Social Affiliate Networks

Social affiliate networks serve as bridge between publishers and affiliate programs that promote offers via social networks. Generally this type of offers are accepted by major affiliate networks but with some restrictions in place. Major traffic sources for such offers are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. According to the last couple years researches, people tend to use daily a limited number of apps, focusing on Social Networking apps and hence these channels present unique opportunity to reach audiences. Thanks to sophisticated targeting capabilities publishers can laser-focused their ad campaigns and yield high profits. Here we’re providing you with the most well established Social affiliate networks.

Updated: April 13, 2018


Mobile Affiliate Network

(4 reviews)


NextGen Mobile Affiliate Network


The CPA Network made by and for publishers

AppFlood Affiliate

Exclusive Android CPI and CPA offers

(3 reviews)


Your trusted affiliate network. Worldwide mobile offers platform.

Adzone Media Group Ltd.

Thousands of direct offers. Highest Payouts


Mobile Marketing Platform

VIP Response

Own / Direct / Exclusive Offers

(4 reviews)

neverblue mobile

Neverblue Mobile

Lead generation, client acquisition etc

neverblue mobile


100's of iOS & Android CPI Campaigns