Appnique offers Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology that helps app marketers like you, find more of your best customers on Facebook, AdColony, Vungle, Google and other ad platforms, while making the most of your ad spend. This patent-pending technology works by mining app stores, social networks, curated web sites and our own brand database for affinity signals. We then translate those signals into factors that ad networks understand, so that you can build net new, high-quality audiences.

Why our audience targeting technology is different:

  • Real world results — Some of our customers have increased LTV by 25% and reduced CPI by 50% or more.Quantity and quality — We store and analyze millions of data points to find high-affinity targets, so you don’t have to rely on custom or ‘lookalike’ audiences to produce great results
  • Ongoing scalability — Because our data sources are both vast and dynamic, you can find a constant stream of high-quality net new users to scale your ad campaigns at a cost-efficient price point
  • No personalized data required – We don’t rely on device ids or other personalized data, you can start building a better audience right away, without integration hassles or privacy concerns
  • Real transparency – In contrast to ‘black box’ audience builders, with Appnique you’re in control of how your audience is built. Choose which affinities to apply, see which audience segments work best and apply that intelligence to other ad platforms and campaign types

In addition to our Intelligent Audience Targeting Technology, we also offer full ad campaign management services that leverage our technology and expertise, so you can maximize ROAS and meet your growth targets with less stress and hassle.

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