dmg Apps is a global advertising network serving advertisers, agencies and publishers. It leverages its vast proficiency in digital advertising to offer an advanced and strategic app marketing platform – built to give you full transparency through our patented performance dashboard.

  • Our app marketing specialists bring you high volumes of installs from loyal users and boost your app to the top of the app store worldwide.
  • Through our aggregation of media suppliers your app is exposed to high-performing media sources, facilitating high volumes of installs while maintaining long-term campaign performance and expanding your reach worldwide.
  • Managing and optimizing media to boost your ROI is part of what we do best, freeing your hands to focus on optimizing your in-house data layer
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    In two weeks time our experts will be attending @adexchanger #progIO in #SAFO. Schedule u'r meeting today…

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    DMG’s management talks #trends they spotted at the #MWC in #Barcelona this year. Read our recent blog post here…

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    Want to know what you missed? DMG’s management talks trends they spotted at the #MWC in Barcelona this year.

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    Celebrating the festival of #Purim in the DMG office. #HappyPurim y'all! #Purim2017

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    @MidcoMex Thank you for reaching out. Our sales team is already in contact with yours :)

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