Appsee is the leading Qualitative Mobile App Analytics Platform.

Appsee goes beyond reporting basic, quantitative data by providing mobile teams with visualization tools. The user recordings and touch heatmaps allow you to see for yourself how users actually behave within your app. These tools can help you pinpoint where you can optimize your user experience and troubleshoot issues from performance to usability.

The user recordings can also be used to better understand crashes and why they occur. With each crash, Appsee provides a symbolicated crash report. User recordings can also be shared with your support team or any other team member via a public link function.

In conjunction with these visualization tools, Appsee supplies mobile teams with insights regarding retention, user journeys, usage, and conversion funnels. These insights can answer questions like: “Which navigation path do my users take the most?“ Or “How many users return to my app after a month?” Overall they can help paint a clearer picture of how your users behave.

Appsee’s Customer Success Team is also available to aid you in making additional data-driven discoveries from these tools.

All of Appsee’s data is tracked in real-time and has a very low footprint on your app’s performance.

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