Localytics is an app marketing and analytics platform providing powerful tools and features in a single solution. Localytics supports apps and games across the major platforms –  iOS, Android, Windows Phone & I, Blackberry, HTML – and its plug-and-play SDK can be integrated in less than 10 minutes. One of the primary uses of Localytics as an app marketing tool is to engage and re-enage app uiseres via targeted push and in-app messages. The platform aims to empower developers to put into action the data acquired through the analytics platform.

Features of Localytics include engagement analysis in Real-Time, funnel management to convert prospects into new users, dynamic user segmentation for effective optimisation and lifetime value tracking for real user value. Developers can also access the more premium services such as acquisition management to ascertain the true ROI of specific campaigns and connect with users via in-app messaging and push messaging at the most opportunistic times.

  • Full suite of analytics for effective app marketing campaigns
  • Marketing tools including user management, in-app messaging, A/B testing and push messaging
  • Data and analysis available in Real-Time



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