CPM Affiliate Networks

This section hosts the affiliate networks that support the most popular among publishers commission type - CPM (stands for Cost Per Mile / thousand views). This is the most appealing compensation model for publishers because it doesn’t require them to deliver any specific action, even a click, to advertisers and allows to be compensated for advertisers ad impressions delivery.

Updated: April 13, 2018


Ultimate Mobile Traffic Performance Technology Company


Mobile Traffic Monetization by CPA, CPM, RTB


eCPM Based Monetization Solution For Publishers

Add Value Media

Direct And Exclusive Offers Worldwide


Own mobile offers


Best mobile traffic monetization engine


The #1 CPA Network in the world

(3 reviews)

Adacts Digital Pvt Ltd

Performance Delivered

Performance Revenues

Promote top-converting exclusive offers

(3 reviews)

Purus Digital

Best Mobile Products

VIP Response

Own / Direct / Exclusive Offers

(4 reviews)


Raising the bar on performance tracking

AdCraX Affiliates

Mobile affiliate network

MUNDO media

Mobile Experts Around the World

Adzone Media Group Ltd.

Thousands of direct offers. Highest Payouts


Premium Online Advertising