Tapdaq is a direct mobile advertising network. Developers can grow their apps by trading installs with other developers, or by cross promoting their own network. Tapdaq is a platform built on transparency. In our marketplace, developers can see the estimated number of installs they can generate for one another, as well as which adverts are shown within their applications. Most importantly, Tapdaq is the first direct advertising network which supports fully native ad units, meaning developers have complete flexibility on how adverts appear within their products.

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Types:App Promo Networks, Cross Promotion

Sorry, we don’t have these details yet. If you are a Tapdaq representative, please get in touch to add additional information and contact options to your profile.

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    Facebook to crack down on fake status updates: https://t.co/LmALw3Pi40 https://t.co/R3aw87e4Uj

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    Should the App Economy be regulated? (via @eric_seufert ) - https://t.co/R2LhPxHS5C https://t.co/b7k8zskrRX

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    A Quality Score Aimed At Cleaning Up Video Ads (via @AdExchanger) - https://t.co/FJ6qndkWcc

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    Charting at number 28 is our very own Ted Nash (@Nashy)! The 39 most creative people in UK tech (via @BI_Europe ) -… https://t.co/roiMQTWkIH

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    Our CEO, @Nashy recently wrote a post on why ad mediation needs more transparency. Read it here: https://t.co/8rkT2emZEg #GameDev #IndieDev

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