Oplytic helps clients acquire engaged users for their mobile apps and websites. Acquire high quality web and app traffic through our sophisticated media network. Drive paying and engaged users for your apps. Track effectiveness in real-time. Spend only on what works.

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    When it comes to mobile marketing, give credit where credit is due. Attribute each revenue dollar and measure ROI https://t.co/VmNSZrJ2W7

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    Reaching engaged mobile app users is different than reaching desktop users. Check it out: https://t.co/wFyMYZi1m4 https://t.co/0dvf0fSrDu

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    Check out our new post on app engagement and user retention: https://t.co/iYyOJSFhSo https://t.co/yXnzvMB5dS

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    Rev Up App Engagement and User Retention - https://t.co/BqcVHyyXCX

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    Pokemon GO is changing mobile. Read more here: https://t.co/e6IXhqd646 https://t.co/uReLJ9ZyZn

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