UberMedia is a mobile advertising network and platform focused on delivering customer focused insights and innovations to advertisers, to increase engagement and brand connections. Uber claims that its mobile advertising approach is ‘simply better’ and offers unique Social Signal targeting to advertisers, Real-Time data for analysis and provides monetization solutions to developers that compliment existing content and add value to users.

Key features of UberMedia’s advertising solutions are pinpoint levels of audience targeting and retargeting and RT-based automatic campaign optimisation. Uber’s proprietary based platform enables advertisers and a brand to target audiences based on their specific interests, and adds in further layers of keyword, location and time of day to widen targeting and re-targeting parameters. The platform also utilises over 10,000 social media based targeting parameters to uncover consumer behaviours and intent. UberMedia automatically optimises advertising campaigns in real-time to rebalance and improve ad performance throughout the lifespan of any campaign.

  • Pinpoint audience targeting and retargeting incorporating social behaviour, demographics and location/time of day etc
  • Dynamic ad units can be enhanced with geo-level data
  • Real-Time reporting and analytics for advertisers and developers

UberMedia Info

Platforms:Android, IOS, Mobile Web
Types:Mobile Ad Network
Models:CPA, CPC
Ad Formats:Banners, Custom, Rich Media
Key Markets:USA
Targeting:Custom, Keyword, Retargeting, Time
Trading Models:Self Managed

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