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(4 reviews)

(4 reviews)

Mobidea is an award-winning mobile affiliate network specialized in mobile offers for affiliate marketers.

Driven by technology and education, Mobidea knows affiliates and what drives them to succeed.

We’re proud to have 100.000+ affiliates who monetize on our platform every single day!

●      Mobidea FREE Integrated Tracker offers powerful analytical capabilities that help you deep dive and easily optimize your media buying campaigns.

●      Don’t waste money testing campaigns, advertise only top campaigns tested with millions of daily visits! If you have no time to be on top of each offer, let our Smartlink® auto-optimize your traffic.

●      We go beyond support: Mobidea’s Multicultural Support Squad is able to speak many different languages and is available 7 days a week with the fastest response time in the industry.

●     We know how crucial cash flow is for affiliates. On Mobidea, you can request your payment anytime and you’ll get paid super fast!

●      Mobidea Academy is an educational platform where affiliate marketers can get the best advice, tips and updated guides about how to start and improve their affiliate marketing experience.

We run more than 2.000 campaigns on multiple verticals such as Mobile Content, Pin Submits, Sweeps, Coupons & Vouchers, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Dating, Games, Music and Videos.

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Mobidea Info

Payment Terms:Daily
Payment Methods:Bank Transfer, ePayments, Paxum, Payoneer, Paypal
Offer Types:Casino, Coupons, Dating, Entertainment, Gambling, Games, Incent, Lead Generation, Mobile, Mobile Subscriptions, Social, Utilities
Commission Types:CPA

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 4 reviews
payment problem

hello every one i write here to every one to go away from this bad network and don't work with them i have work with them for 2 week till now and i get more than the minimum payment and don't get my payment from them you ask my about my Identification card and i give my passport to them and they say that it's take a bout 2 business days to approval it and i have upload it from Sunday and till Friday they didn't approval it and every day i ask there and till me to wait and don't say when because the want to know what is strategies that i used and ways to get my traffic i told them some of it like facebook ads and adward and bing ads also send to them screenshot from every account but also i have my secret ways they also want to know it i say to them check my quality if bad don't give me any payment ( because i'm sure from it's excellent ) but they also need to know all my secret ways and all my ways ans don't give me my payment and say to me go without your payment so now one work with this network you won't get your payment . i can send to any one a proof from every word i say just tell me

by John Douglas on Blank Business Name
Terrible Scam

Scam all day!! We are a legit programmatic ad exchange with global traffic and we put automatic filters in place for traffic and after we sent over 30.000 impressions and over 153 clicks, the Mobidea system DIDN'T REPORT ANYTHING!! Zero clicks or impressions they reported, while we reported above 30K impressions and we are MRC certified internationally while Mobidea no one scam!

Also, the AM (Angelica) was very rude, she kept saying on Skype that it's our traffic issue because it got blocked. I told her TheMediaTrust has marked their ads as malicious or scam, she kept saying it's our problem.

by Wilson on Blank Business Name
Mobidea Tracker

Es una excelente plataforma de marketing con la que puedes generar muchos ingresos.

Aquí les dejo una review e español:

by Mobidea Fan on Blank Business Name
For me the best page to make money $$$

I personally have worked with mobidea, I have earned good dollars, I work with adult content, and the truth has gone very well, it is my favorite page to make money, I have worked with other sites, but this has been my That has worked for me, the one that gives me more cash, I can collect my winnings very soon that one of the things that fascinates me of mobidea, excuse my English, I hope they are understood, I love your page I am a fan of her, greetings and blessings .

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