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(16 reviews)

(16 reviews)

At PreApps, we help people like you grow their app to Millions of downloads and Sales. Over the past 6 years, we have helped apps collectively reach over 550,000,000 downloads so far. I believe we can help you too.

Acquiring app users takes creative thinking and strategic planning. If you want to get solid traction that can lead to exponential growth for your app, PreApps can help. Our app experts will provide all your marketing needs at an affordable price.

Speak with one of our app experts today and get your complimentary growth plan to reach your marketing goals. You may schedule your complementary app strategy call here.

What Our App Marketing Services Can Do For You:

– Launch Successfully

– Promotion To Millions

– Worldwide Recognition

– Viral Video Production

– Complete App Store Optimization

– Influencer Marketing

– App Growth Consulting

Discover why over 3,250 apps have trusted to work with us here.

What You’ll Get Out Of Your Complementary Strategy Call:

– Expert Advice: Speak With An App Marketing Specialist To Get The Right Advice For Your App

– Custom Growth Plan:  Receive A Complementary Action Plan That Will 10X Your Downloads & Sales

– Clear Next Steps: Get Crystal Clear On Your Next Steps To Achieve Your Marketing Goals


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Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by AppDev on mobyaffiliates
Don't choose PreApps

Bad service, The CEO is not a honest person they will take your money and will not care about you. No customer service at all.

by mark gabbidon on mobyaffiliates
Not so great experience

We purchased their $6,000 package and got absolutely no results whatsoever from their marketing efforts after about 1 month of their efforts. We blew our entire marketing budget on their gig and got no results. Not even a little. Not even one user on our app came from them. All the users that have joined the app so far have been our friends and friend of friends. We got almost no page visits due to their marketing efforts. We got some good reviews from some top review sites, but those reviews are not searchable anywhere on the reviewers website. This whole thing is a sham!!! If you don't have the link you will never find those reviews. So this service provided almost no value. Unless the review site features your product on their page, you will go nowhere. The only thing we were satisfied with were the video production and screenshots, but then again we had to direct them too much and did too much work in that regard as well to get a good video and screen shots production. This was a complete waste of money for us.

by Nuclear Outrun on mobyaffiliates
Amazing Help

We recently launched our latest game, Nuclear Outrun, on July 18 for iOS. The game had a quick climb to the top of the charts, maintaining a Top 10 Games ranking in the US, Canada, Singapore, etc. through the launch weekend and eventually peaking at #5 Top Games. As part of our overall marketing effort, we listed Nuclear Outrun in PreApps to get the word out about the game and garnered over 500,000 downlaods. We've been very pleased with the game's reception with the PreApps' community, which has helped secure positive word of mouth prior to the launch.
- Nuclear Outrun

by MatchInGo on mobyaffiliates
Helped Us With our Launch

Initial awareness about your app is most important thing and PreApps is providing that. We got the huge number of downloads from the first day and we are thankful to PreApps for that. we'll definitely use PreApps for our upcoming apps.
- MatchInGo

by Strides on mobyaffiliates
100 of sales just from PreApps

PreApps helped Strides get early feedback from passionate users before it was live in the App Store, and we quickly got 100's of sales after the launch with no other promotion!
- Strides

by Ragdog Studios on mobyaffiliates
Great Exposure

PreApps is an awesome way to give developers exposure and direct contact with their customers. I will gladly recomend it to everyone, customers and developers alike
- Ragdog Studios

by Holograms on mobyaffiliates
Great Service

Great service which helped us understand the requirements of end user
- Holograms

by Windy XD on mobyaffiliates
Importance of Prelaunch help

PreApps provided me an important channel to end users before releasing my apps. The opportunity to get feedback and gather support before releasing my apps was very valuable.
- Windy XD

by ColorCam on mobyaffiliates
Creates Proper PreBuzz

This is the only site that creates proper Pre-Release Buzz for app for free. Developers can opt to pay to increase more buzz, which is certainly worth it in my opinion.
- ColorCam

by Santa's Advent Calendar on mobyaffiliates
Helped Us PreLaunch

Proved a great way to promote our app and receive feedback before launch.
- Santa's Advent Calendar

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