ayeT-Studios is probably the cheapest most convenient app promotion platform in the world! Buy directly from the publisher and acquire users at low cost by going direct! Take advantage of our easy-to-use self service platform to boost your app. Pay for installs only, not for impressions or clicks. Our company goal is to satisfy every publisher, advertiser, agency or network with the 100% convenience focused go-to-market strategy bundled with our get-what-you-see dashboard.

Contact our support team for further information!

Self Service

– CPI Campaigns (starting at $0.09)
– High Retention Campaigns
– No SDK integration required
– Immediate campaign set up

Managed Campaigns

– Our media buying team takes care of the whole campaign management for you
– Access to a large network of diverse publishers


– Android
– iOS


– Integrated with major tracking providers

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    Sony is ready to hit #mobilegames market next year https://t.co/JQPAHTENKZ #mobileapps #smartphone #gaming

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    Huge opportunities for #mobile #gamedevelopers in India https://t.co/1AD3ZtIcm7 #mobileapps #smartphone

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    #Apple choosing its #GameoftheYear for #iphone https://t.co/BuFCQB3NBY #mobilegames #mobileapps #gaming

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    "Go in, pick what you need and just walk out" - is #AmazonGo what shopping in the future will look like? https://t.co/froBE1ibVF #mobileapps

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    Users don't download many new apps - but they spend a lot of time in the ones they got https://t.co/Ga6tlaIiAz #mobileapps #mobilemarketing

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