info

Platforms:Android, IOS, Mobile Web
Types:Mobile DSP
Models:CPC, CPM
Ad Formats:Banners, Interstitial, Rich Media, Video
Key Markets:Germany, Global
Targeting:Carrier, Channel, Country, Geo, GPS, Operator, OS, Retargeting, Time
Trading Models:programmatic, Real Time Bidding
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    Team around @SplickyDSP COO raised money during #Movember Thanks to all donors. See U next year. https://t.co/EktIRFgIER #mobileadvertising

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    Code of Conduct: @BVDW standardisiert Programmatic Advertising mit zentralen Zielsetzungen wie Transparenz, Qualität und Sicherheit.

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    Get ready with @SplickyDSP! Mobile Fueling Higher-than-Expected Growth of Programmatic Ads - eMarketer https://t.co/wShfWmWcNz @eMarketer

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    Great Start. All the best for @mmagermanyorg #mobile #mobileadvertising https://t.co/PIpgc1fOhs

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    Worth Reading! Cracking the Cross-Device Dilemma: A Must for Cross-Platform Attribution - eMarketer https://t.co/9p9RZFujFt via @eMarketer

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