Supply-side platform, offerwall and mobile video ads

(7 reviews)

(7 reviews)

SupersonicAds is a global ad platform offering monetisation and advertising across social entertainment applications on the web and mobile. Supersonic operates a customisable turnkey platform that enables brands and agencies to target and engage key audiences, offers consumers opt-in and virtual currency earnings and helps publishers achieve industry –level CPMs with rewards-based monetisation. The platform’s reach includes over 500 million unique users across the globe.

Brandconnect™ is Supersonic’s advertising solution for web and mobile and harnesses the power of video advertising to engage new audiences. Campaigns run with Brandconnect are performance based and can be extended across Supersonic’s premium global network for enhanced reach. Mobile campaigns can easily be extended to the web, and vice versa, with targeted actions including app install, subscription, survey completion and registration available.

  • Target driven mobile and social web advertising
  • Publishers can monetise 100% of user base with engaging video campaigns
  • Advertisers can reach target audience when using favourite apps and social media games

SupersonicAds Info

Platforms:Android, IOS, Mobile Web
Types:Mobile Ad Network, Mobile Ad Server
Models:CPC, CPM
Ad Formats:Banners, Offer Wall, Rich Media, Video
Key Markets:Israel, UK, USA
Trading Models:Fully Managed

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 7 reviews
by Jay on mobyaffiliates

Adverts NEVER deliver virtual currency! Beware of this SCAM!

by David on mobyaffiliates
Reward System is a Joke

I recently played a game where I have to reach rank 20 to succeed. It did not specify if I had to start in the beginning. Anyways, I was at rank 19 when I opened the game (Legendary) because I did not play it for so long. Now that I reached at rank 20 I should have gotten my reward. There are no rules except obtaining that step by step process to achieve whatever crowns I would obtain. I did it legit and I was waiting for my reward which I did not receive and it gets better when I submitted a ticket, they rejected my ticket because it ‘lacks evidence’... if I knew that I was at that rank I would have done something but never did it cross my mind that I would not receive that reward. Do not try the higher rewards as I proved it to be a scam. Try the less rewarded ones, they are quick and easy you might find it fun after playing the game.

by James Cordery on mobyaffiliates
Avoid at all costs!

Absolute joke. Offer in game currency for completing certain objectives and then don't deliver. 3 weeks since I raised my ticket with them. 4 emails and no reply. Non existent customer service. They don't care about players and as far as I can see, its just a scam. I would avoid at all costs.

by Matt on mobyaffiliates
Sucks and doesn't work

Downloaded 3 different apps and opened them trying to get a free chapter in a game and got screwed 3 times. Got nothing! The support and offer tracking button is a link to absolutely nothing which must be convenient for them because then they dont have to deal with pissed off customers they have screwed over and all they do is make more money. Why have an actual support system when you can just give your customers the finger and laugh all the way to the bank because they dont have to pay anyone to actually fix their broke ass offerwall? Thanks again.

by Teresa F. on mobyaffiliates
Fraudulent/Poor Customer Service

An absolute horrid company with customer service reps that posses brains the size of overcooked peas. After following directions to the T and signing up with an offer for game currency they claimed that I never completed the offer. They even stated this after I submitted countless screenshots of proof (via confirmation emails and the screen thanking me for signing up) that they asked for and ended up disregarding in the end anyway. They gave me the run around for 7 days and never even rewarded me after the undeniable proof they recieved! Tread carefully with these guys they are VERY sketchy!!

by Jonathan Krell on mobyaffiliates
Rated by BBB an “F’“

SupersonicAds provisions in game “offers” for users to complete with the promise of in-game virtual currency rewards. They do NOT deliver what they promise, are known to have extremely poor customer service, and routinely SCAM the games players. Not fair play at all, and reflects badly on the game designers and publishers that use them.

by Sergei T. on mobyaffiliates
I found a great network..

After getting banned from AdMob for no reason, then wasting 4 months on 2 different Mobile Ad Networks that made me no money, I finaly found a Network that is stable, gives great payouts, has inventory with great fill rate but more importantly ~ has Customer Support.

5 Stars and Recommended to everybody.

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