WapStart is an ad network covering the Russian market, which currently combines the largest and most active audience including over 300 publishers, and acheives over 3.6bn impressions per month across over 20m uniques.  WapStart provides a variety of tools and services to publishers/developers and brand/advertisers enabliing monetization of apps and websites and effective advertising campaigns.

WapStart’s Plus1 solution offers detailed analytics for advertisers as well as enhanced ad formats and campaign actions. They claim that their ability to determine and count unique users improves ad campaigns, ensuring higher conversion and ROI rates. The company also offers a mobile sites catalogue, currently comprising over 7000 different mobile websites and resources, which is currently one of the most popular rating catalogues with Russian consumers.

  • Targeting capabilities include geographical, behavioural, model/device, operator and OS
  • 100% guaranteed fill rate for all mobile traffic to publishers
  • Scalable, high-performance system offers guaranteed banner speed




Wapstart Info

Platforms:Android, IOS, Mobile Web
Types:Mobile Ad Network
Ad Formats:Banners
Key Markets:Russia
Targeting:Carrier, Channel, Device, Operator, OS
Trading Models:Blind, Premium

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    Где лучше: реклама в мобильном приложении или Вебе? https://t.co/NorMg4QpVv https://t.co/KQgLOJF6Vi

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    Знаю как: запуск успешной тестовой кампании в мобильной рекламе https://t.co/M4NqRr8dpy https://t.co/r07tbzVjF2

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    Wapstart — партнер конференции «eTarget2017. Технологии управления в Интернете» https://t.co/AHdCKG7ZoX

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    WapStart получил доступ к трафику приватных аукционов и к прямым сделкам https://t.co/KODLzHWuIE https://t.co/rQveaBm3sE

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    Супер-гео таргетинг для клиентов WapStart https://t.co/sZdHXhSJNf https://t.co/RJhLcN13TF

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