Yeahmobi is a leading mobile marketing platform that aims to help mobile apps, mobile games and e-businesses stretch their reach and acquire new customers. Our marketing technology supports the analytics and operations of our performance marketing network, programmatic marketing platform and search & social media marketing solutions. One way we beat competition is that our priority and strategy is to work DIRECTLY with advertisers on a CPI and CPA basis on a range of different campaigns including Mobile Tools Apps, Mobile Games, Mobile Sweepstakes, Mobile Dating Campaigns and Mobile Entertainment Campaigns.

  • Working with 500+ direct advertisers like Changyou, KS Mobile, Baidu, NQ, Boyaa, Kabam, DeNA, Cupid, Paytm, Quickr and more
  • International coverage and reach with >160 bill ad impressions/month, >1.5 bill clicks/month and >30 mill downloads/month
  • Personalized service with dedicated account managers plus market consultancy service to ensure you achieve your objectives

Yeahmobi Info

Payment Terms:Weekly
Payment Methods:Bank Transfer, Paypal
Offer Types:Apps, Games
Commission Types:CPA
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