Offerslook aims to make all affiliate networks and ad networks’ business easy & smart. With Offerslook, anyone can create an ad network with zero cost.
Offerslook enables users to customize a platform with their own brand, run offers, manage publishers, generate invoices and so on. Offerslook provides real-time reports with visualized data snapshots as well as counter-fraud features for ad networks.

Key Features of Offerslook

  • Build Affiliate Network
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Custom Reporting
  • Smart Notification
  • Flexible Team Management
  • Intelligent Redirect
  • Customization
  • Robust API
  • All-in-one Dashboard
  • Targeting Control


  • Pay as You Go: No monthly subscription options, upfront fees, or long term contracts, and pay as you need it.
  • 300,000 clicks for free per month: Clients have free click quota every month, and Offerslook only charge if the free quota is exceeded.
  • 20% off with reservation: Users save 20% when they plan ahead and reserve resources in advance.

Offerslook Info

Payment Terms:Monthly
Payment Methods:Bank Transfer, credit card
Offer Types:Apps, Mobile, Web
Commission Types:CPA, CPC, CPI
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