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(2 reviews)

(2 reviews)

Founded in late 2010, StartApp provides today’s mobile ad industry with next-level smart targeting and groundbreaking ad units. Through our programmatic ad platform, we can deliver the best, most relevant ad at any time, helping publishers provide the most engaging user experience possible while simultaneously delivering the strongest results to mobile advertisers.

Key Features

  • Over 50,000 partners, both small and large
  • 1B Monthly active users
  • A global presence with 6 offices
  • 15TB of data per day for optimization
  • Social data platform that analyses social apps
  • Targeted promotions and offers
  • 6 years industry experience
  • Classic SDK integration with S2S and C2S
  • They work with the top 40% grossing apps
  • Support all development tools

StartApp Offices

Russia, Moscow

41 Kashyrskoe Shosse


Sderot Giborei Israel 5, Netanya


The StartApp HQ – NYC, 584 Broadway, NY 10012

Key People

Gil Dudkiewicz – Co-founder and CEO

Gil is a serial entrepreneur. He was the Entrepreneur In Residence at the Cedar Fund. Prior to StartApp, he was the CEO of SweetIM, which he joined as a pre-revenue company with 5 employees.

StartApp Jobs and Careers

StartApp lists available jobs and positions here with openings in their offices in Poleg, New York, San Francisco and Beijing across roles in Marketing, Data and Sales.

You can find employee reviews of StartApp on the company’s Glassdoor profile here.

For Publishers

StartApp offers mobile publishers monetization solutions that enable them to earn high eCPMs. Various account settings are available for the maximization of revenue for publishers. Publishers can choose to do this alone or with dedicated account managers.

A Partners Platform enables direct access to offline campaigns so that publishers can get started quickly. Development tools and engines such as Android, iOS, Unity and Cordova are all supported by StartApp.

A dashboard for publishers breaks down revenue data through the following metrics:

  • eCPM
  • By app
  • By country

There is also the ability to export daily, weekly, or monthly reports to track performance.

For Advertisers

StartApp determines those users who are interested in each individual product for advertisers. They use programmatic targeting, smart data and other creative options that help to target valuable web-users.

They have a self-serve platform for a fast and efficient way to build and launch mobile campaigns. They also provide a managed platform for large-scale advertising.

Other features include:

  • Native ad units
  • Full data insights
  • Animated and interactive ads

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 2 reviews
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