CPC Affiliate Networks

This section consists of the affiliate networks that support CPC (stands for Cost Per Click) model for publishers to earn their commissions. In a nutshell, this model implies advertisers to reward publishers for each click on their product ad. It’s one of the oldest models that became popular in the pre-mobile era on a desktop. Compared with CPM (stands for Cost Per Mile), CPC is the one that appeals more to advertisers than publishers who prefer CPM one. Unfortunately it’s one of the commission types that is heavily impacted by fraud activity that in 2016 resulted at $7.2 billion in loose.

Updated: April 13, 2018


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Adzone Media Group Ltd.

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Liquid Wireless

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Adacts Digital Pvt Ltd

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The Art of Mobile

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AdCraX Affiliates

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Brus Media

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VIP Response

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Billy Mobile

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3.14 Digital

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Purus Digital

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