Ad4Screen is a French performance-based mobile marketing company offering a range of solutions to optimise and improve all aspects of mobile marketing and advertising. Ad4Screen has developed two distinct pieces of mobile technology useful for mobile marketers, app developers and brands alike: Ad4Perfr – the first universal tracking software available in France, and Ad4Tag – a unique smart tag that can be inserted into newsletters to measure and analyse the proportion of mobile users. The company has also developed a mobile CRM solution – Ad4Push – for in-app messaging and push notifications, and a responsive email tracker – Ad4Mail – which can be used to optimise the way emails are read on smartphones.

On the app marketing side of things, Ad4Push offers a mobile acquisition and tracking platform to acquire high quality app users whilst maximising ROIs on mobile ad spend. The platform provides access to all available sources of mobile traffic, and has automatic optimisation tools for improving existing campaigns. App Store rankings can be boosted and day-to-day users can be purchased at controlled costs. Ad4Screen also provides appstore SEO for Android and iOS apps, utilising best practice to increase available keywords per app and improve keyword positioning.

  • Single SDK to track all available sources of mobile traffic including in-app display, social media, search, email and mobile web display
  • Optimise Apple and Google Play store positions with App Store SEO best practice
  • Full control of paid advertising campaigns

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